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#RHoA: Claudia Jordan Covers Rolling Out!
Rolling Out interviews R.H.o.A’s Claudia Jordan and here are some excerpts from the interview.
After joining “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” last season, Jordan found herself thrown in the midst of a scripted, estrogen-laden drama, and pitted against several longtime “RHOA” cast members. In addition to “RHOA,” Jordan joined Radio One’s syndicated “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” as a morning co-host while moonlighting as a correspondent on CNN’s Headline News. The new kid on Atlanta’s hot scene, Jordan’s intro to “RHOA” clashed with her position at Radio One. But through it all she remained authentic, which may be her biggest flaw.

“I was scrambling around in a new city trying to get settled, while being taped and, of course, that led to scrutiny. Many times when people said I didn’t look polished on camera, the truth was I wasn’t. I was working sometimes 10-12 hours straight before being taped for ‘Housewives’ so lashes and having my weave tight wasn’t always my top priority,” Jordan admits.

While some of the critics might’ve been harsh on Jordan’s less than glamorous appearance, she learned quickly not to take the criticism to heart. “Sometimes you have to take inventory of the people that are criticizing you and then you can understand where it’s coming from. I’m honest about who I am. I’m the girl that will get ready in 15 minutes if I want to go somewhere or do something with friends. I’m never going to turn down an opportunity or miss an event because my nails aren’t done, or because I don’t have a designer dress to wear. I’m more about the experience than the look of it. But on the flip side of that I have a lot of fun. Life is too short to be worried about things that don’t make memories, besides that, whatever happened to natural beauty and letting people see the real you?”
Seeing behind the MAC makeup isn’t something viewers are used to seeing on any of the “Housewives” franchises. Her inability to assimilate into the drama of the stereotype is something Jordan realizes is a difference of opinion, yet another thing that separates her from her cast mates and perhaps other colleagues. “For me, beauty is not an ideal that’s cookie-cutter. I know it sounds cheesy but it can be those really subtle things. The way a person’s lip curls up when they smile or the glimmer in someone’s eye when they are laughing. One of the biggest compliments I get is that I make people feel better. That makes me feel beautiful.”

The seventh season of “RHOA” ended with rumors of Jordan being fired, some even went as far as to allude that it was over her refusal to bow down to “RHOA’s” diva-in-charge, NeNe Leakes. “I don’t know how many times I have to say that I wasn’t fired. I’m still under contract with ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ it’s just that’s not my only focus. I don’t know what my role for season eight will be, but as of today, I’m still a part of the show. With reality TV it’s about what you have going on in order to make good television and, of course, that changes sometimes.”

Reality shows attempt to depict all the aspects of cast members’ lives. Jordan admits like many women she’s struggled with balance in the area of her life that reality TV would’ve loved to have highlighted in her storyline, finding a leading man. “I’m always single,” she jokes, but quickly admits she was disappointed with a recent romance that went sour. “I’m attracted to integrity. I want protector, a leader. I want someone that would be a great teacher for our children. Everyone that knows me knows I’m a sucker for killer abs, but I know that I need balance.” Until Mr. Right shows up, Jordan says she refuses to settle because she is enjoying her life to the fullest at the moment.

Her career has been a high-wire balancing act, using her looks to get people to see her comedic timing in order to get an opportunity to show she can speak to a number of subjects. Whether or not she’ll have a peach is of little priority to Jordan at this time. She has several projects in the works, including a sports talk show she is producing herself. “This is something I’ve always wanted to do. Sports is my passion and always has been. I’m a former athlete; I ran track and field, my father played basketball, my brother is an athlete; it’s in my blood. I have so much respect for athletes because I know what it takes to be successful,” she says.

In addition to her upcoming talk show she is working on several TV projects, including one with her BFF, Demetria McKinney. She starred in three movies over the past year and plans to spend more time in L.A. pursuing both film and TV opportunities. “My all-time dream is to play Jane Kennedy in a movie on her life,” she says.

In addition to the TV and film projects underway, Jordan is joining the ranks of many of her colleagues and is working on creating a brand around her name. She has a line of Italian handbags currently being developed, and has a new skincare line on the way. She was also recently tapped to be the face of a new hair extensions line for a company based in India.

Regardless of her future on “RHOA,” Jordan says her best days are ahead and she is excited about the possibilities.
“For years I’ve been waiting on someone to give me a job, because of everything I’ve been blessed to do over the last few years I now have the opportunity to create jobs for myself and others. I’m thankful for that,” she affirms.

While she may never be the one-dimensional glamour girl the industry embraces, Jordan says she has reached a place in life where she is at peace with who she is and what she brings to the table. “I know who I am and what I enjoy and that’s enough for me. Do the critics or social media thugs get to me sometimes? Absolutely. I’m human, but at the end of the day I live my life in a way that I believe would make God and my family proud. I’m honest,” she says. Get more at Rolling out.

Philly Boxer Claims Gays Drugged Him and Made a Sex Tape
Famed Philly Boxer Yusaf  Mack claims gay porn stars drugged him and made a sex tape….

WEST PHILLY'S Yusaf Mack is known for his boxing.
But it's his sexual prowess that has people buzzing.
He appears in a new porn video that's caused a bit of a local scandal. And it's not just any porn video but a particularly graphic one that shows him engaging in a threesome with two other men. Mack, a father of 10 who is engaged to marry a woman, adamantly maintains that he's strictly heterosexual and that the whole thing is all a big mistake.
"My whole life, I've been what they call a whoremonger. I love females," Mack, 35, told me last week. "The only time I touch a man is when I'm in the ring fighting."
He says there's a logical explanation for what happened: Mack is convinced that he was drugged.
Mack claims he agreed to have sex with women on film because he was short on cash but has no memory of what happened after he arrived on set and took a pill and a shot of vodka

Beyonce has a Feud With J.Hud? According to Author or new book on her!
Poison Pen author J. Randy Taraborrelli stopped by The Wendy Williams Show and dished about his unauthorized biography, Becoming Beyonce. From Jay Z’s relationship with Rihanna to Beyonce’s reported feud with Jennifer Hudson, J. Randy reveals all the juicy details. J.Randy stated:

When I started this book you talked about it on your show, and you talked about exactly what you wanted to see in the book. I made a checklist, a Wendy Williams checklist.
He also clarified that he and his book label “do not pay people to talk.”

Talking about the long standing rumor that Jay Z and Rihanna were having an affair, J. Randy said,

It was a story planted in the press that was not true. It was a story he planted in order to further Rihanna’s career. They did not do the nasty. The publicist (for Rihanna) has apologized publicly to Beyonce for having planted that rumor. He just made the apology over the weekend.
When it came to talking about the infamous elevator argument, he clarified that it was a married couple’s argument about a party and Solange was being a protective younger sister.
She has always been that way. When Beyonce’s first boyfriend, Lyndell Locke broke up with her, they were together for almost ten years. When Lyndell cheated on Beyonce, Solange, back then, wanted to take care of Lyndell. Beyonce told her, please lay off Lyndell and she did.

The drama surrounding Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson while filming, Dream Girls was not completely false.
When that movie was made, we all thought Beyonce was going to be the star. She and her team expected she would be the star.

Wendy asked, Beyonce was jealous of Jennifer because she garnered the accolades from the Dream Girls movie?
He replied, I would say it’s overstating to say that she was jealous of her. She was more surprised.
He added, When people do movies together, that doesn’t make them friends, that just makes them co-stars in a movie.
Lastly, they talked about her father Matthew Knowles and his cheating scandal.
I think it’s safe to say she’s not thrilled about it. Beyonce learned a lot from her parent’s marriage. She saw a lot of discord in that marriage for many years. She made a decision a long time ago that she is not going to put up with that in her own relationships. Anybody who thinks that Beyonce is sitting at home while Jay Z’s out cheating on her, I can tell you, she is not that girl. She is definitely the kind of woman who knows that there’s a line you do not cross with her and that line is being unfaithful. She won’t put up with that in her own marriage.

Halle Berry Reportedly FILES FOR DIVORCE From Olivier Martinez!
Remember the rumors about Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez headed down Splitsville Lane and living separate lives?  Those rumors started around March 2014 and only grew with time.  After Halle swore, just this past August, that she hasn't been wearing her wedding ring because she "lost it in Mexico"...sadly it seems there was way more to that story.

According to reports, the former "Extant" star has filed for divorce after only two years of marriage.  TMZ states:
We're told Halle cited irreconcilable differences.   As for money, we're told it's not an issues because the couple had a prenup.
A source close to the couple tells us, "They have a personality difference."  And the incident at LAX, where Olivier got charged with assault for hitting a guy with a baby seat, exacerbated their conflicts.
Our sources say Halle is not asking for joint or primary custody, but rather what is in "the best interests of the child."

Halle and Olivier have 2-year-old son Maceo, while Halle has 7-year-old daughter Nahla from her previous relationship with Gabriel Aubrey.  Halle allegedly wants a quick and easy divorce.  We'll see how that goes.

BLESS THE MAN OF GOD! Apostle Richard D. Henton, Famed Chicago religious leader, DIES at 81!
The city of Chicago has lost a true religious leader with the death of Apostle Richard D. Henton last week. Henton died at home surrounded by family and leaving a lasting legacy for the city of Chicago and his church, The Monument of Faith Church. Henton died on Oct. 22, 2015, at the age of 81.

Apostle Henton was called to preach at the age of 14 in 1948 and became an ordained minister at 16.  In 1964, he founded Monument of Faith Church in Chicago where he was born and raised. He preached the Gospel of Christ for 66 years and his church grew to approximately 5,000 members. He was well loved by many, including Bishop T.D. Jakes, Evangelist Juanita Bynum and others in the ministry. Henton had a television ministry that was carried at one time by 633 TV stations.
When he was asked about his inspiration, Henton was quoted as saying, “When God called me to preach it was something I wanted to do. If the Lord called  you to preach, preach but if he didn’t, then go sit down. If he called you to sing, then sing, but if he didn’t, then go sit down. If he called you to teach, go teach, but if he didn’t, then go sit down. We have too many people doing what they weren’t called to do. I was called to do what was in my spirit to do and I thank God that I listened and that I’ve been fortunate to do his work.”

Memorial and funeral services are as follows:
On Friday, Oct. 30, 2015,  from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. there will be a viewing of Apostle Henton at Monument of Faith Church located at 2750 W. Columbus Ave., Chicago, Illinois. This will be followed a local funeral service.
On Saturday, October 31, 2015, a state funeral will be held at 10 a.m. at The House of Hope, located at 752 E. 114th St., Chicago, Illinois.

Marc Jacobs allegedly Hosted an Orgy Party?
Marc Jacobs is not too pleased about recent reports claiming that he hosted a 10 person orgy. According to a Page Six sources, the well known designer hosted an orgy over the weekend with up to 10 people, whom he invited via Grindr.
The source claims only men were invited and those who were invited, were sent a photo of him shirtless, seemingly posing in a walk-in closet, showing his washboard abs . They also allegedly received photos with no pants from the side and back. Page Six reports:

Everyone was in their 20s,” said the source, who claimed the party raged at Jacobs’ home and lasted from the weekend into Sunday morning.
But “people weren’t as good-looking as I expected,” the source sighed. “I expected Lorenzo Martone beautiful. They were average, chill people who didn’t have any attitude, which was really nice.” That is nice at an orgy! Martone is Jacobs’ Brazilian former fiancé, whom the designer began dating in 2008. They split in 2010.

NEW MUSIC: Kelly Rowland ‘DUMB’
Kelly Rowland dropped a new club banger on her SoundCloud called “Dumb” and it isn’t so dumb. In fact, it’s brilliant and smart on every level. “And if he really want some/I make him treat it like a classic/Man, I swear that boy an addict/Make him go dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb,” she sings.

It’s unclear what new music is to follow, but based on this hit track, we can only expect more than greatness.

Aside from working on new music, Rowland has been busy working on the small screen. Kelly has been making guest appearances on Fox’s Empire and will be a judge on BET’s new reality show Chasing Destiny.

Florida High School Student Dons Nicki Minaj Blackface Costume
Some residents of the south simply don’t get it. No less than 24 hours after a Alabama 5th grade teacher apologized for transforming into the blackface Kanye West, does a high school student named Emma Johns out of Hilliard, Florida present her Nicki Minaj blackface Halloween costume to the world.
The student proudly proclaimed she was alongside her king on the homecoming court as she was seen in sporting a leopard-printed leotard, bleach blonde wig and sloppily applied brown paint all over her body. Her male companion complimented her racist outfit by dressing up as Drake, but at least he had the common sense to pump his brakes at wearing a OVO t-shirt and painting Drizzy’s infamous beard shadow on his face.

Barely an hour into the post being live did the girl’s mentions catch a blaze, just as The Kid Mero predicted would come to pass. After making her Twitter account private was enough to douse the flames, she deleted her account entirely.
If you or anyone you know doesn’t see an issue with a Nicki Minaj blackface costume or anything of related offense, PLEASE educate yourself for the greater good of society.

Adele Is Headed To Saturday Night Live!
The World Domination continues! Things just keep getting more exciting for Adele's fans, as the English singer/songwriter was just announced as the musical guest for “Saturday Night Live” next month.

The “Hello” hitmaker’s appearance will be her first since 2008, when she sang “Chasing Pavements” and found her 19 album at #1 on iTunes the following day.

Don Lemon blasted for defending White cop who assaulted Black girl at Spring Valley High
CNN’s Don Lemon has created another firestorm with his antics on “CNN Tonight.” During a heated discussion regarding the attack of a Black female student by the hands of a White sheriff at Spring Valley High in Columbia, South Carolina, Lemon decided to defend the sheriff.
After playing a clip of the video where Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Fields grabs the student and drags her across the room, Lemon revealed that he needed more evidence before passing judgement. Former federal prosecutor Sunny Hostin yelled at Lemon and told him that the evidence is captured on video.
The student never resisted arrest and was thrown across the room in a display of excessive force. Furthermore, Fields has a history of abusing unarmed Black people.

In 2005, Fields beat a Black army veteran for playing his music too loud. He also encouraged his partner to assault his wife.
Lemon clarified his statement by saying, “Sunny, before we run out of time. What we’re seeing as everybody has said, it looks disturbing. But you want to know more because if this officer is indeed, if he does anything wrong, you don’t want him to get away with anything because you did not get all the information. You want to see everything in context.”
Lemon continued to receive an equal amount of harsh comments from Twitter users who were appalled by his stance.

Redskins WR Desean Jackson Welcomes a Son
Washington Redskins star wide receiver Desean Jackson welcomed a baby boy with Instagram model Kayla Phillips.

The Redskins tweeted a photo of Jackson at the hospital holding his son today. The Redskins tweeted “Congrats to @DeSeanJackson11 on the birth of his son!” in the photo caption
Phillips also posted a photo of the newborn on her Instagram page, which has over 700,000 followers.
The baby is the first for the 28-year-old superstar. Phillips is now mom to 2 children out of wedlock.
Jackson’s mom, Gayle, wasn’t thrilled that her son was “trapped” by an Instagram model.
When she heard he was expecting a baby, Gayle advised her son to get a DNA test. “Are you doing DNA, she’s not setting you up DeSean?” Gayle asked Jackson.

“The reality of the situation, okay DeSean, there goes your money out the door… a lot of women make that their mission,” she said.
And the father of Phillips’s first son once said Phillips was a “Gold-digger” looking for her meal ticket.
In related news, Jackson put his 3,800 sq. ft. Tarzana house on the market for $1.799 million. The house was the scene of a home invasion last week. Jackson wasn’t at home when men burst into the house and were immediately subdued by Jackson’s frequent house guests.

The home was the setting for Jackson’s BET reality TV show, DeSean Jackson: Home Team.

OUR BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL! The Celebs come out The Paley Center's Tribute To African-Americans In Television
The #BlackGirlMagic was in full effect at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. The Paley Center for Media hosted its second annual Hollywood Tribute to African-American Achievements in Television (presented by JPMorgan Chase & Co.) and it brought out some of the biggest names in Hollywood. The event was put together to highlight the deserving accomplishments and to illustrate the enormous impact of African-Americans across every genre of television, from news/talk and music to sports, drama, and comedy.
The evening also included a salute to Black Entertainment Television’s (BET) 35th anniversary and also commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act and television’s role as a pivotal platform for addressing important issues, breaking down barriers, and creating social change.

R&B singer and actress Brandy put on a classic display in a blue and white floral top paired with a crisp white mini skirt and blue pumps. Her bob with a bang topped off her Chinese-inspired look.
Tyra Banks posed it up on the carpet in long sleeve black and white jumpsuit while smizing for the cameras.
Model, actress and former "ANTM" contestant YaYa DaCosta sashayed through in a bold color. She's currently starring in the drama series "Chicago Fire."
EMMY winner Regina King showed up and showed out schooling chicks on what 44-and-fabulous looks like. She’s currently working on the anthology series’ “American Crime” along with rapper Andre 3000.
The  “Survivor’s Remorse” cast was in attendance including Tichina Arnold, Jessie Usher, Erica Ash, Teyonah Parrish and RonReaco Lee. The STARZ comedy series just wrapped up Season 2 and we can expect the premiere of Season 3 in 2016.
“Power” producer and star 50 Cent snapped it up on the carpet with “Power” creator Courtney Kemp Agboh and STARZ CEO Chris Albrecht.  Fif definitely knows how to clean up well.
"Empire" star Terrence Howard & rapper Master P (who believes Lucious Lyon is loosely based on his life) posed it up on the carpet.
Terrence's wife Miranda Howard left little Qirin Love at home to attend the event.
Fab directress Ava DuVernay was in the mix styling, per usual. Loving this whole look!
"Scream Queens" star Niecy Nash certainly turned heads in this royal blue strapless dress paired with bejewled pumps. Werk!
Actor Sean Patrick Thomas, who's currently filming Barbershop 3, and his wife Aonika Laurent were all smiles on the carpet.
"Castle" star Tamala Jones was smoking HOT in this black lace paneled dress.
Actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who recently released a new track titled "I'm Ready," was in the mix.  We wonder how he feels about his ex Regina King's fabulous success as of late.
EMMY winner and “Scandal” star Joe Morton flashed a smile on the carpet. See? Papa Pope does smile.
Retired NBA baller and actor Rick Fox got dapper in a gunmetal suit.
Legendary actress and singer Diahann Carroll was elegant in a black leather trimmed gown.
"House of Lies" star Don Cheadle and film creator Tyler Perry took the podium to present.
Iconic producer Quincy Jones was honored by Terrence and "black•ish" star Anthony Anderson on stage.
Tyra and Ava took the podium together to present.
Niecy and "Key & Peele" star Keegan-Michael Key were all smiles.
And Diahann snapped a few flicks with Oscar winner Louis Gossett Jr. Fab times!
MY Black is SO fabulous!

You ever toss on somebody’s smaller clothes just as a goof? Most of us instantly know that’s not happening. Apparently some of us don’t pick up on that sign of discomfort and head out to Walmart for some shopping.


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