TEA TIME: Is Claudia Jordan & Benzino Dating or is Tom Joyner?


TEAS: Is Claudia Jordan & Benzino Dating or is Tom Joyner?
So word on the street is Claudia Jordan is the new lady in Benzino's life!! And the photo above is doing a lot to prove right!! However, I'm not sure if these two are in a relationship, or if this was just an organic moment from a photoshoot. Whatever it was, it looks like these two are definitely feeling each other.

Both Claudia Jordan and Benzino were also spotted shopping together so could this be true love? Or can these be some photos from behind the scenes of Vh1's "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta"?

In the meantime, check out some more pictures of Claudia Jordan and Benzino swapping spit
Now the two shopping together below:
I'm almost positive that we will be witnessing these scenes on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta", however, I'm wondering how Karlie Redd feels about Benzino's new love?  

But maybe Claudia got her pimping game on. It’s also rumored she’s been dating newly divorced radio pioneer, Tom Joyner (of the Tom Joyner Morning Show). Tom was married to Donna Richardson Joyner for 12 years and Allegedly, Tom has been ‘taking care of her financially’.
TEAS IS HOT! This is the first time that we’ve heard a rumor about these two. What we DO know is that they work together professionally and on this season of Celebrity Apprentice, Claudia played for his Tom Joyner Foundation, which raises money for historically black colleges and universities . In an interview for their web site, she explained why she chose his foundation:“My brother is a teacher. I know the importance of education. I love what the [Foundation] does!”
But does that REALLY mean anything? Who knows? What are your thoughts?

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