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SZA Stuns On the Cover Of ‘V Magazine”s Music Issue
SZA kills it as V Magazine’s 2018 Music Issue cover star. The CTRL musician and pop star Dua Lipa will appear on their own respective covers, and superstars Jada Pinkett-Smith and Katy Perry will interview them, respectively.

Billboard had an exclusive look of the covers, photos and interviews before they’re available on newsstands May 3. The NJ native discussed her awkward childhood and her sensitivity, which she attributes to her mother.
“I’m super sensitive, and my mother made me extra sensitive because she’s just so unapologetically loving,” she explained to the Girls Trip star. “I’ve realized some people don’t hug in their families, or say that they love each other all day. My family tells me they love me all day.”
“It’s beautiful that you see the power, the feminine spirit, in your mother — in a world where the feminine is really kind of degraded, not respected in its truest form,” said Smith.

The “Broken Clocks” musician was also asked about her artistic energy, which she says is fueled by love.
“In my music, it’s really hard to be super-conscious; I’m in another state of consciousness when I’m making music,” she explains. “But when I’m my most effective, that mode of healing is when I get to perform and see everybody. I send out and absorb love. Meet-and-greets are a new thing I never got to do before. I meet, like, 200 people before each show. We hug each other and really look at each other. Healing and loving people, I guess that’s me.”
The Magazine is newsstands now.

#RHoA: Kim Zolciak Is 'Done' With NeNe Leakes Following 'RHOA' Reunion Battle
These two could be beyond repair at this point.Kim Zolciak wants nothing else to do with NeNe Leakes.

Following RoachGate, the two "Real Housewives of Atlanta" OGs sat down to film the Season 10 reunion -- and from the sounds of it, their friendship was far from mended.
"I'm done," Kim told E! News Monday morning. "I'm comfortable with Kim and who I am and the people that surround me in my life, and I only want to keep positive people around me, and she's not one of them. So I'm good with that, and I'm comfortable with that decision."

Although Kim doesn't appear until Part 2 of the reunion, her name was still in the mouths of her co-stars during Part 1 after the topic of RoachGate came up. NeNe felt Shereé Whitfield -- the group's self-proclaimed "bone collector" and Kim's only friend -- should have told NeNe that she had knowledge of the video Brielle Biermann took of bugs in NeNe's bathroom.
Andy Cohen interrupted NeNe and Shereé's screaming match to tease Kim's arrival at the end of Sunday's episode, saying, "Kim's gonna be out here shortly, and we will get into that."

"I'm definitely not gonna talk to Kim," NeNe said, talking over Shereé. "Not in that way. Ima talk to her when she get here. That shit was so foul. It was foul as f-ck. Oh, I wanna fight the battle. I wanna fight the battle. Oh, yeah, I'm gonna fight the battle."

#Empire: Recap "Such Sweet Sorrow": Cookie’s heart suffers in latest episode of "Empire"
This week’s Empire begins with Cookie being wheeled off to the hospital after losing feeling in one of her arms. It’s soon revealed that she suffered a heart attack. Lucious goes to the hospital’s church and angrily tells a replica of Jesus that if Cookie is taken away from him, the world will face his wrath.

Eddie and his ex-wife Celeste show Lupe Fiasco, making a cameo as himself, around an apartment. Eddie and Celeste get into an argument about the debt he and Giselle are racking up, but he reassures her that everything is OK.  
Meanwhile, Cookie begins her recuperation in bed, but sends out business orders for Hakeem and Jamal. Andre stops by for a visit in which he apologizes to Cookie. Becky tells Jamal that she is terminating her pregnancy. 
Cookie’s sisters, Candace and Carol, played by Vivica A. Fox and Tasha Smith, respectively, stop over to keep an eye on Cookie.

Becky tells J Poppa that she’s pregnant, but he’s OK with the news. Becky tells him that she can’t have a kid in her life right now.

Jamal has an interview with guest star Robin Roberts to talk about the death of Angelo on Good Morning America, but the interview ends badly.
Becky goes to the doctor to terminate her pregnancy. J Poppa and Jamal show up for support.    
Andre tells Cookie and Lucious that Eddie’s deal with Kelly Patel is bogus. Cookie calls Eddie in to confront him about his deal with Kelly Patel. Eddie reveals Patel’s plan to buy Empire, and he also tells Lucious and Cookie that some people think Empire is a joke. Cookie tells Eddie to take some time off.

Lucious tells Cookie to stop pushing herself and Cookie breaks down and says she doesn’t want to die.

#NewMusicVideo from The Weeknd “Call Out My Name”
The Weeknd brings ‘melancholy’ to our screens with his latest visual accompaniment to his new project. Following two vertical clips for Spotify and a mini doc, Abel Tesfaye unleashes the music video for “Call Out My Name” off his chart-topping EP My Dear Melancholy,


The brooding visual, directed by Grant Singer, opens with the Canadian crooner walking through a deserted town (Taft, CA) over blue hues and lighting. As his emotions peak, the video dazzles with haunting special effects. Bats fly out of Abel’s mouth, birds freeze in flight, fire burns through a mystical forest, and mysterious alien-like creatures pop up throughout.

All the while, The Weeknd’s vocals add depth to the stunning clip. “We found each other I helped you out of a broken place,” he sings over Frank Dukes’ production. “You gave me comfort But falling for you was my mistake.”

#HIPHOPNEWS: Nicki Minaj: Cardi B Hurt my Feelings!
Nicki Minaj breaks her silence. Following a lengthy hiatus, the Young Money queen unleashed two new singles—“Barbie Tingz” and “Chun-Li”—from the forthcoming new project! During an explosive Beats 1 interview she discussed many things Drake, Quavo, Female Rappers and the lady of the moment Cardi B.

During the Q&A with host Zane Lowe, Nicki opened up about Female Rappers and Cardi B.

ON FEMALE RAPPERS: “Shoutout to Cardi and all the new female rappers who have been doing their thing. There’s certain girls that show me genuine love that I wanted to shout out. Shoutout to Ms Banks. I told her when I bring the tour to London, I want her to come out. She shows me genuine love. Kash Doll always shows me genuine love. Asian Doll always shows me genuine love. There’s a new girl who showed me genuine love the other day, Maliibu Miitch, I think is her name. It just warms my heart when the girls do that.”

ON CARDI B: “She’s done exactly what she should have done. She’s gone full steam ahead. Congratulations to her. The only thing with Cardi that really, really, really hurt my feelings was the first interview she did after ‘MotorSport’ came out. I remember when I first came in the game, if a female of that stature had done a feature with me on it, I would only be singing their praises and saying thank you. The first interview she did after ‘MotorSport’ came out, it just really hurt me. She looked so aggravated and angry. The only thing she kept saying was, ‘I didn’t hear that verse. She changed her verse.’ I was like, ‘What?’ I remember when I first did a song with Trina for the first time, that’s why ’til this day, I love Trina. She’s the first female rapper that acknowledged me behind the scenes…You’ve never heard me speak ill of Trina because of that. That’s very important. Her most recent interview, Cardi, that’s when I came back on Instagram, I saw it, and I finally felt like she said something genuinely nice about me. But ‘MotorSport, I kinda felt ambushed

WOW……Well as for those 2 new singles you can go HERE for Barbie Tingz  and HERE for  Chun-Li.

Khloe Kardashian given Birth to Her Baby With Tristan Thompson
Congrats are in order! Khloé Kardashian is officially a mom to a baby girl, and celebrities are sending the reality star all their love and support.

Stars like Ryan Seacrest, Evelyn Lozada, Alyssa Milano and several reality stars took to Twitter and Instagram to congratulate the Revenge Body host after news broke that she gave birth to her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson on Thursday, April 12.
The celebs sent their love to the Strong Looks Better Naked amid the news that Thompson, 27, was cheating on her after various outlets published photos and videos of the Cleveland Cavaliers player kissing and getting close to other women. A source exclusively told Us Weekly on Wednesday that the athlete is “incredibly remorseful” for being unfaithful to his girlfriend, who is now planning to leave Ohio where the couple were living together.

“Tristan is making no moves to try and prevent Khloé from leaving, and keeping their daughter in Cleveland,” the source told Us. “He is incredibly remorseful for everything that has happened and doesn’t want to cause Khloé any more pain.”

Tristan was in the delivery room for the birth of their child. “Tristan has been overcome with emotion, and everything changed when Khloe gave birth. He is hoping that Khloe will choose to stay in Cleveland with their daughter, but isn’t going to make any demands of her to do so. “Khloe’s mom made it very clear to Tristan that it would be very unwise for him to make any moves to keep the baby in Cleveland.”

T.I.’S Business Competition Series ‘The Grand Hustle’ will appear on BET
BET has announced a July premiere date for their forthcoming business competition series, “The Grand Hustle,” executive produced by T.I. Get the scoop.
T.I. is taking his grand hustle to BET. The network has announced “The Grand Hustle,” a new business competition series executive produced by T.I. through his Grand Hustle Productions company, will premiere this July.

Here’s the scoop via Deadline: Set in Atlanta, the 12-episode hourlong series features 16 business-minded men and women vying for a coveted position with a six-figure salary within Tip’s multimillion-dollar Grand Hustle business empire. The Grand Hustle competition series will premiere Thursday, July 19th at 10 PM ET.

“The Grand Hustle Empire is always expanding so therefore we needed to add a very talented, highly skilled executive to our team,” said Harris. “It doesn’t matter if you got your hustle at Harvard or the hood, The Grand Hustle is about how you handle business and what you can do for the brand so I wanted to create a show that offers an equal playing field.”

Do you plan to tune in

#HateCrimesLGBTQ: Suspects In Beating Of Same-Sex Couple Holding Hands Released – Currently  No Hate Crime Charges Filed!
The four men suspected of beating a same-sex couple at a gay pride event in Miami turned themselves in to police on Tuesday and were released Wednesday morning on bail (video below). The Miami police department had said via Twitter it expected felony charges but did not mention hate crimes charges.
Two of the victims (the third was a bystander who jumped in to defend the couple) say the four suspects shouted anti-gay slurs at them in Spanish.

No hate crime charges have been decided yet.
The suspects are Juan Carlos Lopez, 21; Luis M. Alonso Piovet, 20; Adonis Diaz, 21; and Pablo Reinaldo Romo-Figueroa. The Miami Herald reports they "are charged with aggravated battery, but the charges could be enhanced under state law if they are classified as hate crimes."

The State Attorney for Miami-Dade County, Katherine Fernandez Rundle, said via Twitter the "Hate Crimes Unit will evaluate this incident thoroughly."

"That makes me happy that, at least, they were nice enough to admit that they committed the crimes," one of the victims, Dimitri Lugonov, told ABC 10 News. "It's not over yet, but the main part is done."
His partner, Rene Chalarca, added: "We were together. So for me, it's like, yes, it was a hate crime."

Citing an arrest affidavit, ABC 10 adds that "one of the suspects bumped into one of the victims before words were exchanged."
"Police said the suspects started shouting gay slurs in Spanish and then began throwing punches, beating the men so badly that one told police he was unconscious after several hits to his head."

Time Magazine’s New Cover on Trump is CLASSIC It’s tited ‘Stormy’
TIME's latest cover shows a President Donald Trump sitting at the Resolute Desk in an Oval Office engulfed in wind, pouring rain, and rising water. It's titled "Stormy."

The TIME cover story notes that "Cohen has worked for Trump since 2006, when he was hired as executive vice president of the Trump Organization and special counsel. He resigned once Trump became President to act as his personal lawyer. Cohen liked to be known as the 'fixer,' doing whatever needed doing to defend his boss. And he relished playing the tough guy. In 2015, Cohen threatened a reporter who was writing a story about Ivana and Donald Trump’s divorce. 'I’m warning you, tread very f-cking lightly,' Cohen said, according to the Daily Beast. 'Because what I’m going to do to you is going to be f-cking disgusting.'"
The artist who created the TIME cover is Tim O’Brien.

Reboot of ‘Boomerang’ To Air On BET
A reboot of Eddie Murphy’s Boomerang is in development at BET. The writers and production team for the show have not yet been determined. However, there will be 10-episodes for the series, similar to the original film, which starred Eddie Murphy, Robin Givens, Halle Berry, David Alan Grier, Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock.

What do you think of this?  Should they go for it, or leave it alone?

Gabrielle Union Denies Involvement in Tristan Thompson Cheating Allegations
Gabrielle Union is speaking out after being accused of being involved in Tristan Thompson‘s cheating scandal.
Rumors began circulating after fans noticed that Gabrielle could be seen in the background of a photo that also featured a woman who was reportedly staying with Tristan at a New York City hotel.
Although Gabrielle was not interacting with the woman in the pictures, fans began to wonder if she knew about the affair.

“Don’t know her. Didn’t see her. I was enjoying my night with my mama and aunt. We ain’t involved in this,” Gabrielle commented on the photo.
Tristan has not yet commented on the cheating allegations.

Britney Spears Sends Love to Sister Jamie Lynn After Welcoming New Daughter!
Britney Spears is so excited to be an aunt again! The 36-year-old singer took to Twitter on Thursday (April 12) to send her love to little sis Jamie Lynn Spears after she welcomed daughter Ivey Joan. 

Britney Tweeted.
Jamie Lynn and husband Jamie Watson announced they welcomed Ivey the day before. Jamie Lynn has another daughter, Maddie, 9, from her previous relationship with Casey Aldridge.

Could this be any more accurate of an Elvis Impersonator? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE STOP!

Meet Roberto! Well to see more you can GO HERE TO SEE THE PICS!  And remember they’re NSWF!

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