Bishop Noel Jones is Stacy Francis child's FATHER?


A HOLY GHOST SHOCKER!!!! Stacy Francis Paternity Scandal Her child's father is BISHOP NOEL JONES?

Stacy Francis Paternity Scandal. Jesus please take all wheel and be a fence everywhere! There's always some kind of scandal attached to Stacy Francis. First she got caught lying about her background while she was a contestant on X Factor. Then there was that messy altercation with Whitney Houston over Ray J. And just last week Stacy got into a bar fight because someone tried to take a picture of Stacy's two year old daughter who was in the bar after midnight...the daughter Stacy conceived with the pastor of a mega church while she was still married to someone else, by the way.

From Radar Online
Former X Factor finalist Stacy Francis has kept the identity of her second child'sfather a secret, but RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal it is California mega-church leader Bishop Noel Jones.
An insider explains that Stacy was going through a divorce from her husband and the father of her first child, Darwin Kyle Hayes, when she had an affair with the Bishop — resulting in her second child, Anastasia Noelle Jones.
"It was very taboo for a man in his position in the church to get involved with a married woman!" the source exclusively toldRadarOnline.com.
Bishop Jones, 62, runs the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, Calif., is the brother of outrageous singer and supermodel Grace Jones, and has been romantically linked to famous faces like Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes and actress LisaRaye McCoy.
Tired of hiding, Stacy, 42, eventually confirmed Bishop Jones is her daughter's father exclusively tellingRadarOnline.com, "I love him very much and I am not ashamed of my baby. Our baby

Now I’m sorry Miss Stacy its always some shyt with you. First years ago a ONE HIT wonder with X-Girlfriend, then to come back years later to revive a ‘WHATEVER” career dating Ray J, then fighting with Whitney Houston,Fighting publicly in a Atlanta Airport and now you mean to tell me that you would stoop so low to sleep with a BISHOP!!!!! Trust I am not giving cover to Bishop Jones because he has to answer to God for what he did……BUT YOU KNEW HE WAS A PASTOR…WTF!!!! I thought all your rearing at Community C.O.G.I.C taught you something????

Girl forget a singing career you need some serious counseling because you are BEYOND WICKED!


  1. It takes two to tango!

  2. I seriously doubt Noel Jones is the baby's daddy, or that he would have ANYTHING to do with the likes of a NeNe (pu-leeze!)

  3. Noel Jones has been sleeping around with 'girls' everywhere for years. The chickens are coming home to roost! You can't mislead and dog people out and think that's it, "Carry on" as he always says. His girls on the church payroll. Loretta Jones (rumored to have been secretly married but dissolved -His kids & mom can't stand her) Glynis, Gale, Nora, Gwenn, just to name a few. Lisa ray who thought he would marry her in Nov (Noel's mom don't approve of that "professed Platinum digger" ). They were fucking too and he would take her shopping and have Bryant Smith (B.S.) pick her up Sunday mornings and seat her in the pulpit. Yawn-he does that with everyone he dates. Nothing special. Bryant (B.S.) hates on him and tells his biz every chance he gets. NJ has been warned about that weasel.
    Several people who named their kids after him...so that's not uncommon? Staff members and Jump off's Sharnee Cannon's Grandson has his name too. (She worked, travelled and fucked him for almost 15 years).

    Back to Stacy-
    Reminds me of the Bill Cosby scandal when he took care of a child for 18 years only to find out in court with DNA she wasn't his!
    Initially, Bishop DUM DUM got scared and thought $ would make crazy lady go away. Security at the church keeps her away from him. DUM DUM never did a DNA test just dished out the $ to make her go away. He stopped the $ at the advise of his lawyer Scott.
    She came to his church 2 weeks ago to perform...she didn't have the baby. HMMM why wouldn't she bring the baby to church to see her daddy? But, can take the baby to a club? Come on! Yeah he probably knocked the boots but, the DNA test won't be done because Stacy's not cooperating she wants $. She has ALL the right to take him to court, and request a DNA test to be done BUT, she won't because several people can possibly be the father. And this loony will be dismissed!
    Noel's name isn't on the birth certificate!!! The baby just has his namesake. DNA test please Stacy, because if it were true she would legally prove it to secure her 18 year child support and be taken care of well AND get her child in the will to get her rightful million dollar inheritance from her alleged daddy.
    Stacy got nasty when Noel dismissed her requests recently, and he asked for confirmation via DNA...so she got pissed and leaked it to the media.
    She needs to get a life and Noel needs to have several seats! Repent, put down the grey goose and go to AA, stop sleeping around, get treated for anxiety & depression (bi-Polar) and stop ruining his life. He's like Dr. Jeckle & Mr. Hyde
    OPENLY EMBARRASS HER AND ASK HER TO PROVIDE A DNA TEST...and ask her why isn't your name on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Get your life NOEL JONES. Never too late Bishop! JESUS SAVES

    1. THERE WAS A DNA TEST!! AND IT PROVED HIM TO BE THE DAD!!!! AND HE WAS THE ONE WHO NAMED THE BABY NOELLE JONES!! people write on these blogs like they know soo much..

  4. I hope that they will ask Jesus Christ to be their personal Lord and Saviour and get filled with the Holy Spirit before it's too late in Jesus Name, Amen. All they have to do is pray "Jesus come into my heart and be my Lord and Saviour and fill me to overflowing with the Holy Spirit and give me a new life." Then God will do the impossible and create miracles of a new beginning! They can become a new creature in Christ and live in that peace that surpasses all understanding. let's hope they do it!