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The Weeknd Spills Tea In 'Rolling Stone'
You may not know very much about Canadian singer The Weeknd’s (real name Abel Tesfaye) personal life, but you definitely know his music.

The R&B crooner is making waves on the music scene having sold over a half a million copies of his recently released album Beauty Behind The Madness and his single “The Hills” sitting at the No. 1 spot on the music charts for its fourth week in a row. Not to mention his hit “Earned It” which was featured as the lead single on the motion picture Fifty Shades of Grey, which became his first Top Five single.

The 25-year-old singer is featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine's newest issue where he gives us an inside look at what life is like these days dating 18-year-old model Bella Hadid (who also plans to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics in three equestrian events) and he's also giving a peek into his past.
The normally guarded singer opens up about a very important milestone in his life: losing his virginity at 16-years-old.  He called it one of the worst experiences of his life. To make things even more awkward, it was with a much older and very drunk woman he didn't even know.

The somber singer also talked about how fellow Canadian Drake wasn’t even feeling his music when he first heard it, but eventually got hooked to his tunes after his manager kept vouching for him. As far as his love life, he reveals how he met his 18-year-old girlfriend, whom he has been dating since April 2015, and what attracts him to her.
The Toronto native also spilled about not wanting to go a day without getting high, he chats about his first time meeting pop sensation Taylor Swift and how she couldn't stop petting his hair. Ha! He blames it on her possibly being under the influence. Interesting. He also opens up about his fear of sounding uneducated.

Here are 7 interesting things we learned:

On losing his virginity
Tesfaye lost his virginity when he was 16. A friend in college took him to a toga party, and he told a girl he was a student at nearby York University. "I could have been a student at fuckin' McDonald's, she was so drunk," he says. "I was drunk too. It was the worst experience of my life. Losing your virginity to an older woman sounds good, but it was kinda like, 'Oh shit, it's done?'" In general, he says, he "wasn't a ladies' man — it was nothing like it is now." He quotes the rapper Mike Jones: "The line 'Back then, ho's didn't want me/Now I'm hot, ho's all on me' is definitely relevant."

On Drake not feeling his music at first:
He and his crew posted three songs on YouTube and started spamming their friends on Facebook, then watched the play counts slowly climb. "I don't know how many it actually was, but it felt like a million," Tesfaye says. "Five hundred plays? Holy shit!" Toronto being a small town in some ways, the songs were heard by Drake'smanager, Oliver El-Khatib, who posted them to the OVO blog, where they promptly blew up. "Apparently, Drake wasn't even fucking with it at first," Tesfaye says today. "Oliver was the one vouching for me."

On regretting giving Drake so much material in the beginning of his career:

Drake gave Tesfaye a big boost when he featured the Weeknd on his double-platinum 2011 album, Take Care. But for Tesfaye, being under the wing of his fellow Torontonian was a mixed blessing: A handful of songs he'd written for House of Balloons ended up on Take Care. As Tesfaye said in a 2013 interview, "I was hungry....I was like, 'Dude, take anything.'" Today, he says he has nothing but gratitude for Drake, whom he calls "my closest friend in the industry at that time." Still, he says, "I gave up almost half of my album. It's hard. I will always be thankful — if it wasn't for the light he shined on me, who knows where I'd be. And everything happens for a reason." That said: "You never know what I would say if this success wasn't in front of me now."

On his drug addiction from 2008-2010 and being homeless:
For a while he was homeless and couch-surfing; he didn't talk to his mom for a year. "Like, '08 to 2010 — those are my hazy years," Tesfaye says. "I have this lyric that goes, 'I'm not scared of the fall/I've felt the ground before.' And in this industry, I'm not really scared of failing, because I already know what it means to be on the ground."

On meeting Taylor Swift for the first time and how she uncontrollably kept petting his hair:
Tesfaye's hair also prompted one of his most WTF celebrity encounters. He was at a party for Sam Smith after this year's Grammys, at an $80 million mansion in Bel-Air. Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran were there; Disclosure were DJ'ing. "Everyone was hammered," Tesfaye says. "Sam had just won, like, every Grammy, so he was having the time of his life. Max Martin actually left because everyone was so drunk. Unfortunately, that was the one month I decided to stop drinking. Everybody was having a great time, all these cool things were happening, and I was shaking, like — 'Fuck, I really want a drink.'"

That's when he met Taylor Swift. "She actually schooled me on my own shit," Tesfaye says. "She was like, 'I've been listening to 'The Morning' [from House of Balloons] for years — it's one of my favorite songs ever!' I mean, she might have just Googled it. But she seemed genuine."

Tesfaye says Swift went on for about 15 minutes. "But the whole time she was talking," he says, "she was kind of, like, petting my hair? I think she was just drawn to it — she must have been a little gone off a few drinks. And of course I'm not going to be like, 'Hey, can you stop?' I mean, it felt good! But when she started petting my hair, that's when I was like, 'I definitely need a drink.'"

On how he met his 18-year-old girlfriend Bella Hadid:
"I actually asked her to be on the artwork for Beauty Behind the Madness," Tesfaye says. "My motive was literally to work with her." But when she declined, "I was like, 'All right, cool — we can meet up face-to-face.'" Tesfaye says he loves how hardworking she is, and how close she is with her family. "It just kind of fell into my lap," he says. "If this had happened two years ago — well," he catches himself, "she couldn't." (Two years ago, Hadid would have been 16.) "But if I'd met someone two years ago, I probably would've fucked it up. But I'm more — how do I say it? — clear-thinking now."

On why he didn’t do interviews in the beginning of his career:
In part, it was because he worried he wasn't well-spoken enough: A high school dropout, he used to do crossword puzzles to improve his vocabulary, and to this day, he often wishes he were more articulate. "Me not finishing school — in my head, I still have this insecurity when I'm talking to someone educated," he says. "I don't want them looking at me like this fucking retard — no disrespect." For months, no one even knew if the Weeknd was a person or a group. That's when Tesfaye realized he "could run with the whole enigmatic thing," he says now. "If it backfired, I probably would have been doing interviews. But people were kind of liking me being a fucking weirdo."

You can read his full interview here.

On Wednesday night, the Mets reached their fifth World Series, completing a four-game sweep of the National League Championship Series with an 8-3 victory over the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. The Mets, who never trailed in the series, will visit the Kansas City Royals or the Toronto Blue Jays for Game 1 on Tuesday.

They will hope that their sudden star, Daniel Murphy, brings his gilded bat. Murphy, the most valuable player of the series, homered for the sixth game in a row, a slugging streak that set a major league postseason record. He had four hits in Game 4 and torched the Cubs for four home runs and a .529 average.
Their victory was tinged with a bit of worry. Yoenis Cespedes, the star outfielder acquired in a late July trade, left in the second inning with a sore left shoulder. Now, at least, Cespedes and the Mets will have five days to rest before facing the Royals or the Blue Jays, who play Game 6 of the American League series on Friday with Kansas City leading, three games to two.
“Let’s get this over now,” Mets Manager Terry Collins had said before the game. “Let’s go out there and play our game and let’s go home.”
So that is what they did, punishing the Cubs in the Mets’ new style — a complete, quick-strike offense that would have seemed so unlike them just three months ago. Then, the Mets’ threadbare lineup gasped for runs, threatening to waste all their dominant pitching. Healthy and fortified now, the hitters can practically do no wrong.
The Mets are at their best in the first inning, often because that is when Murphy bats. They scored in the first inning of every game of this N.L.C.S. — nine runs in all, an advantage that helped them make history.
An ultimate sweep — in which the losing team never leads, even for a moment — is rare for a best-of-seven series. It has happened only five other times in major league history, and never before in a best-of-seven N.L.C.S.
The Cubs’ hopes of holding a lead, let alone winning a game, died early. Curtis Granderson wore down starter Jason Hammel, slapping his seventh pitch to left for a single. With two outs, he stole second, continuing to exploit an edge the Mets uncovered in their advance scouting.

Cespedes walked and Duda came to bat, lugging a .125 postseason average with no extra-base hits. He took a close pitch on 2-2 that showed, if nothing else, that Duda could control his plate discipline, a tenet of the Mets’ hitting philosophy. His reward came on Hammel’s next pitch: a fastball down the middle that Duda obliterated.
The ball took flight, whistling as it rose over the infield and crashing into the center-field seats, a few rows up, just to the left of the hitter’s backdrop. Soon it was rolling back along the outfield grass — discarded, per Wrigley tradition. If only the fans could have evicted the Mets’ players as easily.
The next hitter, Travis d’Arnaud, sent another screamer into the right-field seats: 4-0, Mets, after just six batters. Hammel was gone after 11, in the second, when Duda drove in two more by doubling off another 3-2, two-out fastball, this time from Travis Wood.

To lose the pennant now, the Mets would have to squander a six-run lead. The Cubs did not come close. Steven Matz, the rookie left-hander, held them hitless for three innings, and when the Cubs loaded the bases with no outs in the fourth, they scored just once.
The Mets' Travis d’Arnaud followed a three-run homer by Lucas Duda with a home run of his own in the first inning. Credit David J. Phillip/Associated Press
The Mets got lucky then; third baseman David Wright leapt to snare a screaming liner by Starlin Castro for the first out, and shortstop Wilmer Flores dodged bullpen traffic to catch the inning-ending pop foul.

It was like this all series. The Mets made the sharp plays and clutch pitches, while the Cubs’ outfielders — for the two games here, anyway — flopped around the Wrigley grass, and a parade of pitchers trotted onto and off the mound.
Matz lasted into the fifth, when Bartolo Colon replaced him after consecutive two-out singles. Colon, 42, faced Kris Bryant, 23, and preyed on the young slugger’s aggressiveness. With a full count, he struck him out swinging on a low two-seam fastball, well off the plate.
That preserved a 6-1 lead, bringing the Cubs and their famous alumni and fans ever closer to winter. Rick Sutcliffe, a star of their 1984 playoff team, tossed the ceremonial first pitch. The Hall of Famers Andre Dawson and Billy Williams watched from the stands and suites. For Chicago, though, the party was soon over: 70 seasons without an N.L. pennant, 107 without a World Series crown. The Mets’ bruising treatment of their pitchers may have surprised some casual Cubs fans. After July 25, the Mets led the N.L. in runs, homers and slugging percentage, but all of it came after they last played the Cubs, who swept the regular-season series.
In theory, the Cubs could have matched the Mets’ power. They clobbered 12 homers in their five playoff games before this series, eliminating Pittsburgh and St. Louis, who combined for 198 wins this season.
But the Cubs’ hitters also led the majors in strikeouts, and the Mets kept them off balance with a game plan executed to precision: plenty of off-speed pitches mixed in with their usual heat. The Cubs’ offense led the majors in pitches per plate appearance yet could not wear down the Mets, who managed their starters’ innings during the season and unleashed fresh arms in the playoffs.
“I’m looking at guys here in the month of October — which none of these guys had ever performed in — still throwing the ball 98 miles an hour,” Collins said. “And that tells me we did all the right things leading up to this.”

The Mets, doing all the right things? It is a new world, indeed, and the Mets are on top of it — at least, the National League side of it. They will soon have their chance to stand alone.

IT WAS A TIDAL WAVE IN BROOKLYN: Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Meek Mill, & More Rock Barclays
The Tidal X: 10/20 concert brought out all the TIDAL musicians for a star studded night in Brooklyn.  Check out how Jay Z, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross & Meek Mill, Usher and more celebrated the 1 million subscriber benchmark....Mrs. Carter.  Beyonce Knowles made her way to the black carpet of the TIDAL concert last night at Barclays showing her curves in a Philipp Plein Fall 2015 burgundy gown with cut-outs on the shoulders and an extra deep neckline.
While cutouts and high slits and deep V's seem to be all the rage this season and may be a bit...typical...now, Beyonce knows how to light up in front of the cameras.

Even with that matching fur.
This fur cape could have stayed backstage though...Looking like Count Chocula!
Nas performed "Chains" with Usher and Bibi Bourelly.
Hov linked up with his homies Rick Ross and Fabolous.
Y'all already know it's not a concert till Rozay gets shirtless.
But before he got shirtless, Ricky hit the stage with his MMG homie Meek Mill.  They surely look cozy.
French Montana and DJ Khaled also joined the crew on stage:
Khaled brought his wife Nicole along. Yep, they've been together for years.  And he once credited her on one of his albums back in 2010 as his "spiritual adviser."
Alrighty then.
Tristan Wilds was there to support.
Rappers T.I. and Memphis Bleek hit the carpet.
Fab times all around.

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late! Lark Voorhies Divorces Husband After 6 Month Marriage.
It’s officially a OVAH for Lark Voorhies. The Saved By the Bell actress is ending her marriage to her husband, Jimmy Green, after only being married less than a year, according to TMZ. In fact, the 41-year-old actress and Green were only married 6 months.

According to TMZ, she wants to deny Green spousal support. Green, a music engineer, reportedly told the site that the marriage was an unhappy one from the start.
This summer, the couple made headlines after it was reported that a restraining order had been taken out by Lark’s mother, Patrica Voorhies.

As previously reported, Patricia filed a restraining order against Green, saying that she was living in constant fear of him that he might “cause her physical harm.” Patricia had also expressed concerns that he might be taking advantage of her daughter. The restraining order explained that Lark lived with her mother and that Green had been staying with them since their wedding in April. After this report, Green did an interview with Entertainment Tonight, stating:

We’re the same as any other couple out there that’s in love and trying to accomplish business together. It’s not a scam or a way to get money.

Why Adele Is Apologizing To Fans
British songstress Adele has finally confirmed rumors that a new album is on the way. Taking to Twitter, the Grammy Award-winner posted a lengthy letter explaining the motivation behind 25, her third studio album. Adele, now a mother and girlfriend of four years to Simon Konecki, also apologized to fans for taking so long to release the project.
Adele’s last album, 21, sold over 30 million copies worldwide. The singer is on of the few artists out there who will have the world’s collective attention the moment her album drops.

Rock It or Toss It! Monica In Tracy Reese Resort 2016 Collection
Monica announced this week that she is gearing up for her Code Red Experience tour (with Rico Love as special guest), in support of her upcoming Code Red album. She showed up to the 10th Annual Taste of Soul on Saturday, gorge in a tan crop top and matching bottoms from the Tracy Reese Resort 2016 Collection. The “Just Right For Me” singer paired the outfit with BCBG Max Azria sandals. 
Get another look inside.

Would you rock ’em?

Chris Rock Will Host The 2016 Oscars
It’s official, Chris Rock will return as host of the Oscars next year. This means the show won’t be as boring as it’s been recently.
Reports Variety:
Chris Rock has been confirmed as host of the 88th Academy Awards, producers David Hill and Reginald Hudlin announced on Wednesday.
Variety reported on Tuesday that the comedian was in serious talks to return to the awards show. He previously hosted the Oscars in 2005.

“Chris Rock is truly the MVP of the entertainment industry,” said Hill and Hudlin. “Comedian, actor, writer, producer, director, documentarian — he’s done it all. He’s going to be a phenomenal Oscar host!”
The veteran comedian takes over as MC after Neil Patrick Harris hosted last year’s telecast, which drew the show’s lowest ratings in six years — down 16% from the previous year’s show.
Rock also said he was thrilled about his upcoming sophomore stint as host. “I’m so glad to be hosting the Oscars,” Rock said. “It’s great to be back.”
The Oscars air from Hollywood’s Dolby Theater Feb. 28.

Always About Khloe!...UGH Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Call Off Divorce
Khloé Kardashian (31) and Lamar Odom (35) are giving their marriage another chance, according to E! Reportedly, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and the former NBA player have decided to call of their divorce, hoping they may be able to work on their marriage. The couple signed divorce papers in July, but, due to a file backlog, the judge had yet to sign off, so the pair is still legally married.

According to E!: Khloe’s attorney Laura Wasser went into court this morning and asked the judge to withdraw the divorce petition that was currently being processed and awaiting a judge’s signature. The judge granted the petition and the divorce case is now over.

PURE Atlanta hosts COOGI tribute to Biggie!
PURE Atlanta, one of Atlanta’s preferred men’s boutiques, will host COOGI’S Atlanta launch of Ready 2 Die on Thursday, Oct. 22 in their flagship store located in Lenox Square Mall. The event is a joint collaboration between COOGI, One Grand Gallery and PURE Atlanta. In addition to COOGI’S new fall line, One Grand Gallery will showcase exclusive pieces honoring the late Notorious BIG. There will be an artistic musical interpretation produced by PURE Atlanta, along with a special presentation by actor Jamal Woolard. Many will remember Woolard for his larger-than-life portrayal of Biggie in the 2009 biopic Notorious.  PURE Atlanta will donate a portion of proceeds from the event to the Atlanta Youth Alliance.

Ready 2 Die is based on four key principles surrounding COOGI’S contribution to Biggie’s legacy;  Reflect, Honor, Inspire and Evolve. COOGI seeks to create an experience that will allow the industry to pay homage to the essence of the 1990s, especially as it relates to its visual aesthetics.
COOGI also hopes to inspire the ever-growing art culture movement, while providing an artistic experience that will evolve from the wholesale and retail experience.

“It’s an honor for PURE to bring this to Atlanta,” says PURE owner Liz Korn, “we are longtime supporters of the authentic hip-hop community; past and present.”
PURE Atlanta is a high-end men’s contemporary boutique in Atlanta’s Lenox Square with a curated assortment of exclusive lines such as Balmain, Versace, MCM, etc. PURE enjoys an extensive clientele of athletes, recording artists and fashion influencers.

Uniting art, music and fashion through charitable projects like PURE Atlanta x COOGI x One Grand Gallery, PURE Atlanta bridges the gap between fashion, lifestyle and community.  “We are excited to have Atlanta  be the springboard for this type of PURE collaboration; but look forward to adding similar experiences in our Charlotte and Houston stores,” Korn says. “We have been looking for opportunities to celebrate art and fashion, and COOGI presents the perfect opportunity for us to start initiating projects in that space.”

Recognized for its rich history worldwide, COOGI is an iconic brand known for its bold designs, luxury knits and colorful palette. The U.S. adopted the kaleidoscopic-patterned sweaters made famous by Notorious B.I.G. in the 1990s, and the brand was honored by being inducted into the Collection of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum for its knitted technique.

Ready 2 Die impacts Atlanta on Thursday, Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. The event is being sponsored by Effen Vodka and Do U Entertainment.

Marshawn Lynch Creates Starbucks Beast Mode Frappuccino, Proceeds Go To Charity
Beast Mode as barista? NFL star Marshawn Lynch hooked up with Starbucks to create his own special Frappucino, with proceeds from its sale going to his charity.
In photos shared by Starbucks, Lynch is seen in a green Starbucks apron in the company’s test lab in its Seattle headquarters.
The Beast Mode Frappucino consists of a double mocha Frappuccino with a hint of mint and cream and a dash of protein powder to “unleash your inner Beast Mode.” It is topped with whipped cream before the addition of a purple berry drizzle and a sprinkle of matcha.
Part of the proceeds of sale of the Beast Mode Frappucino ($0.24 per drink up to $100,000) will go to the Fam 1st Family Foundation. Founded in 2011 by Lynch and Buffalo Bills quarterback Joshua Johnsonto, Fam 1st mentors underprivileged youth with a focus on  education, literacy and self-esteem via free summer football camps, talent shows, holiday donations and more.
Lynch’s drink goes on sale starting Oct. 22 in Washington state and Oakland throughout the NFL season.
Bravo Mr. Lynch, we’re thankful.

Lupita Nyong’o's New York Stage Play ‘Eclipsed’ Heading To Broadway
Lupita Nyong'o, who won an Oscar for her role in 12 Years A Slave, is headed to Broadway.  Recently, Lupita made her New York stage debut in "Eclipsed," a play written by Zimbabwean-American playwright and actress Danai Gurira (co-author of In The Continuum and 'Michonne' on AMC’s The Walking Dead) and staged by Liesl Tommy.
Now, the play is being extended and getting a new home.  A MAJOR new home that is.
While the off-Broadway play was originally scheduled to run until November 29th at The Public Theatre, thanks to massive critical success and major coins at the box office, the play is moving to Broadway!  We've learned that "Eclipsed" has been scheduled for previews at the Shubert Organization’s Golden Theatre on February 23rd before it officially opens at March 6th.  Lead producer Stephen Byrd, expressed excitement about the move in a statement to Deadline...

“I am thrilled beyond words that we are able to bring this magnificent and powerful play to Broadway after its sold-out performance at the Public Theater and to provide another opportunity for everyone to experience and witness these incredible performances."
In addition to the play, Lupita's next role will be in the epic motion picture Star Wars: The Force Awakens as Maz Kanata.  It hits theatres on December 18th.

‘B & W’
I’m honestly not sure what type of look you’re trying to pull off here but clearly it isn’t working. Like at all. I’m past confused and have hit the point of anger. In fact, I’m just angry at my confusion. If you’re gonna screw something up, at least be clear about what it is you’re failing at.


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