The AM Sip! ☕ Did NeNe's Hubby Gregg Suffer a Stroke on the set of R.H.o.A or NOT? πŸ˜”

Did NeNe's Hubby Gregg Suffer a Stroke on the set of R.H.o.A or NOT?
According to reports, the man is currently resting after his health scare. One Real Housewives of Atlanta production insider claims Nene Leakes’ hubby Gregg suffered a stroke!
In addition, the same source revealed the whole thing, including his ER visit as well as what came after, was caught on camera and is bound to appear on the show!
Apparently, Gregg’s health issue is one of Nene’s main storyline for RHOA’s season 10.
But fear not – the man is expected to recover completely.

However, due to Gregg’s age and family history, he was told to rest in bed for a while.
What made the insider suspect the yet unconfirmed illness is a stroke, was the fact that after Kim Zolciak, who also suffered a small stroke, posted the signs of it on her personal social media platforms, Nene liked it and also stated that it’s vital to be able to tell.
Kim went through her scary ‘mini stroke’ while on Dancing with the Stars.
Doctors said a cause of it might have been her cosmetic procedures.

Meanwhile, a rep for Nene Leakes denied her husband suffered a stroke.
The woman talked to fans about Gregg’s health issues saying that she was really worried about him.
Her sweet message was filled with sincerity as she honored their 20 years together.
‘Prayers are going up, and fingers are crossed that he is going to be just fine,’ the woman added.
As fans of the hit show definitely are aware, the couple didn’t always have the best relationship.
In fact, it was so tumultuous that they even ended up divorcing in 2011, only to remarry two years later!

Do you think Gregg Leakes suffered a stroke or is it some other health scare? Also, are they keeping it a secret for the ratings?

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