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Zendaya SLAYS on the cover of FLARE Magazine’s December 2015 Issue
Zendaya is a chick who walks in her own truth. The high school graduate wears many hats, including actress, singer, dancer AND fashionista. In fact, her trendy fashions and eclectic style choices have sparked controversy and praise from all over. And now, she’s dishing the deets on why she switches her look at the drop of a dime.

For FLARE magazine’s December 2015 issue, ‘Daya (as we like to call her) strikes a signature model pose in a Marc Jacobs dress and boots, Kenneth Jay lane earrings, and jewelry from Jennifer Fisher. She serves the perfect amount of sass and girl power for the cover.

Inside, the 19-year-old opens up about why she chooses to wear certain pieces, why it’s important to keep her style evolving and the effect she seeks from her fans when she wear certain pieces. She told the magazine,
“A big reason I play with beauty and hair is that it’s important to show different kinds of beauty when I’m on the red carpet. I don’t want to be just one-dimensional or relatable to one type of person. I want a different woman to be like, That’s like me! That’s like my hair! or That’s so my style! If I went out there and was just like, pretty, all the time, doing the same thing, it can be cool, but you’re also catering to one type of person, and what about all those other kinds of beautiful out there?”

Zendaya is no stranger to speaking her mind, but she does so in the most eloquent way possible. She will fiercly put a person or company in their place (she had to check a magazine for altering her pics recently) as she stands up for black women everywhere. When asked about what feminism means, she shared her thoughts saying,
“A feminist is a person who believes in the power of women just as much as they believe in the power of anyone else. It’s equality, it’s fairness, and I think it’s a great thing to be a part of.”

We’ve always been a fan of Zendaya since she first popped up on the scene. Along with us, she has tons of fans (30 million on her social media accounts collectively) who adore her, many of them who are pre-teens and teens. And she’s well aware of her audience. Unlike some celebs, she doesn’t mind being a template for other young kids to look up to…just don’t call her a role model, she’s a “real” model. She explains,

“In the words of Tupac Shakur: I am a real model because I’m not playing a role and I’m not pretending to be some good kid that’s perfect,” she says. “It just happens that I’m a good kid, and I don’t do bad stuff and I like to be positive because that’s just how I was raised. I think if I were faking it, then you would’ve seen me break character a long time ago.”
She also talked about making her own decisions and being in control of everything saying,
"I’ve had a lot of voices tell me what I should be making. Personally, I would much rather live and die by my own hand. If my stuff sucks, then at least I made it suck. I didn’t allow some person, some old dude in a suit, to make it suck for me.”

Loves it.

AND NOW THE TRUTH! Yusaf Mack Comes Clean: Admits He is Bisexual!
Philly boxer Yusaf Mack, pictured right with singer Usher, has come clean and admitted he is bisexual. The revelation comes a week after the 28-year-old father of 10 made headlines when he claimed he was drugged on the set of a gay x-rated video. Mack said he was drugged on the set and he later awoke on a train with $4,500 stuffed in his pocket. He said he learned about his starring role in the video when friends took him aside and told him about it.
The film production company, Dawgpound Entertainment released a statement vigorously denying Mack’s accusations and threatening to sue him for slander.

In a statement released today, Yusaf apologized to his fans for deceiving them.
“This is an issued public apology from my heart. I want to address a few situations with the first being the false claims I made about being drugged during the Dog Pound adult film.”

He continued: “I have never spoke negatively about the company that produced the film although the claim to have been given a drug by someone during set was a lie. I was completely aware and fully conscious during the film. I did participate in the adult film because at the time I needed money but also because I am a bisexual man. Meaning I enjoy safely being intimate with whomever I choose,” he wrote.

Mack also apologized to his friends, his 10 kids and his ex-fiancee.
He said he hoped his coming out will be an inspiration to other bisexual men and women.

“There are other men and women that are set up in the similar situations and I just hope I can be inspiration to be just be you. The extreme taboo and harsh criticism of living a same-sex lifestyle, especially as an African- American male, makes it hard to be completely honest and comfortable within yourself.”
Well Good for him!

THE SHADE IS THICK AGAIN! NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore are back to shading each other online!
Last week, fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” got the answer to their prayers when it was revealed that NeNe Leakes, who decided to quit the show earlier this year, decided to return to the show as a special guest for the cast’s trip to Jamaica. Although it’s assumed that Leakes was trying to avoid the drama by leaving the main cast, it looks like the drama has found her, once again, because she and her “RHOA” nemesis, Kenya Moore, have already gone back to shading each other online.

The drama all began this weekend when Moore vented to her millions of Twitter followers that she tried to be kind and extend an olive branch to Leakes online. However, she claims that she discovered that Leakes had blocked her from her social media page.
Well, it didn’t take long for her fans to begin talking about the alleged shade and blast Leakes on her behalf. However, Leakes wasn’t happy about being regarded as a mean girl, once again, and she fired back at Moore, calling her a liar.
Neither Leakes nor Moore have spoken publicly to each other since the brief feud, but since these two can clearly argue over anything, we expect them to throw shade at each other again at some point.

Luckily for Leakes, it looks like she’s not beefing with all of her former enemies. Check out which former friend she seems to now be getting along with now?  Shortly after blasting Moore, Leakes posted a photo of herself smiling alongside her former BFF, Cynthia Bailey.
Last week, Leakes noticeably posed next to Bailey when she posted her first photos of herself with the remaining “RHOA” cast in Jamaica. It’s unclear if this is a sign that perhaps Leakes and Bailey are mending fences and working their way back to being friends, but it’s nice to see that they can at least be cordial to each other.

Oh? “LAHH” Star Miles Brock ARRESTED After Dispute With (EX?) Boyfriend Milan
See what FAME can do! It appears “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” couple Miles Brock and Milan Christopher aren’t a couple any more…at least for now. And their disagreements have landed one of them behind bars.
According to TMZ, Miles was arrested Halloween night after allegedly attacking him the day before. Milan claims on Friday he and Miles bumped into each other at a party. Apparently there was some bad blood between the two because they began arguing. Milan claims Miles got so upset that went to the police to file a police report.

The next day, Milan spotted Miles in Times Square (was he following him? how does one just "spot" someone in busy ass Times Square?) and flagged down a cop where he was arrested for assault. Sighs…

Sad it came to this, because it was all good two weeks ago when they appeared on the “Wendy Williams Show” together:
The timing of it all just seems very coincidental being that Miles was on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club Monday morning. We realize the interview was taped earlier, but it's very interesting that it aired this morning around the same time news broke about his arrest.
Anywho, Miles (aka Siir Brock) sat down to chop it up with the radio hosts where he talked about why he thinks homosexuality will never be accepted in the Hip Hop community, why he decided to come out to his ex-girlfriend on national TV and dished details on his first gay experience.

During the interview, Miles also talked about his rollercoaster relationship with his on-again off-again boyfriend Milan. He (and his sister) said Milan seems to be very thirsty for attention. When asked if they were still together, Miles said, “Umm..we going through...You know how reality TV shows do to relationships.”

He said he NEVER cheated on Milan, but said fame has changed him….SMH!

Mariah Carey’s Record Label Settles $170k Legal Battle Over Singer Canceling Photo Shoot
Mariah Carey’s record label has reached a settlement in a $170k legal battle over the singer canceling a photo shoot last minute and costing the photographer tens of thousands of dollars, with the case being dismissed following a deal being reached out of court.
An artist management agency, Jed Root, filed suit against Universal Music and The Island Def Jam Music Group in New York Court.

The lawsuit explained that in April 2013, the record labels entered into a contract to hire the agency’s photographer Michael Thompson to shoot Carey’s album package, which was to include 5-6 set up shoots with the pop star.
The contract stated that Thompson was to be paid $150k + total expenses of $228,140 along with 75% of the total expenses amount due 5 days prior to the shoot. The total expenses included glam team costs, hairstylists, prop stylists, airfare for the entire crew etc.
The agency said they invoiced the labels for the amount of $171,105 which was paid in full.
Per the deal, if the shoot was cancelled or postponed the labels still owed 100% of the amount due on the contract. The agency says they were informed on the day of the shoot that it was cancelled.

Jed Root explained that the due to the provision in the contract, the labels owe them a total of $136,824.60 + an additional $32,657.96 for a grant total of $169,592.56. They filed suit demanding the full amount owed to them.
Then, Mariah’s record companies, Universal Music Group and Island Def Jam fired back at the lawsuit claiming the agency is lying about the contract. They explained their was a separate contract that stated they would not be paid until the photographs were delivered to the labels.

They said they cancelled the photo shoot due to Mariah no longer being available on the date scheduled. The response said they never agreed to the terms presented by the agency and thus they demanded the entire lawsuit be dismissed.
The album Mariah was to be released around the same time as “Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse”, which was delayed almost a year due to a video shoot accident where she dislocated her shoulder and had to take time off to recover.

On September 28th, docs were filed in the lawsuit stating that UMG Recordings and Island Def Jam have reached a settlement with Jed Root to dismiss all claims against the labels. The terms of the agreement will remain confidential, but it appears Mariah’s record labels reached a monetary deal to have the whole battle over the singer’s cancelled photo shoot go away once and for all.

New Music Video: Tinashe – ‘Player’ (Ft. Chris Brown)
Tinashe debuts the video for her Chris Brown-assisted single, “Player.” The L.A. songstress appears to be in a Mortal Kombat style battle with a few dancers – only she’s using her dancing as a weapon.
After competing against three separate men, she dances in sync with another girl, before meeting her match with Breezy.

“I think it shows a different side of me that fans should be excited about,” Tinashe told Fuse. “The song, the video, the performance, what I’m bringing to the stage—I’m really excited about all that.”
“Player” appears on Tinashe’s upcoming Joyride album, which is coming soon.

Watch the Emil Nava-directed clip HERE

Monica Announces ‘Code Red’ Album Release Date + She Teases A New Song
Monica has been busy readying the release of her Code Red album, as well revving up for its accompanying tour –Code Red Experience -that she announced last month. The “Just Right for Me” songstress is now letting fans know when the LP will hit stores.
“Happy Sunday…. “CodeRED DECEMBER 18th 2015″” she wrote on Facebook. She  also gave fans another sample of what to expect from her music, with a preview of a new song (hear it below).

Mo’s 22-city tour will kick off November 12 in Las Vegas – and will also include stops in cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and Atlanta, before closing out December 13 in New York City.

Mark your calendars for Dec. 18th, and check out her song preview HERE.

Happy Sunday.... "CodeRED DECEMBER 18th 2015"
Posted by Monica on Sunday, 1 November 2015

Thoughts on the snippet?

OOPS! T-Boz Claps Back At Fans Asking For Kickstarter Money
Earlier this year, TLC created a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for their last and final album. The group needed to raise a whopping 150k and thanks to thousands of fans, the ladies reached their goal … and then some.
But what was supposed to be a project delivered by mid-October has become more of what fans are considering an empty promise.
Many have taken to social media to express their anger after donating a certain amount of coins to the campaign. The controversy has even sparked the hashtag, #TLCIsGoingToJailParty.
But the dozens of tweets and memes hitting the web are not fazing TLC at all.
“Y’all sound ridiculous we’re I n the damn studio recording it,” T-Boz tweeted on Sunday night to a fan asking for her money back.
The singer wrote to another fan asking for $5 back:
 “Call Kickstarter and tell em yo give it bk,” she wrote.
But despite some of the jokes and comments, it’s worth noting that back in September, TLC did update their fans explaining that a LP wouldn’t be dropping until next year.

“After seeing and greeting so many of you on our tour this summer, we took a short break and now we are in the studio recording our new album with Ron Fair, coming out in 2016. The music is coming out great and it’s only with your support of TLC on Kickstarter that this is possible,” the website read. “We thank you and promise that we will continue rolling out all the Kickstarter prizes except the album by mid-October. We are moving the album back to 2016, so that we will have more time to finish the record the TLC way. Thanks as always for your love and support and we can’t wait to deliver a new record and tour next year.”

The ladies were extremely excited to involve their fans in the album making process and Chilli spoke  about it back in February.
“It’s right up TLC’s alley in terms of doing things outside the box,” she said. “This was a great platform to us to do this new album and do it with our fans without any extra voices. It’s about the connection with our fans because they’re the ones that want this album. Not to say that we don’t want to record new music, but they are definitely the motivation behind all of this for us.”

The group even promised a sleepover with Katy Perry for those who donated over a certain amount.

In Movie News: Michael B. Jordan Stars in New Movie About Atlanta Public School Teacher Cheating Scandal
A new movie about Atlanta’s shameful teacher cheating scandal is in the works. The movie titled “Wrong Answer” is in the production stages, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
The movie stars actor Michael B. Jordan (“Fruitvale Station,” “The Wire”) who plays Damany Lewis, the first teacher to be fired in 2012 after he admitted his role in the scandal.
The complex investigation into Atlanta’s largest public school cheating scandal culminated with an emotionally charged hearing at the Fulton County Courthouse in April. Abrasive Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter sat in judgment of 10 black former educators as if they were domestic terrorists. The sentences he handed down were considered harsh even by Atlanta standards.

The AJC says “Wrong Answer” is likely to be based on a New Yorker magazine article of the same name. AJC education writer Maureen Downey doubts the film will give credit to The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s excellent investigative team or the role they played in uncovering the cheating scandal.

I wonder who will be cast as crotchety Judge Jerry Baxter?

SORRY GUYS! ABC responds to petition to fire Raven-Symoné and SHE’S STAYING!
In just four days a Change.org petition addressed to Barbara Walters calling for the termination of Raven-Symoné’s position on “The View” has garnered nearly 125,000 signatures. Many supporters have been hopeful that someone would finally dismantle the former child actress’s public platform due to her controversial comments that have been deemed racist, insensitive and stupid. But the program’s network has made a statement on the matter that may disappoint her critics.

On Saturday afternoon, an ABC spokesperson told E! News that Raven is in good standing on the show:
“We love Raven,” the network’s spokesperson said. “She is confident, genuine and opinionated, all qualities that make her a great addition to the panel.”

The petition to get Raven fired was devised following an “After The View” segment in which the panel was discussing the recent video featuring a South Carolina officer violently handling a Black female student in a Spring Valley High School classroom after she refused to put her phone away. The former “That’s So Raven” star said that there were “two wrongs” in the situation and that the victim should not have been using her phone.

Che Scott-Heron, who wrote that she is the daughter of the famous jazz poet Gil Scott-Heron, said that even as a former fan of Raven’s, she was compelled to write the petition because “Raven Symone has been spouting her ignorant and self hating spiel” on the show for long enough, and that African Americans “need strong black role models in prominent positions on television an Raven Symone cannot provide that.”
She additionally wrote a message addressing those who think the petition will not get Raven removed from the show and others who think this is not a worthy cause:

Oh Well!

See Chris Paul’s Air Jordan 13 Retro CP3 Sneakers [Photos]
The Air Jordan 13 is a well-liked silhouette and with a proper colorway it’s always a winner. Such is the case with this Chris Paul PE version of the shoe, that will drop on Nov. 6.

The Charlotte Hornets flavored colorway is in honor of CP3’s 10 years rocking with Jordan Brand (he started his career with the team and is a North Carolina native). The colors here are actually called Orion Blue (in suede, so avoid the rain) and Sunstone Yellow, while the usual Jumpman logo is replaced by a CP3 logo on the tongue.

Don’t expect these to last very long when they drop on Nike.com at 10AM ET on Saturday, Nov. 7.
Check out detailed images below

Pants are always optional when you have neon pink braids to distract everyone.


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