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Zoë Kravitz Covers Elle’s January 2018 Issue
Actress—and singer—du moment Zoë Kravitz is Elle‘s latest cover star for the glossy’s January 2018 book. Lensed by Paola Kudacki, the 29-year-old beauty wears Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello on the cover, and Gucci and Tom Ford in the inside photo spread. In the interview, she opens up to her friend, Janelle Monáe, about how she came to love acting, her Big Little Lies cast mates, the importance of being honest, and more. Now, Kravitz is prepping to appear opposite Johnny Depp in the sequel to the J.K Rowling adaption Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Peruse highlights from her interview below

On how she fell in love with film: “I didn’t grow up with television. We had a TV, but it wasn’t connected to anything except for a VCR. My mom [Lisa Bonet] would go to the video store, and I was allowed to watch one movie a weekend. I was an only child, and your imagination goes crazy. These films kind of became my friends.”
On her Big Little Lies cast mates: “I said, Wait, I’m getting to work with whom? When? 
Women like Laura [Dern] and Nicole [Kidman] and Reese [Witherspoon], I’ve grown up watching them, and to me they’re, just untouchable. …They were so encouraging. When those women are in your corner, it gives you a little pep in your step.”
On how fashion inspires her acting roles: “For me, clothes are a gateway to characters. I watch Audrey Hepburn movies and I want to do my makeup like that. I watch Stand by Me and I think, I want to look like a boy.”
On the importance of being honest: “It’s good to be polite, but it’s important to be honest. There’s a difference between saying hurtful things and saying, ‘This may be a little uncomfortable, but no.’ Or ‘Please remove your hand from my lower back’ or ‘You made a weird joke. Why did you make that joke?’”

#RHoA: Guess What ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Doesn’t Need: Kim Zolciak-Biermann
FYI, we’re only 5 episodes into this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. It sure feels like the weight of the drama on our shoulders and our screens would mean we’re much farther along, but that’s not the case. And much of this has to do with Kim Zolciak-Biermann.

She’s made her equal parts triumphant and troublesome return to the show as a “friend” this season, which means she’s not a full-time cast member, but will show up sporadically enough to cause some epic drama on the show. And already, it’s way too much. This show doesn’t need her, it doesn’t need the low-blows, and it doesn’t need the drink-throwing we’ve already seen from her.

But here’s the thing: I like Kim. She’s exactly what a reality TV star should be. Don’t Be Tardy has its moments, and watching her get a butt lift (and subsequently rip her pants) while in Italy, and putting her chef and friend through a lie detector test, and debating the pronunciation of “sommelier” with her husband, Kroy, whom she shares a really sweet connection with, have all been the definition of guilty pleasure TV scenes this season. And she should keep it that way, on that show.

Adding her back into the mix here has been, what NeNe Leakes would call, “declassing the show.” The second she showed up to NeNe’s party (full name: NeNe’s Girls and Gays Never Forget All White Party Seafood Soirée), she began repeatedly poking Kenya with her words. And Cynthia called it: Kim just wanted a reaction out of Kenya. And she damn sure got one. Make no mistake about it: Kenya’s remark about gender reassignment surgery was not okay. She was lashing out, and those words will certainly cut, but they are inappropriate and wrong. Now, does the same go for referencing Kim’s tweets about her daughter, asking “Who does Brielle have to blow?” for John Legend tickets? Nah. Kids are generally off-limits, yes. But that was Kim’s public tweet, a question she could DM or text to Chrissy Teigen, its recipient, if they do have a close enough relationship that she tearfully hinted towards after being dragged outside of the party. It’s easy bait for Kenya, and she bit.

This drama feels…too much. Having to be carried out of a party this early in the season? It’s still “storming out” time, not “carried out” — there’s still a whole season to happen! Let’s also not forget that the “injured son” phrase came out of only her mouth. So not only is she bringing crazy drama as it is, she’s also making it up as she goes along. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume the sound at the John Legend concert was so loud it’s now causing her to hear things incorrectly. And perhaps she imagined that phrase in her fit of rage. But come on now, she’s just way too extra at this point. A pro for Kim: watching Kroy keeping her outside proves yet again how great they are together. And a con: the rest of last night’s episode was so much better without her.

As Kenya deals with the death of her grandmother, it’s a reminder that she simply cannot catch a break. This should’ve been a joyous time in her life, celebrating her marriage, and seeming to be the happiest we’ve seen her in quite some time. There’s no room for Kim drama. Between Cynthia and Shereé’s dating lives, Kandi’s faces, and NeNe and Porsha’s drama, there is more than enough going on to keep things juicy and fun. Not to mention, there’s a new Wife on the way! It will be interesting to see where Eva Marcille falls within this group of women when she shows up later this season.

Kim is an OG Atlanta Housewife and for that, sure, there’s a bit of respect or fondness towards her. But in order for it to stay that way, she’s gotta stay away. She’s not bringing the right energy to the show at this point. And nothing makes this quite so glaring as the return of NeNe. She’s funnier than ever, we’ve already gotten to see a softer side when it comes to her husband’s health troubles, and she’s spent the majority of her time this season arguing with Porsha over a Watch What Happens Live clip. This is a woman that knows how to be hilarious and confrontational, and often both at the same time. Kim…just can’t compete.

Again: Kim should be on television. She can continue the chaos (khaos?) on Don’t Be Tardy, but leave RHOA to these other ladies. Let Porsha go on about her “baby veganism” and let Shereé keep it real, and if any “friends” want to show up, let them be true friends like Marlo, who fixed NeNe’s hair while she was in the middle of a screaming match. You know Kim wouldn’t do that. And she wouldn’t keep things as fun as this group will have no problem doing themselves. Let’s just keep those Kandi faces coming, and we’re good.(h/t Decider)

#EMPIRE: Serayah is on the cover of Galore Magazine!
Serayah has stepped up her game this season on as Tiana Empire and also she has stepped up her singing career as well. Her new single ‘Driving Me’ is burning up the charts and you can see the video HERE.

She recently sat down with Galore Magazine for an interview. Get some of the interview below.
You play Tiana on Empire. How do you feel like you’ve helped shape her as a character?
For me it was a lot of taking direction from the directors and producers and them to be a mogul super pop star, so I visualized different artists that embodied that like Beyoncé, Rihanna and Tina Turner. I thought of people who danced, performed and were overall pop sensations. That’s kind of how I put her together.

You’ve done a couple of films but Empire has been your main project. Do you have any upcoming projects in the film or TV realm?
I have a film in the works. Also I’m looking forward to doing some other projects hopefully in spring in the new year. I’m also releasing my music project and another video, but I’m keeping consistent in roles and music.

Tell me about your music project. Is it a full-length album? What will we see on it?
Yeah it is. You’ll basically see more R&B. I guess you haven’t really seen a lot of R&B from me on the show as far as sonically-speaking. It’s going to be a story about being addicted; whether it’s addicted to having fun or always being out or a relationship that’s not good for you. That’s why I’m calling the project Addicted because the past year or so when I was making the music I felt very vulnerable and extreme with my relationship with people in general, so I feel like it’s a story about my experiences like that.
How long have you been working on the record?
I’ve been recording the record for the past year and a half. I did work with Jazze Pha on “Driving Me” and had the pleasure of working with KES — he’s a writer signed to Roc Nation who’s a dope artist as well. I’m excited for people to hear me organically and not so much featured with bigger artists. It’ll be nice to have people see who Serayah is all about.
Do you have any collaborations with up-and-coming artists?
I do have a song on my project with an artist called Ohana Bam, who is signed to Atlantic Records. He does a lot of streaming and syncs. So he’s really dope and he’s on the project as well.

Is there a release date for the project yet?
I don’t have a specific date yet, but January is my goal.

Tiana is very stylish on Empire. How does style translate into your everyday life?
It’s kind of like my alter-ego because Serayah is very chill and I think I embody that all the time. But with performing, selling a record and playing a character on the show, I look forward to those times where we get to create big, spectacular moments.

With regards to style, which brands are your go-tos?
I love Moschino, Gucci and Jeremy Scott. Some other brands I love are Yves Saint Laurent. I love Tommy Hilfiger — he’s amazing. I also love designers that are more affordable like Missguided. I love to pair together high and low.

Do you have any career regrets or anything you wish you could do over?
No, because I don’t like to live in regret or think I could have done anything different with how I got Empire and how my life is in general. I’m very spiritual, so I don’t like to think about life like that.

You said you have some other projects next year, can you talk a little bit about them?
The film I’ll be doing is really, really cool. I can’t talk too much about it, but it’s kind of like “Mean Girls” meets “Baby Driver.” I’m really excited to be doing that. It’s going to be a different look for me, and I get to play alongside really cool people.

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?
For me, it was when I got the chance to meet Beyoncé and she acknowledged the work I had done thus far. She just told me, you’re amazing, keep up the good work, and always be you. For her to take the time to recognize who I was, a little girl on Empire, was really dope. It set an example for me: no matter how big you get or no matter who you are you want to acknowledge the next person that’s coming up.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
I see myself on billboards, getting a CoverGirl contract, in movies and touring the world. I see myself buying my mom and dad a house and doing things for my family that they never could do.

What do you hope happens for Tiana on Empire? What future do you want for her?
I really hope that she finds a stable situation, whether that’s with a different relationship or that’s with Hakeem [Lyon]. I want to see her to grow in a different way or maybe have a plot twist where she’s involved with another character in the show so she becomes a part of a scandal. Just something interesting for her we haven’t seen her do.

When did you know that you wanted to be in showbusiness?
I was eight years old and my grandmother took me to see Destiny’s Child perform, and I fell in love with the whole performance aspect of it and they way they made me feel. I wanted to make other people feel that way: full of warmth and inspiration. Ever since then I wanted to be on TV.

Get the rest over at Galore!

#NEWMUSIC: Xscape Release New Singles “Wifed Up” and “Dream Killa”
The TRIO that us called Xscape is back!

The group reunited earlier this year after parting ways in 1998 — Their comeback launched with performances at the Essense Music Festival and BET Awards before kicking off “The Great Xscape” national arena tour last month (Nov 2017).
Now, minus a busy Kandi Burruss, who has to complete prior commitments, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Tamika Scott, and LaTocha Scott kick off the group’s musical releases with two new singles produced by Tricky Stewart.

On the first release, “Wifed Up,” a song where the singers call on men to make the ultimate commitment to their prized women.


The other single is called “Dream Killa” is calling out men for making their women sacrifice but don’t return the favor.


“The Great Xscape Tour” featuring Monica and Tamar Braxton will commence on January 6 in Los Angeles.

#HIPHOPNEWS: Kendrick Lamar Dropping DAMN. Collector’s Edition, Tracklist Reversed. Announces Europeam World Tour!
Kendrick Lamar‘s critically acclaimed and commercially successful DAMN. is getting the collector’s edition release treatment. The new version will feature a reversed tracklist.
If you’re a true fan, you’ll know that the original sequence (intentionally or not) actually made sense if played backward. Thus the backward sequencing of the collector’s edition is actually the correct flow.

Keeping up? A Reddit user took note of the backward’s tracklist on a Microsoft listing that has since been taken down. No release date yet for the DAMN. collector’s edition, though.

In related news, Kendrick Lamar will be touring Europe, with James Blake as the opener, in support of the project next year.

#BEEF: Kim Kardashian VS Taylor Swift Redux!
The pic Kim posted on Instagram Didn't Go Unnoticed
Kim Kardashian posted a photo on her Instagram from Kanye West‘s “Famous” music video exhibit, which showed Taylor Swift in the buff.
The 37-year-old reality star posted the photo on Monday night (December 4), and the pic shows her taking a photo of the life-like models of Kanye, Taylor and others that were seen in the video. Kim captioned the photo “Famous.” The picture Kim posted is not safe for the office, but you can see it below.
Some of Taylor‘s fans were not pleased that Kim posted the picture, and started posting rat emojis in her comments. Kim and Taylor famously feuded over the music video.

Golden Krust Founder Killed Himself Over Tax Debt: Report
Details are coming in regarding the suicide death of Golden Krust founder Lowell Hawthorne. According to reports, Hawthorne was in debt and feared potential tax evasion charges.

Reports the New York Post: A family member told detectives that Lowell Hawthorne, 57, admitted the huge tax debt to some of his relatives, and was “acting funny” and “talking to himself” in the hours before his suicide, a law enforcement source said Sunday.

Surveillance video shows the meat-pie mogul shooting himself in the head at his office inside the Golden Krust bakery and warehouse in the Bronx, said the source, who was briefed on the NYPD investigation into the shooting.

Before the shooting, the video shows Hawthorne speaking with a pair of workers who left the room, both of whom were crouched down when they later returned to his office, sources said.
Reportedly, Hawthorne left a note apologizing to his family, many of whom were in his employ.

Unfortunately, now the family will have to pick up the pieces.

Rihanna And Ed Sheeran Lead Spotify’s Most-Streamed Artists of 2017 List
Spotify has revealed its annual Year in Music lists, showing the top artists, albums, tracks and moments of 2017.
Ed Sheeran is the most streamed artist of 2017 globally, and remains the most-streamed artist on Spotify with 45 million monthly listeners. His “÷” (“Divide”) was the most-streamed album of the year worldwide with 3.1 billion streams, and “Shape of You” became the most streamed track of all time on Spotify, now with over 1.4 billion streams.

Most Streamed Artists
Sheeran leads with over 6.3 billion streams this year, dethroning Drake who took the top spot in 2015 and 2016. Drake is the only top 5 artist carried over from last year.
Ed Sheeran
The Weeknd
Kendrick Lamar
The Chainsmokers

Most Streamed Female Artists
For the third year in the row, Rihanna takes home the title of most streamed female artist.
Taylor Swift
Selena Gomez
Ariana Grande

The Blast is reporting that this past October, Mo’Nique and her husband, Sidney Hicks, had a federal tax lien filed against them. The feds says the couple did not pay their full tax bill for 2015 and owe $170,720.24 in back taxes.

Mo’Nique’s biggest project that year was the HBO film “Bessie” with Queen Latifah.
In 2016, the IRS came calling with a separate tax lien. They accused her of not paying taxes for the years 2013 ($201,695.99) and 2014 ($188,208.99) for a total of $389,904.98.

If you’re doing the math, the total bill comes to $560,625.22.

As of this posting, all three liens are still active and have yet to be paid off.

Rep. Conyers Imeediately RETIRES amid sexual harassment claims!
(AP) Besieged by allegations of sexual harassment, Democratic Rep. John Conyers of Michigan resigned from Congress on Tuesday, bringing an abrupt end to the Detroit liberal's nearly 53-year career in the House.
The civil rights leader becomes the highest-ranking figure on Capitol Hill to be brought down by the sexual misconduct allegations that have toppled powerful men in Hollywood, the media, and politics in recent weeks.

Representative Conyers announced what he referred to as his "retirement" on a Detroit radio talk show, calling in to the station from the hospital where he was taken last week after complaining he felt light-headed. He endorsed his son, John Conyers III, to succeed him.
"My legacy can't be compromised or diminished in any way by what we're going through now," said the congressman, who has denied any wrongdoing. "This, too, shall pass. My legacy will continue through my children."

Conyers, who was first elected in 1964 and went on to become a founding member in 1971 of the Congressional Black Caucus, easily won re-election last year in the heavily Democratic district. Until Tuesday, he was the longest-serving current member of Congress.
But amid a drumbeat of allegations he groped or sexually harassed women who worked for him, he faced growing calls to resign from colleagues in the House, including House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.
As the furor grew in recent weeks, he stepped down as the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, and the House Ethics Committee began looking into the allegations.
Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D) of New York, who replaced Conyers as ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, said he was saddened by the resignation of his "friend and mentor" but added: "There can be no tolerance for behavior that subjects women to the kind of conduct that has been alleged."

Michigan state Sen. Ian Conyers, a grandson of Conyers' brother, told The New York Times he plans to run for the seat.

On Monday, Elisa Grubbs, who said she worked for the congressman for more than a decade, said he touched her inappropriately while she was sitting next to him in the front row of a church. Ms. Grubbs made the allegation in an affidavit released by her attorney.
Grubbs, who said she worked for Conyers in various roles from around 2001 to 2013, is the cousin of another accuser, Marion Brown, who reached a settlement with Conyers over sexual harassment allegations but broke the confidentiality agreement to speak publicly last week.

Grubbs also said she repeatedly saw Conyers inappropriately touching Ms. Brown and other female staffers. Such behavior "was a regular part of life while working in the office of Representative Conyers," she said.
"This is about much more than one congressman," Grubbs' attorney, Lisa Bloom, said in an email after Conyers announced his resignation. "Systemic change is urgently needed so no other women have to endure the retaliation, secrecy, and delays my client Marion Brown and others experienced."

Deanna Maher, who ran a Michigan office for Conyers from 1997 to 2005, has also accused him of sexual misconduct. And a former scheduler complained of sexual harassment and retaliation.

#LHHNY Peter Gunz: I Was Molested As A Kid
Peter Gunz is the latest celebrity to reveal that he was sexually assaulted as a child.
For the past few years, the Love & Hip Hop: NY star has made headlines for his reality TV storyline, which included him having a love triangle with LHH cast mates, Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace.
He’s now making headlines for shedding light on what he says happened to him sexually by an older woman, when he was a child. He says,

I was molested by an older woman. She use to do some very inappropriate things to me.
When asked if it was sexual inappropriate things that were done to him, he admits:
Yeah, put her mouth in appropriate places. She made me scared to tell. When I got older, 14, 15 – the girlfriend’s I had. I was pressuring them into have sex. I feel like I took the abuse that I got and put it on other people. I always will regret that.

He continues,I was abused and I abused other people.
KUDOS to him in admitting this and finding his truth!

More legit than Santa’s suit…

EGGPLANT NATION: Meet Chocolate Chuck!
Meet Chocolate Chuck! You know what to do to see them goods. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICS and remember they’re NSFW!

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