Trey Songz ARRESTED 😼 At Detroit Show After Destroying Stage!

Trey Songz Arrested At Detroit Show After Destroying Stage! πŸ˜Ό
Trey Songz was arrested for malicious destruction of property and for resisting arrest following a bizarre onstage outburst on Wednesday night (Dec. 28).
The incident went down at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, where Trigga had been performing. He apparently went on longer than scheduled, but when asked to cut his set, the R&B superstar got upset.
“They say they’re gonna cut my mic off because I’m taking too much time,” he explained to the crowd. “I want you to know, Detroit…If that happens, I love you no matter what. All I want to do is give you the best show I’m capable of giving.”
In his speech, Trey promised he would wild out if he was asked to leave. “A ni**a cut me off, I’m going the f*ck crazy,” he said, before singing about it. “Go on, do it! Go on, do it! Cut me off. Go on, do it. Go on and cut me off.”
That’s precisely what the venue did. When they cut him off, Trey became enraged. Fan footage shows he broke several things on stage before posing for and blowing kisses to screaming fans. He also seemed to jump into the crowd at one point after lights in the venue had been turned off. TMZ reports that debris from objects he hurled in the air struck a police officer who tried to subdue him.

Although he has not publicly issued a statement on the arrest, fans have been flooding his social media pages with thoughts on the matter.

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