Shemar Moore Sex Party Shenanigans! And Caught a STD???

Shemar Moore Sex Party Shenanigans! And Caught a STD???
Has the Yeast Man Gone Mad?

According to HSK  It’s said to have been an all out brawl at Shemar Moore’s Sherman Oaks home, over the weekend. This after a source reveals one of the actor’s guests failed to play by the rules.

According to HSK the beef erupted after the ‘birthday barbeque’ turned to an infamous Shemar Moore “Never Happened” orgy. Know why? Because a cardinal rule was broken, after an attendee reportedly “cut in ling to smash before Shemar did” — leading the sex fest turn to a fight fest.
“The rules are newbies are forbidden to the hottest chic — before Shemar and his closest homeys. Dudes were fighting in their underwear when the outsider tried to cut into the orgy line!”

Here’s the drop: According to HSK!
“It was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I never knew there were rules to a orgy — but I found out this weekend. By the way, a couple months back Shemar had a yeast infection in his throat, and he went to see a nurse to get private treatment.”
Oh My NOT CUTE! * PLEASE Note the pics are not of any sex party of Shemar's


  1. I knew this slut named Liz Rosa from Vancouver that went to a bunch of his parties. One night she got willingly gang bang but Shemar and 7 of his homies then went to Jamie Foxx's house next week and got bang too,