Tyshawn Lee's Mother is Under Fire For Vegas Trip same day of the Funeral!

AWFUL JUST AWFUL! Mother Of 9-Year-Old Murder In Chicago Under Fire For Vegas Trip Taken Day Of Her Son’s Funeral
Karla Lee, the mother of Tyshawn Lee, the 9-year-old killed in Chicago was already under fire for allegedly purchasing a new car with funds donated to her but the scrutiny has reach another level. News reports out of Chicago say that Lee flew to Las Vegas Tuesday night right after her son’s funeral.
Lee was criticized for using GOFUNDME money to buy a brand new car. She adamantly denied using the money from the fund but said it was money she saved up beforehand. She said she needed a car for her protection because walking and taking the bus just wasn’t safe for her.
Lee’s phone number does contain a Las Vegas area code so no word on if she is visiting family. However, her relatives in Chicago are reportedly upset over the trip.

There have been no arrests in Tyshawn’s murder.

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