Boxer Yusaf Mack: I'm Writing a Book About Gay My Porn Scandal!

Milking it for all its WORTH! Boxer Yusaf Mack: I'm Writing a Book About Gay Porn Scandal 
Boxer Yusaf Mack is in the middle of a crazy story -- claiming he was drugged before he ended up shooting a gay --- -- but his response to legal threats from the --- producer is almost as weird. Mack, a boxer out of Philly, made headlines last week when he accused producers of drugging him with a mysterious pill and a shot of vodka. He reached out to us through a crisis manager, saying he had more to say about what went down. But watch what happened when he came on TMZ Live. Mack, who claims he can't remember anything because he was drugged, now says he's writing a book about the porn shoot! 


Mind you, producers are threatening to sue him because they deny drugging him and swear he knew he was hired for gay porn.

We'll say this ... Mack doesn't seem worried. About much of anything.

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