SIPPING: So Tamar You're so Rich you can't Pay THE HELP???

Tamar Braxton Glam Squad Scream Foul Over Unpaid Invoices!
Looks like Tamar is breaking a cardinal sin of being a diva. Thou shalt not avoid paying your glam squad.

Tamar got cryptic with this tweet earlier this week. Leaving many wondering what was going on in her camp.
We Im hearing Tamar’s glad squad are refusing to work for the songstress unless paid upfront!!! But thats not all.
It seems bandmembers and other staff are also not getting paid. And much worse shes been unable to record due to outstanding invoices at one or more recording studios. The she got even furious when she found out folks were tipping bloggers. See below tweet courtesy of Urbanbelle Mag
What a mess.

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