Israel Houghton Defends Relationship with Adrienne Bailon, AGAIN!

Israel Houghton Defends Relationship with Adrienne Bailon....AGAIN!
Back in March the Christian community was left reeling after high profile gospel singer Israel Houghton abruptly ended his 20 year marriage and immediately took up with talk show host Adrienne 
Last night after getting fed up with his followers bashing his new romance Israel fired back in Adrienne's defense......

It all started after Israel posted this picture of Adrienne and his two kids on Instagram...
...setting off a fire and brimstone backlash in his comment section.

Lord why don’t y’all let this man work out his soul salvation and you work out yours?

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  1. You know what people see folk on TV and think thats the real them when the fact is its TV 97% of the time its a fantasy its called ACTING so whats the probably with a man loving another woman because at the end of the day thats what these two are first A MAN AND A WOMAN and to say She isnt a woman of God is someone being judgemental Im so glad a male gospel artist is being talked about for being with a woman and not another man this time though!!!! Isreal Iam happy for you and Adrienne maybe through you God choose to be the man to show her how a man of God should treat a woman He did it for Megan Good and He can do the samething for her boy enjoy yourself and keep letting these folk give you more publicity!!!!!! LIVE!!!