Gospel Artist and Pastor Kim Burrell Says Gays πŸ‘€ 😼 will DIE in 2017!

Gospel Artist and Pastor Kim Burrell Says Gays will DIE in 2017! πŸ‘€ 😼
OH LORD😒! Gospel artist and Pastor Kim Burrell said some unkind used as a weapon quoting Biblical scripture about the LGBTQ Community in a sermon she aired on her Facebook Live page and now she’s being dragged for her comments.
The 44-year-old singer is featured on the song “I See a Victory” alongside Pharrell Williams for the Hidden Figures soundtrack and she’s set to perform the song on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on January 5. I wonder how is this going to work out.
At the beginning of the video, Kim appears to suggest that homosexuals will die in 2017.
“I came to tell you about sin,” Kim continues. “That sin nature… That perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women… You as a man, you open your mouth and take a man’s penis in your face, you are perverted. You are a woman and will shake your face in another woman’s breast, you are perverted.”

After the video started to spread on social media, Kim took to her Facebook Live page again to apologize for her words.

“We’re not in a war against flesh and blood. I came on because I care about God’s creation and every person from the LGBT and anything else, any other kind of thing that is supporting gay… I never said LGBT last night,” Kim says in the new video. “I said S-I-N and whatever falls in the sin was preached.”

Now as far as folks being on Team Kim she said…..
DO YOU THINK that Kim Burrell is actually apologizing in this statement?

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