The Latest from Lil Kim she Presents The “Hard Core” Mixtape!

Lil Kim Announces “Hard Core” Mixtape
Lil Kim is going back to the basics with her new Mixtape, Hard Core: Back 2 Da Streetz, which piggy backs off of the  title from her 1996 debut Hard Core. She recreates the artwork from this Epic  album, but instead of her lying in front of the fireplace, it’s a white tiger, stacks of cash, and bottles of Ciroc.

She posted the cover on Twitter, writing, “#HARDCOREMIXTAPE BACK 2 DA STREETZ #TeamLilKim I love all my fans!!!!! ❤❤❤

This will either be a hit or a miss. She shouldn’t try to recreate Hard Core, nor should she redo songs. I think she should just include original material that showcases her rapping/rhyme skills, as well as her original confident flow. Maybe rapping about real issues, not just how rich she is. I think this will be a success if she shows how hungry she is. 

Stay Tuned!

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