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MAG FAB! Naomi Campbell in "LUI"
Naomi Campbell has done a LUI spread, a French entertainment magazine, which caused quite a controversy online.
The erotic pics were shot by Luigi & Iango who've shot NaNa numerous times over her career.
As we told you earlier, Naomi is working on a two-volume retrospective of her career which will be out soon.
Work Naomi!

#TEAMEMPIRE: In Empire News: Kelly Rowland’s Role on ‘Empire’
There’s seems to be some confusion on Kelly Rowland’s role in Empire Wednesday night. It was told earlier this year that her role would be a ‘flash back’ as Lucious Lyon’s Mother.
Here’s what we weren’t told. She is mentally unstable just like his son Andre. This is why Andre despises Lucious. So that’s why she was acting a little ‘off’. Also in EMPIRE news, Fox's hit drama Empire slips in the ratings for the first time ever…

According to reports a respectable 13.7 million viewers tuned in for the second episode of Empire season 2, a 19% drop from last weeks season premier. DVR totals not included.

ALSO……. Who Is Empire’s Saucy Latina Becky G?
Say what you will about FOX’s Empire but the show’s high ratings has helped usher in the career for many potential stars.
If you checked out Wednesday’s night’s episode, you likely took notice to the cocksure young Latina woman who refused to be wedged in between a group at Hakeem Lyon’s behest. The character Valentina knew exactly knew the route to her would-be label boss’ heart (through the canals of his zipper, of course) and automatically became a series wild card after just a short time on the screen.
Empire may have introduced Becky G (short for Gomez) to a broader audience but the 18-year-old (cue your Kanye West “old enough” jokes) singer hailing from Inglewood, California has been grinding on the Internet with covers and originally penned songs since she started high school.

#R.H.o.A: Cynthia’s Hubby Peter Thomas is very Upset with R.H.o.A Producers!
Set secrets are spilling out from The Real Housewives of Atlanta and insiders say Peter Thomas is NOT happy about his and Cynthia's storyline this season…
Set sources tell Straight from the A Cynthia and Peter's real life crumbling marriage is the focus of their story line this season and Peter is not amused.

The insider also confirms Peter's alleged cheating was the cause for Cynthia and Porsha's fight last month.

Cynthia and Peter have both been spotted in recent weeks not wearing their wedding rings.

WTW? Was Young Thug Busted Watching Gay Porn?
Young Thug has raised plenty of eyebrows over the year with behavior some have labeled “suspect”. First there was the clip of him calling his mentor Birdman by the endearing nickname,”lover.” Then there was his recent admission that he shops for women’s clothes because they fit him better. And of course lyrics like these:
“I pull up in Bentleys with London, they all want to meet him / Yeah, they all wanna greet him / They pull down they pants and they all wanna eat him, uh.”

Now, there’s a new “scandal” involving the rapper after someone posted a video of what they claim is his entourage watching gay porn. Several bloggers have accused Thug of watching the freaky flick too, but that accusation is inaccurate since Thugger does not appear in the video.

See the vid in question for yourself

Tamar Braxton speaks on: Many things and hints Her Son Being A Pre-School Drop Out?
Tamar Braxton stopped by The Wendy Williams Show and dished on DWTS, her new album and being a mother. Tamar opened up about her husband Vince and two-year old son Logan.

They are twins, they totally used me as a vessel. Now they’re two peas in a pod.
She added that Logan is also a pre-school dropout, When we travel, I like to take him with me. He missed so many days of school I said, ‘Child, come home with me.’ So he comes with me on set and we have somebody at the house to teach him.

Also Would Tamar have another baby? At first I was like, ‘Girl, no,’ but because I I grew up with a big family, I feel like he needs a playmate or something. When I asked him (Logan), true story, ‘Don’t you want a brother or sister?’ He’s like, “No, no, no, no!’ I feel like he knows what he’s talking about. He really likes it when it’s just the three of us. I don’t feel like being pregnant, at all, you know what I mean?”
Tamar also opened up about her new album, Calling All Lovers, and how it was inspired by her past relationships. I got a past, he (Vince) has one too. I feel like I’ve started to grow up in the past few years finally, so I feel like it’s about accepting and knowing your past. I’m in love and really happy but there’s a story behind Tamar. I didn’t just wake up one day and meet the love of my life. It didn’t happen like that, I kissed frogs and all the monsters and stuff. It was important to me to talk about it and honestly, I didn’t know that I had a lot to let go. It was The Young and the Restless, it really was, it really was.

NEW MUSIC : Tinashe feat. Chris Brown – “Player”
Tinashe is currently prepping her sophomore release , Joyride. Last month, she released “Party Favors” with Young Thug. Now she teams up with Chris Brown.
“I’ve always kinda wanted to do a song with [Chris],” Tinashe told Travis Mills on Beats 1. “Obviously, he’s one of the best entertainers of our generation… It’s just exciting to be able to work with him.”

“Joyride” will be released later this year.

President Barack Obama Attributes $300 Million To Help Fight HIV Among African Women
President Obama and his administration have a new mission.
They’ve recently attributed $300 million to relaunch a program to help reduce the new cases of HIV infections among young African women.

According to VIBE, the U.S. administration plans to focus on young ladies between ages 15-24 with the hopes to reach 25 percent by 2016 and eventually a 40 percent by the end 2017.
The administration notes that more than 1,000 girls a day are infected by the virus, which are located in the following countries Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Susan Rice, who serves as the National Security Adviser also says, “No greater action is needed right now than empowering adolescent girls and young women to defeat HIV/AIDS.”
The program which was originally started by President George W. Bush is now being continued by President Barack Obama and he is set to save millions of lives in Africa.

OOPS! Glory Johnson Evicted from Brittney Griner’s Home
An Arizona judge has ordered WNBA player Glory Johnson to court to explain why she refuses to vacate the home she once shared with ex-“wife” WNBA star Brittney Griner.
The former couple’s legal problems became fodder for the blogs after they were arrested for using each other as punching bags earlier this year.

From JET magazine:
According to court documents attained by the outlet, a judge awarded Griner temporary exclusive use of the home while the couple works to finalize their divorce.
The documents state that Johnson, who is pregnant with twins, must vacate the premises immediately. Johnson also has to schedule a date with Griner to pick up her personal belongings with a police officer.
The couple split just 28 days after their wedding in May, following a domestic violence incident at the home where they were both arrested.

Johnson is schedule to deliver twins, who she says are the result of a planned pregnancy with Griner, in January.

BIZARRE! Oregon College Shooter Asked Students to State Their Religion Before Shooting
The Oregon Community College gunman ordered students to stand up and state their religion before shooting, a witness told the local News-Review newspaper.
The 20-year-old gunman shot and killed 10 students and injured 20 others at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.
The gunman who is now deceased exchanged gunfire with police before he was “neutralized.”
There is an unconfirmed report that the shooter posted his intentions on 4Chan message board on Wednesday.
“Some of you guys are alright. Don’t go to school tomorrow if you are in the northwest,” the anonymous poster wrote.
The shooting was confined to a single classroom in Snyder Hall. Fox News reports the gunman targeted the students in the classroom.
It has not been confirmed that the student was a student at the college.
National news media outlets swarmed the social media pages of Umpqua Community College students.
The 4Chan discussion is posted below.
Again, this 4Chan discussion is unconfirmed.

American Horror Story: Watch the creepy opening credits for Hotel
We’re only a week away from the highly anticipated premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel, the latest installment in the FX franchise created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. And with time ticking down, Murphy has released the opening credits for the show via his Twitter account.

This season is about a hotel filled with bloodsuckers, led by Lady Gaga’s The Countess, and, possibly, a serial killer who offs victims based on The Ten Commandments. Murphy has always said that the credits usually are filled with clues to what will happen this season and based on what past cycles, that seems to be the case for these Hotel images.

Once you go Walmart, you’re gonna need a wheelchair…


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