Tyshawn Lee’s Mom Used Donations to Buy Herself a New Car!

UNBELIEVEABLE Tyshawn Lee’s Mom Criticized for Using Donations to Buy Herself a New Car
Mother of the Year? NOT! The mother of a 9-year-old Chicago boy who was lured into an alley and shot is being criticized for misspending Gofundme donations to purchase a new car.
Karla Lee, the mother of Tyshawn Lee, is under fire for using donations on a new car for herself. The money was intended to pay for Tyshawn’s funeral expenses.
Lee was reportedly so distraught over her son’s death on Monday, that she had to be hospitalized. But she apparently recovered quickly, and went shopping for a new car as soon as she had access to the cash from public donations.

Lee, 26, posted several videos on Instagram Saturday morning explaining why she bought a new car. But after Instagram followers slammed her for buying a car, she deleted the IG posts.
Lee explained that she bought the car for her protection. She said she was afraid to ride the bus or walk because Tyshawn’s killer(s) are still on the loose.
 “If a m—–f—– telling you they gonna try to take your life, too, because of whatever the f— is going on … they already took my son. I walk to work, I get on the bus. I’m not trying to be a target for nobody,” Karla Lee said in one of the Instagram videos.
Tyshawn’s Gofundme account raised just over $17,000 intended to go towards Tyshawn’s funeral.
But rather than use the cash for its intending purpose, Lee purchased a new car.
Many of the donors asked for their money back.

Lee deleted her account in response to the avalanche of negative comments. Some Mother she is..isn't she?

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  1. 17,000 is enough to pay for a funeral and buy her a car. This is ridiculous and hateful.