The Daily Buzz for Nov 1

Toya Wright CELEBRATES Her 29th BIRTHDAY In Miami
Toya Wright celebrated her 29th birthday on South Beach with a few of her girlfriends.

The ladies kept the shots flowing at the popular Miami nightspot Room Service. 
And earlier that day!
Looks like fun times all around!

FBI Investigating Alleged Voter Intimidation.
Federal authorities are looking into alleged cases of voter intimidation in the state of Florida. This claim is outrageous with Florida being a pivotal swing state. As many as 100 people reportedly received fraudulent letters, claiming voter ineligibility. The letters were official-looking letters — they were sent from Seattle, but were falsified to look like they came from county supervisors in Florida. Attempting to fool voters into thinking that they may not be eligible to vote, the rhetoric in the letter tells citizens that they must complete an additional step before heading to the polls. Check out what the letters said — after the click
You must complete the attached Voter Eligibility Form and return it to the Supervisor of Elections Office within 15 days of receipt. Failure to submit this form within fifteen (15) days will result in the removal of your name from the voter registration rolls and you will no longer be eligible to vote. A non registered voter who casts a vote in the State of Florida may be subject to arrest, imprisonment, and/or other criminal sanctions.
Some in the state also received phone calls informing them that they could place their vote over the phone.

The letters were sent out to both Republicans and Democrats, and isn’t the only case of suspected intimidation tactics around the country, as minorities, and the elderly have also been targeted.
During the 2000 election of President George W. Bush, the state was launched into the spotlight after several ballots had to be recounted, which some believe was a ploy to get him into the White House, since his brother was governor of the state, at that time

Zoe Saldana Plays Nina Simone In Up & Coming Movie
We recently learned that actress Zoe Saldana would be playing the roll of Nina Simone in an up and coming movie but didn’t know she would strike this much of a resemblance…….
Since the press release went out that Zoe Saldana would be playing the  legendary jazz musician/pianist, Nina Simone, a lot of people have not settled with the news and have had something to say about it, including Nina Simone‘s own daughter. A lot of people were saying that she looked nothing like Nina Simone and that her lack of physical resemblance would take away from the role.  However she is on the L.A. set here:
I really don’t like what I am seeing……Do you?

The Houston’s: On Our Own Ratings Disappoint
Apparently not as many people are interested in watching a train wreck as Lifetime anticipated...
While Bobbi Kristina's interview on Oprah's Next Chapter pulled in over 3.5 million viewers [click here if you missed that], Houstons: On Our Own only managed to snag 1.33 million viewers for its debut episode and the second episode, which ran right behind the first, dropped off to 1.31 million viewers.


Phaedra Parks’ B-Day,Celebration Attend Cirque Soleil with all the Housewives
Over the weekend, Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star Phaedra Parks’ birthday with reality BFF Kandi Burruss. She was spotted at dinner with her husband, Apollo, Kandi and Kandi’s boyfriend BRAVO producer, Todd (BTW, I think these two are 2.5 seconds from being engaged, not that it’s my business.)
Meanwhile, more of the RHOA gang Cynthia Bailey, Derek J and Marlo Hampton, were spotted attending Cirque Soleil in Atlanta.

Former LSU Football Players Arrest
Disgraced LSU football star Tyrann Mathieu — known as the Honey Badger — was arrested Wednesday on drug-related charges according to the Baton Rouge Police Dept. According to the police report, cops were called to an apartment around 3:30 PM after an alleged confrontation. When officers arrived to the scene, Honey Badger answered the door and cops say they could smell a strong odor of weed. Honey Badger was with 3 other guys –Jordan Jefferson, Derrick Bryant and Karnell Hatcher — all former members of the LSU football team. Cops say they searched the apartment and found a marijuana grinder, digital scale and 10 bags of high grade marijuana. Cops say 7 of the bags were found inside Derrick Bryant’s backpack.
All four men were taken into custody and arrested. Honey Badger and Jordan Jefferson were charged with simple possession of marijuana. Karnell Hatcher was charged with 2nd Offense Simple Possession of Marijuana and Derrick Bryant was charged with Possession With Intent to Distribute Marijuana.
It’s been a rough year for Honey Badger, a former Heisman Trophy finalist — has no criminal record, but has well documented drug problems that led to his dismissal from the Tigers in August. He had enrolled as a student at the school following two weeks of rehab under the care of former NBA player John Lucas. He also had talked about possibly returning to the team for the 2013 season with two seasons of eligibility. He is also eligible to apply for the NFL draft in April.
Jordan Jefferson, the Tigers’ former starting quarterback, had returned to Baton Rouge to finish his degree after playing with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. He also was a free agent signee with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before joining the Alouettes.
Karnell Hatcher was a linebacker for the Tigers and finished with 133 career tackles, 3.5 for a loss and two forced fumbles.
Derrick Bryant, a backup safety, finished with 28 tackles, 2.0 for a loss and one sack.

Alicia Keys Says Nas Is A Better Rapper Than Jay Z
In a recent interview with 92Q.com, Alicia Keys was put in the hot seat and asked a number of tough questions like who does she think is a better rapper between Jay Z and Nas, who does she think is the better singer between Beyonce and Mary J. Blige, what was the first thing that ran through her mind when Lil Mama joined her and Jay Z on stage and soo much more! 

Although I already answered one of the questions for you with the articles title, you can check out the other answers straight from Alicia Keys mouth when you watch

I wonder if Jay Z will read her for this!

Beyonce Posts New Pic Of Times Square BILLBOARD
Beyonce posted a pic of her new billboard in Times Square and its also got folks thinking she may be using "TOUCHDOWN" as the name of her upcoming new album she's already hinted about. Beyonce shared a photo of her new Times Square billbaord on Tumblr and now it's got folks buzzing that "Countdown To Touchdown" may be about more that just a halftime show. 
There are rumors that there's a music project in the works simply titled Touchdown, though we can't confirm it yet.
Either way, Bey stans know that when Super Bowl XLVII goes down Feb. 3, 2013 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, she'll have something spectacular in store for halftime. We'll be watching...

Toni Braxton Blasts Oprah on Behind the Music
We know one person who won't be getting an Oprah Next Chapter interview.
On Toni Braxton's VH1 Behind the Music special airing tonight Toni blasts Oprah Winfrey for the 1998 interview covering her bankruptcy that Toni says changed the trajectory of her career...

Toni tells VH1, 
 “She was so frickin’ mean to me. I was in shock.”
“I couldn’t believe it ‘cause I loved her so much. I admired her and looked up to her and she pretty much reprimanded me.“
“She says to me, ‘I heard you have Gucci flatware. I’m Oprah Winfrey and I don’t have Gucci flatware’. 
“You ain’t got Gucci flatware because you didn’t want to buy it, not because you couldn’t afford it! What do you mean?”
“And immediately she made me feel this big. That moment completely changed my career. It made people look down on me.”

Will Smith Freestyles While Doug E. Fresh Beat Boxes At Gabrielle Union’s 40th Birthday Party
Gabrielle Union celebrated her 40th birthday with a huge bash in Miami over the weekend, and had a front row view as Will Smith and Doug E. Fresh rock’d the mic.
Will dropped a freestyle while Doug E. Fresh beat boxed, before moving on to “Summertime” and the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Doug E. Fresh decided to teach the crowd how to ‘Dougie’ rhyming over Cali Swag District’s “Teach Me How to Dougie,” saying; “This is how you Dougie,” while hitting the dance.
Gabrielle looked on enjoying their performance, and later tweeted; I’m sittin here thinkin about last night & I’m just cheesin & shakin my head. Unreal & epic! 
Check it out in the videos below..



Photos From Powerhouse 30 Concert in Philly With T.I., Rick Ross, Meek Mill, 2 Chainz & More
Philly’s Power 99 brought out all the hottest for their Powerhouse 30 concert. Many hit the stage and even special guests. T.I., Rick Ross, Wale, Omarion, Trey Songz, Keyshia Cole, Miguel, 2 Chainz and more. 
MMG’s own ‘O’ aka Omarion was backstage at the concert.
Miguel hit the stage and so did the beautiful Keyshia Cole.
French Montana came out and killed the stage.
Big Sean took to the stage too. 
Wale was in the building.
Meek Mill came out with special guests T.I. and Rick Ross.
Fun Times!

‘Angels & Demons’
If this is your version of the Angel & Devil giving me advice on my shoulders I think it’s pretty damn obvious which one I’m going to listen to.


This is Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone? SORRY GIRL I'm NOT Using It!


Zoe Saldana Plays Nina Simone In Up & Coming Movie
We recently learned that actress Zoe Saldana would be playing the roll of Nina Simone in an up and coming movie but didn’t know she would NOT strike this much of a NON resemblance…….
Since the press release went out that Zoe Saldana would be playing the  legendary jazz musician/pianist, Nina Simone, a lot of people have not settled with the news and have had something to say about it, including Nina Simone‘s own daughter. A lot of people were saying that she looked nothing like Nina Simone and that her lack of physical resemblance would take away from the role. And here's proof of that when you look below.
I really don’t like what I am seeing……Do you?

Why are you so SILENT about your FEMA comments NOW MITT?

How the HELL you want to be President and won’t address DISASTERS?
Romney Refuses to Discuss his Distorted Disaster Relief Morality 

For Americans who live through a natural disaster, the feeling of helplessness during the event is second only to the aftermath when the damage is surveyed and one realizes that without assistance, there is little hope of ever recovering a semblance of normality. Because America is surrounded by oceans on three sides, chances of meteorological and hydrological disasters loom large, and when storm systems form over the ocean, phenomenon such as cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes develop and as natural disasters go, the damage can be devastating.  Climate scientists have warned for some time that due to global climate change, weather events like hurricanes will increase in severity, and along the East Coast, residents began feeling the effects of what has been termed a “Frankenstorm” due to the unique confluence of Hurricane Sandy, an early winter storm in the West, and a blast of arctic air from the North. In the aftermath of a disaster climatologists are predicting will decimate the East Coast, residents will depend on emergency relief from the federal government, and most will be thankful there is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to give them assistance. However, Willard Romney believes disaster relief from the federal government is immoral, and he is not alone.

Romney’s obscene “immoral’ comment was made worse when he said, “What are the things we’re doing, that we don’t have to do?  Those things (disaster relief), we’ve got to stop doing because we’re jeopardizing the future of our kids, it is simply immoral.” In Romney’s vision of government, all expenditures should to go to the wealthy, the military, and corporations, and his grand idea for disaster relief is handing the task of helping displaced Americans to private enterprise. It is true the federal government does not have to help its citizens, but it also is not required to help the oil industry, Israel, corporations, or Willard Romney, but he never complained about the welfare the federal government provided him, Bain Capital, or the 2002 winter Olympics. Apparently, to Romney, his understanding of government morality is founded in how many tax payer dollars the government hands over to him, corporations, and the wealthy elite.
It is that Romney has a distorted sense of morality, but he is promoting the standard Republican agenda that government exists to enrich the wealthy at the expense of the population’s health, safety, and overall well-being. In 2011, House Republicans decided instead of focusing on jobs, it was prudent to attack women’s rights and go on a spending cut frenzy targeting the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) including the National Weather Service (NWS).  Their moral plan cut $126 million from the NWS, and roughly $450 million from NOAA that meant closure of up to 12 forecast offices that safeguard American lives and property. Each office issues forecasts and warnings to an average population of 2.5 million people meaning that over 30 million Americans would be left to look at the sky to predict when their lives would be devastated by a major weather disaster. The head of the Federal Aviation Administration under George W. Bush, Marion Blakey, said, “Imagine the damages we will suffer in the future if weather forecasting capabilities are degraded and communities are not given timely and accurate warnings of major storms coming their way.” Of course, Blakey believes government has a moral responsibility to warn Americans of an impending natural disaster, and it is in sharp contrast to Romney’s assertion that spending money to protect Americans is immoral; unless private enterprise profits.

It is a staple of the Republican agenda that people do not matter, and their dysfunction is if they do admit government has a role to solve problems like warning Americans of an impending natural disaster, or helping them recover from the aftermath, they may have to concede that government plays a necessary and crucial role in people’s lives. However, by asserting that spending taxpayer dollars on agencies like the NWS, FEMA, or NOAA is immoral, it is easy to defund an agency like FEMA or the NWS despite the cost in human terms, and if Americans have learned anything in the past year-and-a-half, it is that Republican cuts always carry a high price in human terms; unless the humans are filthy rich.

Last year in the wake of Hurricane Irene, Eric Cantor and Republicans balked at additional funding for FEMA unless it was matched with “savings elsewhere,” particularly by making massive cuts to FEMA and first responders. At the time, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) detailed the problem with GOP’s FEMA cuts; “The House bill slashes funding for grants to equip and train first responders by 40 percent, on top of the 19% cut in FY 2011,” and she goes on to note the “GOP House defense appropriations bill provides $12.8 billion to train and equip troops and police in Afghanistan, but only $2 billion for first responders to assist American citizens.”
Romney is right that there is a morality problem in America, but it rests solely with himself, Paul Ryan, and Republicans who think so little of Americans they will, given the opportunity, slash funding for emergency disaster relief and early warning in case of a major natural disaster, and yet they wage ferocious battles to preserve oil subsidies, tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, and aid to Israel and the military. Romney gives away his real immoral agenda of handing over FEMA operations to the private sector and one wonders how much Bain Capital has invested in companies set to “take over” disaster relief.

While President Obama has allowed his campaign to take a back seat to his duties as president, Mitt Romney seems to using this time to not only score points but also sneak out discredited information about Obama’s policies. First and foremost is his supposed campaign rally/ “storm relief” rally in Ohio yesterday. There are details as to how bad this event was. Talking Points Memo also added:

With the president holed up in the White House monitoring the hurricane response through at least Wednesday, Romney announced yesterday he would refrain from partisan business as usual on the campaign trail. That meant converting an already scheduled rally Tuesday morning in Kettering, Ohio, into a relief drive for Sandy victims.
Still, the election was never entirely removed from the event, according to reports from the scene. Most notably, the event included a biographical video of Romney that typically plays at his rallies. Press badges still referred to a Romney“victory rally.”

Also, ABC’s Jonathan Karl sent out the following tweet of two attendees of this “storm relief” rally:
The grand irony? The Red Cross specifically stated that they can’t use the canned goods that the Romney camp urged folks to bring because giving either money or blood would better suit the needs of those caught up in the hurricane. This is the most immoral bastard I’ve seen!

Republicans are immoral for, as Romney says, wanting to “get government out of the way” of people’s lives which is code for privatization and more tax cuts for him and his wealthy cohort. Government is not the be all, end all, but they are the only agency with the means to address something as monumental as a major natural disaster, and it exists to protect the American people it serves. If it is immoral to use federal funds for disaster relief, then it is a mortal sin for Romney to take $1.5 billion for puerile Olympic games, or millions from the federal government auto bailout. Romney’s moral dilemma can be summed up in three words; pure unadulterated greed. What the American people need to know is that Willard’s moral compass is dictated by the size of his hidden riches and not concern for the American people or this country, and he has projected that sentiment for the past 9 months. It is just another piece of evidence that not only is he not a Christian, he is an immoral human being who thinks so little of  the American people that his first priority is enriching the private sector and himself, and although that may be part and parcel of being a good Mormon, it makes him a despicable American, and in keeping with the spirit of the season, a scary monster.

WAKE THE HELL UP! He is NOT for America!

Creflo Dollar wants members to pay $234,000 to not be sued!

Creflo Dollar asks members to donate $234K to church shooting victim’s family
The Rev. Creflo Dollar on Sunday sought to pay all the bills for the family of the church employee shot and killed at his World Changers Church International on Wednesday.
 “In my book, he’s a hero,” Dollar said of Greg McDowell, who was gunned down while leading morning prayer service at the church. “If those bullets hadn’t been trained on him, there would’ve been more people that would’ve died,” Dollar told the congregation.

Police have charged former church employee Floyd Palmer in McDowel’s death. Investigators say Palmer, 52, calmly walked into morning prayer service Wednesday and fired six shots at McDowell, killing the 39-year-old husband and father.

Dollar challenged church members to give as they left the College Park church, to make online donations and to give to a special fund the church has set up at a bank.
 “The goal is $234,000,” Dollar said, telling the congregation he wanted to raise that amount by the end of the day Sunday. “We want to completely eradicate all debts in their lives … house, cars, everything. Let’s now show the world the power of a megachurch.”
Members told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution they expected Dollar’s response to the tragedy.
 “It didn’t surprise me at all,” Juliet Hilton said. “He did tell us on Wednesday (night) that he was going to take up an extra offering.”
“He has a love for people,” Debbie Taylor said.
Mike Howard said Dollar’s actions, and the acquiescence of the church members was just part of belonging to the church.
 “The McDowells are family,” Howard said. “We take care of each other here.”
Marcia Danielson said the gesture reflects Bible scripture that directs each church to take care of its members when the need arises.
 “If it were me, I would’ve wanted that for my family,” she said. “That’s an incredible burden lifted.”
Indeed, Dollar highlighted such burdens when he asked the church to help McDowell’s family.
“It’s enough to have somebody torn away from you,” he said. “And at the same time have to be worried about all of the debts.”
Blue barrels were stationed near each of the exits and church-goers dropped cash and envelopes filled with checks and money as they departed.
It was unclear early Sunday afternoon, how much the church raised, but donations continue to be accepted.
Contributions can be made through the World Changers online, under the Gregory McDowell Family Fund.
An account has been established at Regions Bank for donations in the name of the McDowell Family, Dollar said.
And you meant to tell me that a Ma who is worth 27 million couldn’t do this himself???