This new Look of QUEEN Aretha Franklin Have some Asking Questions.

This new Look of Aretha Franklin Have some Asking Questions.
*Being that this is the internet, somebody seeing this mouth dropping photo of Aretha Franklin may already know the who, what, why, here & when behind the pic. In the meantime, we’re either too early or too late (as far as some may be concerned).

That’s what happens when people post stuff with absolutely no info. This was posted to an #ArethaFranklin hashtag/group on Instagram. Here’s an equally interesting video clip of Aretha during her recent performance in Northern Virginia
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We know a picture is worth a thousand words, but for it to make sense, you need the answers. Which we don’t have … as of this posting.
The bottom line is this is a very, very interesting photo of Aretha Franklin for obvious reasons. Please feel free to post YOUR thoughts and of course PRAY for her.

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