KeKe Wyatt On R&B Divas: Atlanta “I Quit, So They Cancelled”!

Oh Really?  KeKe Wyatt On R&B Divas: Atlanta “I Quit, So They Cancelled”
R&B Divas: Atlanta star KeKe Wyatt is known for her messy mouth and is not one to shy away from the spotlight but our friends across the pond and editor of TeamCurtains Nathan Devonte was ready for her interview craziness.
KeKe Wyatt,33, recently returned to music, after giving birth to her 8th child Ke’Yoshi Bella, with a new single ‘Sexy Song,’ which is the lead track for her upcoming album, due on her birthday, March 10th.

During the interview Keke falls asleep at the mention of Syleena Johnson.
Keke tells someone to go suck a p$%^7. Manager pulls interview question cards out of Team Curtains hand when asked on cast mate Monifah

Keke, in true Keke style does lots of craziness WATCH HERE!

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