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New Music: Porsha Williams’ “Flatline”
 “RHOA” star Porsha Williams has been on a roller coaster of emotions lately. First, she went through a nasty divorce from her ex-husband Kordell Stewart and virtually got next to nothing in the divorce settlement. Then, there were rumors she was dating the son of an African dictator, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, whom she confirmed she isn’t dating. 

Now she's dropping  her debut single “Flatline” (available on iTunes) from her upcoming five-song EP. 

Porsha explained to The Dish how the song came about:
I've been working on this song throughout the whole divorce and the whole season [of RHOA], mapping out my emotions and putting in things that I've gone through. It's really kind of a documentary of everything that I went through to become who I am now."

Check it:

No word on when her EP is expected to drop. So...thoughts?????

Chris Brown To Stay In Jail After Being Booted From Rehab
Fed up with his behavior, a Judge denied Chris Brown's bid for release from jail after getting kicked out of rehab on Friday (March 14).
Previously, the "Don't Judge Me" singer was ordered to stay in rehab pending his probation violation case.
However, now that he's been booted, the judge reportedly said he had an "inability to stay out of trouble."
Accordingly, the hip hop star will remain in jail until April 23rd until the D.C. jury decides if he committed criminal assault and his probation violation hearing is held.

Erykah Badu Rocks Riccardo Tisci Air Force 1s In Vogue Italia
Erykah Badu will have plenty of opportunities to display her quirky style as the new face of Givenchy. In fact, the platinum selling songstress sported the upcoming Riccardo Tisci Air Force 1 with an ensemble of audacious pieces in a spread for Vogue Italia.
Rihanna may have been first to rock the sneakers at Fashion Week in Paris, but Badu shows a the range of styling potential in the flicks. Garbed in a pair of sequined dresses, it's clear that Tisci had high fashion in mind when he created this version of the iconic Nike shoe.
Look for the Air Force 1s to release March 21.
See images of Badu's Vogue Italia spread
Nice to me anyway.

Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Celebrate Their Engagement In Miami
Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade had an engagement party to get to!

Although Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade got engaged back in December, the couple hosted their engagement party at Pearl at Nikki Beach in Miami on Saturday. They were surrounded by family and friends including Kelly Rowland, Kevin Hart & Jamie Foxx.
The “Being Mary Jane” star’s parents were also in attendance. She shared on Instagram:
"You know it's a good time when Pops is turnt is the club... #pearlchampagnelounge#ohmyleg#noYOUtellmydadhesbeencutofffrombottleservice”

She posted this funny picture above of her parents glued to their cell phones saying:
While me @telltell_heart @dauniedaune were busy havin fun... Those youngins were very busy chile on their phones #settinuplatenightmoveswithoutthekids 
Ha! Still no word on an official date for their actual wedding.

Oprah Winfrey Set To Sell Harpo Studios in Chicago For Millions
Oprah Winfrey is selling Harpo Studios in Chicago to a developer, but the studio will remain on the property for another two years.
Winfrey filmed “The Oprah Winfrey Show” at the studio from 1990 to 2011, when she ended the talk show to start the Oprah Winfrey Network on cable.
About 200 people work at the 3.5-acre campus, which will sell for about $32 million, Crain’s reported Sunday. Harpo said it expects to close the transaction in 30 days.
In 2011, then-Chicago Mayor Richard Daley named the street outside Harpo Studios “Oprah Winfrey Way.”

Lebron & Savannah James Are Expecting!
Miami Heat star LeBron James and his wife Savannah are expecting to add a new bundle of joy to their family. Rumors started swirling that Savannah was pregnant last month, but no one was able to confirm them. Savannah seemed to shy away from some public events until she resurfaced at the NBA All-Star GQ Magazine Event in February, wearing a black ensemble that reportedly revealed a growing baby bump.

As it turns out, Savannah reportedly missed several events that were hosted by the Miami Heat wives because she was suffering from all-day morning sickness. According to sources close to the soon-to-be mother of three, she is about four months along and very excited about the new addition to the family. LeBron and Savannah have only been married for about six months, but they have been together since their high school years.
LeBron proposed on New Year’s Eve back in 2011, and they tied the knot last September. So far the couple has not confirmed the pregnancy news themselves, but the NBA wife didn’t seem to be concerned about hiding her baby bump in her photos from the GQ Magazine event.

Polo Ralph Lauren Employee Discount Code Hits The Internets, Twitter Explodes [PHOTOS]
The late night/early morning hours of March 17, 2014, will forever live in Twitter infamy. If you're asking why, it's clear that you missed a once in a lifetime blessing -- a Ralph Lauren employee discount code hitting the Internets.
Ordinarily, a simple 30 percent off signals heaven's favor for 'Lo Heads near and far, but last night, the blessings were more bountiful. An unprecedented 65 percent discount had Black Twitter in a key pushing, mouse clicking frenzy, and will surely have the masses draped in gear for months to come.Even known Ralph Lauren connoisseur, Just Blaze, got in on the action.
See reactions to the collective flourish in the tweets included
You can thank 'Lo Head [REDACTED] for the greatest leak to hit the web in some time.
An influx of screenshots showing purchases hit Twitter soon after. Needless to say that they ranged from practical buys like jackets and such to absolutely gaudy cops like a crystal chandelier. Yes, you read that right. By the way, I missed it too.

"300: Rise Of An Empire's" Sullivan Stapleton In Men's Health April 2014: Working Out Is Boring!
Continuing to enjoy the success of his new action-packed flick "300: Rise of an Empire," Sullivan Stapleton fronted the April 2014 issue of Men's Health magazine.
During his Q&A session with the publication, the 36-year-old actor chatted about shedding 25 pounds for the film and even revealed his true feelings about working out.
On his body:
"I never believed I'd have a six-pack, especially not at 35 years old. I always thought it was a genetic blessing. It's not. You just have to be willing to do what it takes."

On his intense workouts:
"It was nothing like I'd ever done before. I'd go to the gym and look at the sheet that day and say, 'Oh, all right, so that's the workout. No, that's the warm up."

On his eating habits:
"I keep my diet low in carbohydrates and high in protein. If I'm going to consume carbs, I prefer to drink them. To stay in that kind of shape in boring, really. If we go out to dinner, you choose from the entire menu - and I have steak, no sauce. You order off the wine list; I order water. And I love wine."
Get the rest at Men’s Health!

Toya Wright Denies Foreclosure Rumors!
That damn mediatakeout, though entertaining, is often times wrong. And it seems they got it wrong again over rumors Toya and her man Mephitz were about to be out on the street.

Taking the high road, Toya didn’t mention the publication that was pouring gasoline on the situation. But she clears it all up in a tweet.
Case closed.

Kanye West receives two years probation in paparazzi attack
Kanye West has struck a plea deal in paparazzi attack last year, his lawyersntered a no contest plea Monday on behalf of the rapper to a misdemeanor count of battery. A no contest plea is treated as you pleading guilty.
Judge Alan Rubin sentenced West to serve two years’ probation for the misdemeanor battery conviction. He must attend 24 anger management sessions, perform 250 hours of community service and pay restitution to the victim.
Rubin said he will review the community service to make sure he is getting no special treatment. The photographer wanted Kanye thrown in Jail, he was not pleased with the verdict. He states: “I was only doing my job, and he broke the law,” Ramos said. “I believe that if I did what he did to me, I would have been put behind bars.” 
Kanye has to pay for the damage to the photographer’s equipment and any medical bills he acquired. Kanye keeping his emotions in check for 2 years? , He’ll have to be heavily medicated in order for that too happen. This will be an interesting two years……. We all know he is not going to be able to hold his temper for that long…..

Mona Scott Young Responds To Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit
I see Mona Scott is taking this as a joke, exactly one week after being hit with a $50 Million dollar lawsuit she is breaking her silence on the matter and explaining the drama behind stealing the LHH idea!

Mona Scott tells MTV Rap Fix Live:
“I have to assume there is some basis to it because these are all very legal looking documents. So many times there are paralleled shows being developed within a network and then…may the best cast prevail. But the thing is, it’s a reality show. I didn’t create these people because I didn’t give birth to them. All I did was shine a camera on a segment of the population that I knew well; I have 20+ years in hip hop.

You haven’t really made it until somebody sues you…
And listen the show has been on for 6 years and I just have to wonder did you just wake up one morning and say ‘Hey, I just remembered, I did that show and she stole it from me.’” 
The beauty about the United States of America, the country we live in, is that anyone can sue for anything and from what I’ve heard you haven’t made it until somebody sued you, so I guess I made it [laughs].
Social media…they love you, but when they hate you, they hate you [laughs]! The same people saying “I love ‘Love & Hip Hop’” are the same ones saying ‘I hate you, I hope you get yours!”

I’m not at liberty to speak about it but, what I will say is that I just wanted everybody to use some common sense when processing the information. The truth will prevail that’s all I have to say.

She’s addressing it, so it’s on her mind, and if it’s on her mind, she’s probably worried about it. Lol.

Folks Glam It Up For BET's "Celebration Of Gospel"
Taraji P. Henson put her bangin' body on display on BET's Celebration of Gospel 2014 red carpet at Orpheum Theatre Saturday night.  As the hot Think Like A Man Too star snatched Steve Harvey's 13-year-reign as host of Celebration of Gospel, she made sure to make a statment.

And for the show, Taraji kept it sexy in a white fitted strapless number.
The "church folk" gave Erica Campbell a hard time about putting her curves on display for her recent album cover shoot....
And she can't hide that body. Why would she?!  The fab chick, who is one half of Mary Mary, posed it up in a fitted black dress and a cropped eather jacket and gold pumps for the ocassion.  And she brought her daughter along as well.

And look who glammed it up a bit:
India.Arie kept it colorful as usual in a printed frock, which was actually designed & created by her mother.  
And singer Yolanda Adams kept it fun in her curls and a metallic gown on the carpet
Omarosa was there
So was American Idol winner Candice Gover
Tamela Mann
Lalah Hathaway
Chrystal Rucker
And here are some performance shots
Bishop Hezekiah Walker
Eddie Levert
BET’S Celebration of Gospel premieres April 8 on BET

Man, it looks like Bruce Wayne took a seriously hit in this economy. Guess the 1% isn’t untouchable huh? Woof, I hope I’m not in danger anytime soon because I’m not even sure that can make it up a steep hill.


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