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Zoe Kravitz for The Sunday Times Style April 2018
ZoΓ« Kravitz is like looking directly into the sun. On set in Paris, the 29-year-old model-actress-singer is in full promo mode, rattling through all the beautiful products she likes to use on her beautiful face: YSL BeautΓ© Couture Brow on her eyebrows, YSL highlighter over her cheekbones, YSL Touche Eclat around her eyes, though nothing on the cluster of freckles over her nose, which look as if they have been hand-painted by tiny elves.

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#RHoA: Kenya Moore & Vivica A. Fox are feuding AGAIN Following ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Finale
Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore and Empire actress Vivica A. Fox are butting heads, once again, after the reality show diva took a dig at her rival during the show’s season finale.

During the drama-filled episode, Moore attends the stage play Two Can Play That Game, co-starring fellow peach-holder, Porsha Williams. While there to support the young radio hostess, she couldn’t help but take a dig at Fox.

“Vivica’s performance is the same performance. It was just 20 years ago, and 20 surgeries ago,” she said. Watch the scene HERE

The Kill Bill actress soon responded via social media, sharing a clip from tier infamous showdown on former NBC hit, The Apprentice, along with a caption calling out the former beauty queen. Check it out HERE
Now now girls!

#EMPIRE: Did you Hear that Half of the ‘Empire’ Midseason Premiere Was Shot as One Take Because Taraji P Henson Said So
Writer and director Craig Brewer says Taraji dared Terrence Howard and Demi Moore into shooting episode “like a one-act play”
“Empire” returned with a midseason premiere that was mostly — well, a long, awkward confrontation at a table between Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson), Lucious Lyon (Terrance Howard) and his abductor Claudia (Demi Moore), who are all hanging out in a cabin in the woods.

And while it may look like just another installment of “Empire” at first glance, the slow-burning episode “Birds in the Cage” was an impressive feat for the Fox leads and their A-list guest star. As co-executive producer Craig Brewer says the majority of the episode was shot in singles takes, at the request of Henson.

In our return to Season 4 (now helmed by executive producer Brett Mahoney, following former showrunner Ilene Chaiken’s exit), Cookie comes to save Lucious, who was kidnapped by crazy Claudia in the winter finale. While the nutty nurse is unsuccessful in gaslighting our Lyon into believing he’s her beloved Dwight, she does stir up more drama between Cookie and Lucious than we’ve ever seen before. The two of them get real in front of their captor, as they relive the dark years Cookie spent in prison and what that did to their marriage.

“Just to be clear, we have acts between commercials and we’re a six act show,” Brewer, who wrote and directed the return of “Empire”s fourth season, said. “There is a moment where they are talking to each other in this conflict that you mentioned for half of act four, all of act five and half of act six. So imagine sitting down and trying to film essentially 15 to 20 minutes of people arguing and having this conflict.”

“And so I sat down with the three of them at the very table where the moment was about to take place and I said, ‘How do you guys want to tackle this? You want to do it bit by bit? Do you want me to break it down and then we shoot one part of it and then we move on to the other one?’ And Taraji turns around and says, ‘Well how are we gonna do that? No, no, no. Let’s just shoot the whole thing as one play and you just shoot it over and over again. That’s how we’re gonna do it.'”

“They were on tilt, ready to go. A brilliant performance, right off the top. And I was like, ‘Alright let’s do that in a wide shot and then we’ll break this down.’ We went through this whole thing like a one act play.”

End scene……“Empire” airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Fox. (H/T The Wrap www.thewrap.com)

#NEWMUSIC Video from Stokley “We Me”
Legendary R&B singer and member of Mint Condition, Stokley, delivers the video for his latest single, “We Me.” The song was featured on his 2017 debut solo album entitled Introducing Stokley.
The clip follows Stokley as he walks through parts of LA, taking in the darker parts of the city not usually broadcasted on television. The video was released as a gift to his fans, to help motivate them and keep them focused.

Watch the awakening video for “We Me” HERE

His current single “Organic” is currently sits at #10 on the Billboard & Mediabase Adult R&B charts.

#HIPHOPNEWS: RZA Legally Can't Buy Back Wu-Tang Clan's "Once Upon A Time In Shaolin"
Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon A Time In Shaolin has essentially become Hip Hop folklore at this point. Purchased by infamous “pharma-bro” Martin Shkreli for $2 million in 2015, it’s become an obsession for many curious, hardcore Wu-Tang fans.

The album’s fate seemed sealed in Shkreli’s hands until he was convicted of securities fraud and $7.4 million worth of his assets were seized by the Feds earlier this month. In an interview with Rolling Stone, RZA admits the second he saw Shrkeli had put the album up for sale on eBay, he called his attorney to see if he could buy it back. Unfortunately for the Wu-Tang legend, he was told that was impossible.

“I’ve actually tried to get it back but the paperwork and the contract stops me from getting it back,” he said. “When [Shkreli] put it on eBay, the first thing I did was call my lawyer, and I was like, ‘Yo, let’s go.’ And they said, ‘All right, check with your contract.’ And it’s no, you can’t do it. Ain’t that a bitch?”

But RZA admits he didn’t really want to let it go in the first place.

“It was hard for me to sell that album because I wanted it to be on my living room table,” he said. “When it was finally completed and everything was sent out, I was like, ‘This would be great in the Wu mansion.’ Whoever comes by here can see this piece of art sitting in my living room. I argued with the people that invested money to get the project on its way, but they wanted [their investment] back.

“So it would’ve cost me more than the selling price in reality, because of the deficit that was already incurred. Also, everybody is like, ‘This ain’t for you. That’s even more selfish than selling it.’ They were talking to me to let that thing go.”
Elsewhere in the discussion, RZA also talked about the backlash he received for selling the rare project for such an exorbitant amount of money.

“I got a lot of flak from fans for that album,” he explained. “I’ve lost fans, because they think I’ve done something that was out of the nature of what Wu-Tang is. I think they’re wrong, but they will have their opinion, right? They felt that we tried to make music become something that only the elite can have, and that’s far from the reality. No, we just wanted to point out that when you devalue something, you got a big conflict over it.”

Once Upon A Time In Shaolin was part of the $7.4 million in assets Shkreli was forced to forfeit. Forbes recently reported the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Eastern District of New York would determine the album’s future.

And then there was ONE! Villanova beats Michigan to win NCAA men’s basketball title for second time in three years
SAN ANTONIO (WaPo) — Villanova on Monday night became that occasional college basketball men’s national champion of such uncommon quality that it never did cause its fan base any of the customary bouts of March such as fear, dread or horror. The Villanova fans who streamed from the Alamodome into the bliss of a second national title in three seasons did so with projected life spans pretty much the same as they would have been had they ignored the NCAA tournament and missed their team’s six-game mow through it.

They, of course, had not. They had seen it through from their loud quadrant of the Final Four dome, among other places from here to that city of winners known as Philadelphia, and they had seen it right down to the mastery Villanova showed when it wriggled out of an early little thicket against Michigan and rode its superior skill to a 79-62 win. When they sprang out of a 21-14 deficit that stood after nine minutes to lead 37-28 at halftime, the Wildcats didn’t do so with the kind of dazzling blur they made in routing Kansas on Saturday night. They did it steadily and methodically if compellingly, because in their 36-4 season, they reached a rare level of superb.

They did it because they had a sophomore backup who could cure Michigan’s early gumming-up of Villanova’s offense by scoring 31 points which, given Donte DiVincenzo’s outbursts this year of 30 points on Butler, 25 on St. John’s, 23 on Marquette, wasn’t even all that novel.

Michigan’s aggression off the dribble made Villanova seem briefly half-sluggish. Michigan’s length and merit on defense had thrown the intended clutter into Villanova’s passing lanes.
By the time that skill-rich 6-foot-11 Michigan man from Berlin, Moritz Wagner, made the kind of cut that could make a coach weep for joy, and freshman Jordan Poole zipped him a lovely pass from the right side to arrange a layup, Michigan led 21-14. Wagner had 11 points already, his 24 points and 15 rebounds against Loyola Chicago on Saturday still fresh in all the minds.

What happened from there to halftime would have seemed predictable only to those who comprehended Villanova’s supremacy in full. The idea that Michigan would not score again until 5:47 remained, which did occur, seemed unlikely. The idea that Wagner would not score again in the half, which did occur, seemed unlikely. The idea that DiVincenzo would blast a barrage that got him to 18 points by halftime, which did occur . . .
That wasn’t so unlikely. The 6-5 DiVincenzo spent the season in Villanova’s array of talents making 10 starts, averaging 29 minutes, 13 points and so on. Yet as the stage got the biggest, he clearly considered himself viable. He made feverish drives and outlandish three-point shots with a look in his manner that suggested the shots just weren’t all that outlandish. When he heaved — sorry, directed — one from the deep left at the 6:08 mark, Villanova had caught Michigan to lead 23-21.
When he let one go from the right of the top with an arc that looked sort of optical-illusion, and that drained, Villanova led by four. By halftime, it led by nine, with DiVincenzo’s 18 points shining and Villanova’s thickening defense as the underpinning. Villanova had whisked itself past Michigan not through gasps and blurs but through methodical mastery.

Eric Paschall, the strong 6-9 junior who loosed 24 points on Kansas, hadn’t even scored. When he began doing so, on an open three-point shot and a robust drive for a reverse layup against Wagner, Villanova led 44-30 just two minutes after halftime. Michigan Coach John Beilein had to call timeout. Even with his renowned strategic skill, his fine planning, his smart, impressive players and the 14-game winning streak they brought to the game, they finally had run across someone who could turn them, and this tournament, into a fine cast of supporting actors.

A second half would occur as mostly filler, the lead staying firmly in double figures as Mikal Bridges collected 19 pretty points, Omari Spellman got 11 rebounds, mostly emphatic. The Villanova fans would spend the closing minutes doing things like amassing rousing cheers when the scoreboard showed former Villanova stars such as Josh Hart and Kyle Lowry. Why, so unusually blessed were these fans that they hardly even knew a palpitation. In the end Villanova struggled early and didn't shoot the ball as well as it normally does. The veteran team didn't panic and then DiVincenzo asserted himself and became the star of the night, helping Jay Wright to a second title and elevate the coach to among the elites in the sport.


Legendary TV Producer Steven Bochco Dead at 74
Steven Bochco — a prolific writer and producer who worked on shows like “NYPD Blue,” “Hill Street Blues,” and “L.A. Law” — passed away on Sunday morning. He was 74.
A spokesman for Bochco confirmed his passing to The Hollywood Reporter, saying, “Steven fought cancer with strength, courage, grace and his unsurpassed sense of humor. He died peacefully in his sleep with his family close by.”

Bochco was battling leukemia and, in 2014, received a stem cell transplant from an anonymous 23-year-old.
A winner of 10 Emmys in his career, Bochco was also behind the popular Neil Patrick Harris show, “Doogie Howser, M.D.”

Bochco’s rep said details about a memorial service “will be forthcoming.”

NBC’s “Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert” Earns Three-Year Ratings High in Early Returns
Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert aired last night, April 1, on NBC. The live broadcast starred Oscar, Golden Globe, Tony and 10-time Grammy Award winner John Legend has been cast as Jesus Christ, rock legend Alice Cooper as the flamboyant King Herod and acclaimed recording artist, songwriter and Broadway star Sara Bareilles as Mary Magdalene. The cast also featured Norm Lewis as Caiaphas, Jin Ha as Annas, and Jason Tam as Peter.

According to reports, Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert has scored a 6.0 rating, 10 share in household results from Nielsen’s 56 metered markets from 8-10:15 p.m. ET.

· In households, scores NBC’s top rating in the time period, excluding sports and the Golden Globes, in three years(since Feb. 15, 2015 with the “SNL 40” special).
· Grows +71% versus NBC’s Sunday 8-10:15 p.m. average last season, excluding sports and Golden Globes (6.0 vs. 3.5, L+SD).
· Is up +114% versus the most recent major live musical event on the broadcast networks, Fox’s “A Christmas Story Live,” in metered-market households (6.0 vs. 2.8 from 7-10 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017).
· Is up +40% versus the comparable partially live Easter-season event on FOX two years ago, “The Passion,” in metered-market households (6.0 vs. 4.3 from 8-10 p.m. on Sunday, March 20, 2016).
·Is also currently in line with NBC’s most recent live musical, “Hairspray Live!,” which also earned a 6.0 rating in metered-market households from 8-10:54 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2016.

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Activist & Politician The ICONIC Mother of South Africa Winnie Mandela Passes Away At 81
With sadness in our hearts we regret to report Winnie Mandela has passed away at 81.
The South African anti-Apartheid activist and politician  was married to the late Nelson Mandela for 38 years.

Via TimesLive.co.za: Her PA‚ Zodwa Zwane‚ confirmed the struggle veteran’s death on Monday afternoon. She said the family would issue a statement later in the day.

Born in Bizana in the Eastern Cape in 1936‚ she moved to Johannesburg to study social work after matriculating.
She met lawyer and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela in 1957 and they were married a year later. They had two children together.
However‚ her marriage life with Mandela was short-lived‚ as he was arrested in 1963 and sentenced to life imprisonment for treason. Mandela was eventually released in 1990.

Read more of Winnie’s biography HERE

Our condolences to Winnie Mandela’s family

Singer Erica Campbell of Mary Mary is Accused of Fraud, Hit w/ Lawsuit Over Royalties
Erica Campbell has been hit with a lawsuit. The gospel artist and Mary Mary reality star is being accused of owing her record distributor $70k.
Campbell is a Grammy winner urban contemporary gospel, Christian R&B and contemporary R&B recording artist, musician and radio host. She started her music career in 1998 with her younger sister, Tina Campbell, as part of the gospel music group, Mary Mary. Her solo music career began in 2013, and has since released two albums with Entertainment One Music. Since May 2016, she serves as the host of Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell with comedian Griff, that currently airs on Urban Gospel, which is owned by Radio One.
Here’s the backstory: According to our friends over at The Jasmine Brand. Last year, Campbell sued record distributor Entertainment One. In the suite she says that her husband’s — Warryn Campbell — record company, My Block Records, had a deal with Entertainment One. In the deal, they agreed to distribute two of her albums, “My Help” and “My Help 2.0”.

However, Campbell claims in the suit that despite writing several songs on the albums, she was not paid. She points out that E-One collected her music royalties and she believes that the sales were in excess of $2 million. She says that E-One explained not paying her, allegedly informing her that they didn’t make any profit and the money that was made, covered her album expenses.
In the lawsuit, it is also claimed that My Block entered into a separate deal with E-One. The agreement was to produce an album for Musiq Soulchild. In the suit, it is alleged that they were not properly compensated. My Block and Campbell sued seeking in excess of $500,000.

Here’s the latest: This month, Entertainment One denied Campbell and My Block’s allegations. The company counter-sued both accusing them of fraud.
E-One says that they signed the contract back in 2013. At the time, they say that the singer promised them that she was not under any restriction or prohibition, contractual or otherwise.

However, they say that after they released the albums, Sony Music informed them that Sony had not granted to Block any licenses over Campbell. They say that claims for unpaid songwriting royalties against E-One are false pointing out that at the time, Campbell was engaged in an exclusive publishing agreement with Sony and Bock had failed to secure the licenses.
E-One says that because of the deal, Campbell was legally obligated turn over a portion of songwriting monies she was paid directly to Sony as her music publishing designee.

The company insists that because Campbell did not inform them of the arrangement with Sony, they have had to pay $70,000 to Sony in mechanical royalties since 2015 in order to avoid any legal action by Sony.

E-One is suing Campbell and Block for fraud and seeking in excess of $70k in damages.

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Step Out for Chic Easter Dinner Date!
Jennifer Lopez keeps it chic and classy while stepping out of her car on Sunday evening (April 1) in West Hollywood, Calif.
The 48-year-old actress was joined by her beau Alex Rodriguez as they were spotted looking glamorous for their Easter Sunday dinner date at Craig’s restaurant.

Meek Mill’s Bail has been DENIED!
Meek Mill will remain locked up for the time being, because the judge in his case just shut down his bid to be released on bail.
Judge Genece Brinkley didn't give reasons for her decision, but it came amidst pressure to open the prison doors for the rapper ... who has been in prison since November for a probation violation.  Meek's team has argued Judge Brinkley is biased and bears a grudge against him.

Meek's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, tells TMZ, "This ruling from Judge Genece Brinkley simply reaffirms the fact she has turned Meek Mill's case into a personal vendetta."
Tacopina goes on ... "In spite of the recommendations from the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, which was supported by Governor Tom Wolf, the judge continues to stand alone in supporting Officer Reginald Graham's perjured testimony as well as his criminal behavior that has been documented."

In docs, Judge Brinkley defends herself ... saying there's NO reason for her to recuse herself from the case. She says there's "zero evidence" she ever asked Meek to give her a shout out in a song, as Meek's team has repeatedly claimed.
She also defends Meek's 2-4 year sentence, saying it was his 5th probation violation, he'd admitted drug use and failed to adhere to travel protocol.

Meek's legal team is appealing to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in an attempt to secure his release.

‘Ready Player One’ Grabs $128M Abroad While Taking $181M Globally
Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, with what amounts to 85% of its international footprint stomping across the globe, has grossed $128M in 62 territories. Warner Bros. enjoyed its biggest weekend ever in China where it opened to $61.7M on its 18,200 screens. That one territory — where it has enjoyed a high Douban score of 9.2 — accounted for more than half of its screens as the virtual reality themed-film based on the Ernest Cline book played on 35,600 screens this weekend overseas. The global tally for the weekend is a big $181.3M. It also was the No. 1 film in North America.

Tracy Morgan, Cedric The Entertainer & More Attend Nyc Premiere Of ‘The Last OG!
The stars from TBS’ The Last O.G. were in the Big Apple Thursday evening for a special advanced screening of their new comedy series. Tracy Morgan, Cedric the Entertainer and Allen Maldonado were all smiles at the red carpet event that took place at The William Vale.

The Last O.G. centers on Tray (Morgan), an ex-con shocked to see just how much the world has changed when he is released from prison for on good behavior after a 15-year stint. Returning to his newly gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood, he discovers that his former girlfriend, Shay (Tiffany Haddish), has married an affable, successful white man (Ryan Gaul) who is helping raise the twins (Taylor Mosby & Dante Hoagland) Tray never knew existed. Wanting nothing more than to connect with his kids, but having neither the money to support them nor himself, Tray falls back on the skills he learned in prison to make ends meet while treading on unfamiliar territory.
Following the screening was an after party which featured a special performance from iconic rapper Busta Rhymes.  The Last O.G. debuts on TBS April 3 at 10:30 p.m. EST.

Watch the trailer HERE

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