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The Daily Buzz For April 23

Nia Long Goes Nude For ‘Allure’
Nia Long better werk!
As you know, each year, Allure Magazine rounds up a bunch of celebs to take it all off for their annual nude issue, and this time it’s Nia Long who’s giving us a peek at her “Naked Truth.”  The new spread features Nia butt naked in the sand while her hand covers all the right places.
43-years-old never looked so good!

Inside, she reveals:
Posing nude is probably the most uncomfortable thing ever, and not from a spiritual sense. I’m still going naked. I can still take it off—two babies later. The point is to capture the true essence of beauty in our most comfortable state—and that is nude.
This isn’t the first time “The Single Moms Club” actress has bared it all for a magazine. A few years ago, she posed nude while pregnant for the cover of Ebony.

Nia Long Allure Nude 2
Nia’s Q&A:
How did you prep for today’s shoot?
“I ran for 45 minutes this morning, and I haven’t eaten a morsel. As soon as this is over, I’m grabbing a burger.”

Have you ever skinny-dipped?
“Oh, yes. It’s kind of a thing I do on the regular.”

Are there any body parts that make you self-conscious?
“When you have kids, your body changes drastically. My boobs are not the same as they were before, I’m not going to lie.”


Amber Rose Poses For UNLEASH’D Magazine
Amber Rose gets fab on 4 different covers of UNLEASH’D magazine. Amber posed for pics that consisted of some vibrant colors (all but the lower right)  - including one in which she’s serving face while rockin’ a burnt orange fur and matching lip, and another of her in a fitted neon yellow dress.
She shared the covers on Instagram, writing: “Cast ur vote with @unleashd_mag for ur favorite cover! #AmberRose #unleashedmagazine.” And, while on set of the shoot, she didn’t hesitate to twerk sum as A$AP Ferg‘s “Shabba” played in the background.

Take a closer look at the covers below..
 “Just a lil lite twerk at the @unleashd_mag shoot thx @priscillaono for making me look so beautiful and @sammyandjudy for the dope threads.” – Amber

Questlove Shares Thoughts On Hip-Hop's Cultural Impact
Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson of The Roots has long been considered one of music's most knowledgeable minds. Considering Questlove established his foundation drumming for one of the world's most popular Hip-Hop groups, his thoughts on where the genre is and where it can go are worth observing.

In a weekly series launched by New York Magazine's Vulture blog, the column will examine how Black music has been shaped by Black culture over the past 50 years. Questlove offers the first of six essays in total to come.
From Vulture:
I have wondered about this for years, and worried about it for just as many years. It's kept me up at night or kept me distracted during the day. And after looking far and wide, I keep coming back to the same answer, which is this: The reason is simple. The reason is plain. Once hip-hop culture is ubiquitous, it is also invisible. Once it's everywhere, it is nowhere.
What once offered resistance to mainstream culture (it was part of the larger tapestry, spooky-action style, but it pulled at the fabric) is now an integral part of the sullen dominant. Not to mention the obvious backlash conspiracy paranoia: Once all of black music is associated with hip-hop, then Those Who Wish to Squelch need only squelch one genre to effectively silence an entire cultural movement.
The entire column shows Questlove accepting his position as a successful recording artist.  It also delves into the idea that Hip-Hop shouldn't be seen as some monolithic catchall term that gets attached to anything culturally relevant emerging from the minds of Black people. It's definitely worth a read.
Check out Questlove's column in Vulture Mag

Eve Celebrates Her Bachelorette Party
Happiness sure looks good on Eve.
With her wedding date fast approaching, the former First Lady of Ruff Ryders and Pitbull in a skirt, had her bachelorette party on Friday night surrounded by close friends and family.  
The rapper/actress was joined by Mashonda and a small group of friends as she celebrated her last remaining days as Miss Jeffers before she becomes Mrs. Maximillion Cooper.
Catch the pics
She posted on Instagram:
Thanku to all my girls for tonight. The best #bachelorette party #ever #girlsnightout #almostmrscooper #fun I FEEL SO SPECIAL ️️️
Back in December, her millionaire tycoon fiancé popped the big question on Christmas Day, and the two are said to be getting get married in Ibiza in June.

Welcome to the next chapter Eve!

Kate, Cameron, Leslie & Nicki Bring “The Other Woman” To Hollywood
Bringing their flick to Hollywood, the girls of “The Other Woman” stepped out for the Los Angeles premiere on Monday night (April 21).
Kate Upton looked dazzling in a silver cocktail dress as she posed alongside co-stars Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz.
In addition, cast members Nicki Minaj and Taylor Kinney struck a pose on the red carpet before heading inside to watch the flick.
Per the synopsis, “After discovering her boyfriend is married, Carly soon meets the wife he's been cheating on. And when yet another affair is discovered, all three women team up to plot mutual revenge on the three-timing SOB.”

“The Other Woman” hits theaters on Friday (April 25)!

Ex NBA and ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Eric Williams Maybe Homeless!!
Former NBA and Basketball Wives star Eric Williams made over $40 million in his career.

Williams played for the Celtics, Nuggets, Cavaliers, Nets, Raptors, Spurs, and Bobcats during his NBA career—was due in court in Colorado recently in order to attend a child support hearing. Well, the former Basketball Wives cast member didn’t show up because, according to him, he is broke right now. Additionally, he revealed that he never received a citation from the court to make an appearance because the citation “was not delivered to my home address as I have no home.”

In the letter Williams says he currently volunteers at an unnamed non-profit organization. “I’m in the rebuilding stages of my life,” he writes. Oh well!

Tia Mowry & Cory Hardrict Get Cutesy On Romantic Mexican Vacay
"Instant Mom" star Tia Mowry and her Transcendence star husband Cory booked it to Los Cabos for a romantic weekend getaway.  They celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary, and the super cute twosome are sharing pics for all their fans to get a peek:
EBONY magazine cover girl Tia, rocking a fab Free People slip gown above, shared she's growing her natural curls out again, and it looks super cute.
Beach days and romantic nights....must be nice....
Happy anniversary Tia & Cory!

New Music: Mya “Same Page” (Ft. Eric Bellinger)
Mya is back with new music. Her new EP, Sweet XVI, celebrates the 16th anniversary of her self-titled debut album. The D.C. native teams up with singer-songwriter Eric Bellinger on “Same Page.”

It’s good feeling when that special someone’s into you, just as much as you’re into him/her – and that’s what the duo’s singing about on the new tune. Listen as Eric complements Mya’s sweet vocals on “Same Page,” plus check out other songs from the EP, inside.



The Game Accuses Tiffney Cambridge Of Brainwashing His Kids
The Marrying The Game drama between rapper The Game and Tiffney Cambridge seems to be going from bad to worse.  And their kids have been thrown in the middle.

This past weekend, Game took to his Instagram once again to vent to his followers, while revealing that he hasn’t seen his kids in over a month and Tiffney is brainwashing their kids to believe he is a terrible father.  He wrote:

“First off, I’d like to say.. Before you read this, I’d like to say I love my fans & sometimes venting to you guys is my ONLY therapy. The moment i decided to be famous… I waived the right to privacy & surrendered myself to my music & my fans….. & to be honest, I try to keep most of it in on some G s*** but everyone has a BREAKING POINT & my weakness is my children.

Loving them too much has turned them into weapons to be used against me. & I say that to say, today I am……. LUCKY: I got to spend Easter & eat lunch with my 1st born. UN-LUCKY: haven’t got to spend time with both of my younger kids in over a month. FACTS: My 3 year old daughter told my mom that her mother told her that I am very bad man & a terrible father furthermore brainwashing Cali to harbor hate towards me preventing her from even wanting to speak to me. 3 year olds just don’t make these things up. MORE FACTS: I have dedicated my entire life to being the best father possible, ensuring my children are loved, cared for & have been provided for everyday since they were born.

QUESTIONS: How come men that fully take care of their children financially & are 100% emotionally & physically available and want to be fathers have to beg to see their children & are deprived….. & men that are dead beats, that don’t do s*** for their kids are begged to be in their child’s lives & have to give nothing ?? Sometimes situations like this make n—as wish they were DEAD BEATS…. Them n—as got it easy !!!! No responsibility & ain’t got to drop a dime or invest anytime at all with their kids.. Just bust a nut & be gone. ANSWER: That’s Life. CALI & JUSTICE…. Your father loves you with all his heart & I hope you two had a wonderful Easter. This will be the 1st Easter since your births I wasn’t allowed to be apart of. No kids, no call, no happy Easter, no nothing…. The thanks I get for being an OUTSTANDING father their entire life !!! As my nigga @champagnepapi would say: “They Ain’t Got No Awards For That” #Trophies”
Although Game has been blaming Tiffney for keeping his kids away from him, Tiffney tells a far different story.  According to TMZ, she fears for the safety of her kids after Game broke her nose last month and also injured the kids in the process:

Cambridge says in her docs the fight turned so violent, a table broke, injuring both kids. She says their 3-year-old daughter yelled for help because her leg was bleeding … and Game got even more ferocious when Cambridge went to help her.

According to the docs, he told Cambridge, “Move the f*** out the way” and called her a b-tch while tearing her clothing and repeatedly hitting her torso with his closed fist. She claims he also yelled, “I will end it all.”

Cambridge says after the fight … Game refused to let her leave … telling the children that if Mommy called police, both Mommy and Daddy would go to jail.

She says Game eventually allowed her to take the kids and go. She went to the hospital the next day, where she says she learned her nose was broken.
First of all, a woman by no means should ever keep a man from seeing his kids, BUT if he did become violent, it’s understandable why she’d be reluctant to allow him to see the kids at this time.

Who’s telling the truth?
It was all good just a few months ago! HMMMMMMM!

Karrine Stephens Mentoring Montana Fishburne
Four years ago Laurence Fishburne’s daughter Montana Fishburne thought it would be a good idea to release a skin flick with Vivid Entertainment. It wasn’t. Now that she’s ready to turn her life around, Karrine [formerly known as Superhead] Steffans, has taken Montana under her wing.

According to Always A List Montana Fishburne is penning a fitness blog for Karrine’s website I’m so F’n Gorgeous.com
Karrine tells Always A List
“It may seem like a stretch to you but physical fitness and health are major parts of Montana’s life. The kid knows her stuff! Now, is she bat s—t crazy otherwise? Maybe. But we’re not here for her life advice; we’re here for toned abs and an ass that won’t quit.”

And now…

Kerry Washington Reveals The Struggle Of Filming "Scandal" While PREGNANT
In the latest issue of THR, Emmy-nominated actress Kerry Washington revealed that this was her most challenging season...because of her pregnancy. Kerry, who's expecting her first child with husband Nnamdi Asomugha, opened up about the creative ways producers and stylists had to work around her belly and how the pregnancy affected her "Olivia Pope" character.

What was the hardest scene for you to film this season?

I work very physically as an actor. The biggest thing for me has been the challenge of how to be this person [Olivia Pope] with the personal transformation that's going on for me physically and how to stay true to this character. That hasn't been easy. It's been an awesome challenge for me as an actor because so much of how I access character is through my body. It's definitely been complicated to say the least. I've learned a lot about other ways to access Olivia and be her. It's interesting that Olivia has had such a dark season and that's been hard, too. I have my own understanding about who she is and to watch her go through and have to embody some of the things Olivia had to go through this season has really been challenging. I've always talked about my favorite thing about the character being the balance between her strength and vulnerability, so to be this very strong woman in these very dark periods of emotional vulnerability has been hard -- and fun (laughs).

What do you think about all the creative ways Scandal has concealed your pregnancy? Is there one that stood out to you?

I'm just grateful for how hard everybody has worked to maintain the authenticity of this character in this world. I'm grateful to [costume designer] Lyn Paolo and all our producers. The decision of whether or not a character would be on similar journey, I had nothing to do with that decision. I trust Shonda with all things. I feel very grateful that we have such an amazing team that was able to protect the character within the context of what the actress was going through.

And Neutrogena's newest brand ambassador thanked her Gladiators for taking the ultra rocky ride of season 3:
There is NO way to describe my gratitude for every single one of u #Gladiators ️ We would not exist without your support. Miss ya already!
— kerry washington (@kerrywashington) April 18, 2014
ABC has yet to announce the renewal of "Scandal" for Season 4.  But we all know it will come.....It better.

When it comes to being bootylicious everyone knows of the vicious rivalry between the twerk team and the apple bottoms. Which side of the crack does your allegiance fall on?


THIS JUST IN: Two Cast Members From RHoA Contracts Not Renewed?

Two Cast Members From RHOA Contracts Not Renewed?
Word on the street is there is about to be a BLOODBATH among the cast of the Atlanta Housewives – with 3 HOUSEWIVES GETTING THE AXE!!!

Reports MTO:
According to our Bravo snitch, the producers are looking to “shake up” the cast. While they were generally HAPPY with the ratings this year . . . the producers feel that they want “real drama” among the Housewives, and not manufactured storylines. So they’re looking to bring in NEW WOMEN – who have REAL LIFE DRAMA in their lives.

So who is staying – NeNe, Phaedra, and Kandi. The producers feel that NeNe is the FOUNDATION of the show, and they are NOT letting her go. The second most popular cast member is Kandi – she just rubs everyone the right way – and she’s genuinely LIKED by everyone. Phaedra is a lock too – given the LEGAL ISSUES that her family is going to be facing in coming months.

So who is OUT – Cynthia and Porsha are OUT. According to our insider, contracts went out early this week, and neither Cynthia NOR Porsha got one. Also OUT is Marlo. The reunion “fight” really got those WHITE FOLKS OVER THERE SHOOK. One insider told MediaTakeOut.com that any person that they believe has “the propensity for violence” is out.
Now what about Kenya? Well she’s IN. According to a MediaTakeOut.com TOP SNITCH, Kenya received her contract this week.

So the CONTRACT HOLDING housewives are NeNe, Kandi, Phaedra, and Kenya . . . and the ones getting the AXE are Cynthia and Porsha and sorta housewife MARLO. Stay Tuned!


The Daily Buzz For April 22

Chris Brown Trial Underway: Singer's Bodyguard Found Guilty Of Assault
Starting off his week with legal proceedings, Chris Brown headed to court for the beginning of his trial on Monday (April 21).
Yesterday his bodyguard Christopher Hollosy was found guilty of misdemeanor assault. Chris will go on trial for the same crime this afternoon.
Hollosy and Brown were accused of attacking a man outside the W Hotel in Washington, D.C. in October 2013, and the bodyguard's verdict does not bode well for Brown.
If the 24-year-old is found guilty, his probation for his previous assault charges involving Rihanna could be revoked. If that occurs, Chris could face more time in jail.
Brown is currently behind bars for an arrest made last month.

WELL DAMN: Knicks fire entire coaching staff
Mike Woodson has been fired as the New York Knicks' head coach, the team announced Monday morning.
With Prez Phil in charge and the specter of Coach Phil looming, the Knicks job may be a ménage à triangle.
New Knicks president Phil Jackson announced in a release that the entire coaching staff was relieved of its duties.
"I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mike Woodson and his entire staff," Jackson said. "The coaches and players on this team had an extremely difficult 2013-14 season, and blame should not be put on one individual. But the time has come for change throughout the franchise as we start the journey to assess and build this team for next season and beyond.

"Everyone in this franchise owes a great deal of gratitude to what Mike and his staff have done. We wish him the best."
Woodson had one year remaining on the three-year contract he signed with the Knicks before the 2011-12 season.
When reached for comment, Woodson said he was "doing fine."
"I'm in my office packing as we speak," he told ESPN. "I'm not really entertaining anything with the media right now. I'm just trying to clear my head. That's what I'm doing. ... I'm fine. I have been doing this a long time. I'm good, really good. It's time to move on."

Shooting guard J.R. Smith called the firing "sad."
"He was great to me. I think I got a fair shake for the first time in a while under him," Smith told ESPN. "He treated me how he wanted to be treated. It sucks, but there is nothing I can do about it.
"I think he did a great job. I think he did a good job with me. He responded to the players. It's just a sad day for him, for me and my teammates."

Jackson said he will immediately begin to conduct a coaching search to find a replacement.
The 13-time NBA champion (11 titles as a coach) is expected to seek a coach with an intimate knowledge of the triangle offense. Former Suns general manager and current TNT analyst Steve Kerr, who won three NBA titles under Jackson with the Chicago Bulls, has been mentioned most often as a potential replacement.

Woodson coached the Knicks for the past two seasons after taking over on an interim basis in 2011 following Mike D'Antoni's resignation. Woodson guided the Knicks to a 54-win regular season and a division title in 2012-13, in addition to their first playoff series win in 13 seasons.
Following the team's success in 2012-13, owner James Dolan told staffers on the eve of the 2013-14 season that he felt the Knicks could compete for an NBA title. They fell well short of those expectations.

New York started the season 3-13, suffered through losing streaks of nine and seven games and fell as many as 19 games below .500. They won 12 of 15 games in March and early April to climb back into the playoff race but were eliminated late last week, missing out on the postseason for the first time in four seasons.

"I don't know what is fair or not," Smith said of the firing. "I'm not the person dealing with fair or not. It would've been nice to see him get another year at least, but Phil Jackson has won a lot of championships and knows basketball, so we have to trust in that."

Celebs Invade Coachella 2014 Weekend 2
Weekend 2 of Coachella went down April 18th through the 20th, with performances from Pharrell, Jay Z, T.I., Usher and more.. plus Lauryn Hill surprised the crowd by joining Nas during his set.
Catch more weekend pics inside.
Away from the stage plenty of celebs came out for the entertainment. Beyoncé, her sis Solange and nephew Juelz were all spotted — and also LeToya Luckett, Queen Latifah, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa snapped it up too. Catch more weekend 2 pics inside.

Keyshawn Johnson Arrested For Domestic Violence, Out On Bail
Former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson was arrested for domestic violence after getting into an argument with his girlfriend that allegedly turned physical.
Reports TMZ:
The former NFL star wide receiver was busted in Calabasas, CA early Monday morning.
According to law enforcement ... Keyshawn was involved in a fight with his ex-girlfriend when things allegedly got physical. Sources say he smashed her phone, causing a gash to her hand.
Our sources say the two had an up-and-down relationship and were arguing over marriage.
Johnson was formally arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery and booked.
Bail was set at 20K. Keyshawn made bail and is now out.
We gotta heat both sides.
Johnson is currently an analyst for ESPN, for now.

Brooklyn Teen Shot After Cutting Nike Air Foamposite Pro Line
The sneaker game is getting all too real, and violent. On Saturday a Brooklyn teen who cut a long line of people outside a Foot Locker waiting to buy Nike Air Foamposite Pros in a special "Yeezy" colorway, was shot for his trouble.
This story has more layers than a poor kid trying to cop sneakers got caught up in the crossfire, though.

Reports the New York Daily News:
The victim, identified by friends as Isaiah Martinez, was shot early Saturday as he tried to buy a pair of Kanye West-designed sneakers from a Brooklyn Foot Locker, cops and witnesses said.
Martinez apparently cut a long line of eager customers looking to buy the new Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Yeezy” sneakers moments before the 6 a.m. shooting outside the Knickerbocker Ave. store, near Stanhope St., in Bushwick.
“There were people camped out for the sneakers and Isaiah tried to cut the line,” said Edison Cartagena, 21, who described himself as a Martinez pal.
Those patiently waiting for their chance to buy the $250 sneakers at 8 a.m. were outraged by Martinez's move and demanded he go to the back of the line, said Cartagena, who works at a nearby clothing store.
Usually this part of the story is where there may be a scuffle, authorities are called and after some drama everything goes back to relative normal, right? Wrong.
It turns out that Martinez was blatantly not trying to follow proper protocol, and ended up catching a hot lead in his foot.
“They get into a scuffle and one of the guys on line left and told Isaiah he was coming back with a gun,” Cartagena said. “He came back and just fired off four shots.”
“He probably shot him in the foot just to scare him off,” he said. “You know to send a message.'
Paramedics took the teen to Woodhull Hospital with a nonlife-threatening wound.
“I don't think anyone should lose their life over a pair of sneakers,” Cartagena said. “Thankfully he's okay. The whole thing is just crazy.”
Other witnesses said Isaiah mouthed off to the shooter before bullets started flying.
“I guess he tried to get tough with one of the guys he cut,” said witness Jayson Roque, 23, who works at a nearby GameStop. “One of them left and came back with a gun and shot him.
The stores opening was delayed until 11 am but it seems like those on line still got their kicks.
But are they worth a bullet?

Jason Derulo Reveals Industry Pressure To Marry Girlfriend Jordin Sparks
With the release of his debut album Talk Dirty, cutie Jason Derulo is dishing on the single he wrote for his girlfriend “American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks titled, “Marry Me”

Jason got steamy on the stage with Jordin, performing their duet “Vertigo” (above) this week during Universal CityWalk's "Spring Concert Series".  And the “Talk Dirty” singer did an interview with Hot 97 where he explained how he and Jordin are put under a lot of pressure from the music industry to get married...and how the “Marry Me” track came about.

He said:
“I wrote ‘Marry Me’ for Jordin actually and basically what I was saying in the song is we got forever. Why are we rushing? We get a lot of industry pressure and I don’t want her to feel a kind of way. So I wrote this song just for her saying that I swear that I’ll mean it when I say it ‘Will you marry me?’ That’ll be an amazing day when I actually say it to you. She was like ‘the world needs to hear this song’ and I was like ‘Nah, I ain’t about to play this to the world, this is for you.’ She then said ‘play it for some people’ so I played it and I was like ‘aight, let’s release it.”


New Couple Alert: Richard Gere and Padma Lakshmi Are An Item
There’s a new couple in town, as Richard Gere is said to be dating “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi.
According to reports from Page Six, the duo have been together for a short time, but have been spending time together while the “Pretty Woman” actor films in New York City.
The romance comes as the 64-year-old actor is still in the process of divorcing actress Carey Lowell, whom he has been separated from since September.

For her part, Padma was married to novelist Salman Rushdie for three years, and has a young daughter, Krishna Thea Lakshmi-Dell with ex-boyfriend Adam Dell.

Kraft Recalls Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs After Packaging
 Kraft is recalling 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer hots dogs because they are contained in the wrong packaging.
The product labels are incorrect as they do not reflect the ingredients associated with the pasteurized cheese in the cheese dogs, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) said in a statement on Sunday.

The products were formulated with milk, which is not declared on the product label, the FSIS said.
The recall is classified a Class I recall – a health hazard situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death.

Tae Heckard and Brandon Jennings Confirm Their Relationship!
Well after rumors about their relationship kept popping up on the blogs, they finally CONFIRMED their relationship to the public.
Model-actress Tae Heckard, who just recently dated rapper Nelly and NBA baller Brandon Jennings who recently dated Teyana Taylor make it official.
The two seem to be pretty happy in their new found relationship, but the not everyone is happy about them together.
Teyana Taylor’s friend shared her thoughts on their romance via Instagram. Taylor, a good friend of Tae’s was previous engaged to the player. “Wait, wasn’t you and @teyanataylor just together in LA? The G.O.O.D. Music’s First Lady delivers a heartfelt song about a relationship that unfortunately didn’t last. Could she be singing to Brandon Jennings?...

She sings, “I’m sorry you didn’t know how to love me / I’m sorry I wasn’t beautiful to you / I’m sorry you just didn’t understand how to be my man. This is why Teyana be pi***** me the f*** off because she speaks so highly of your b*** ass.

Keke Palmer To Become The Youngest Talk Show Host In History
A few years ago, Keke Palmer was the fourth highest paid child star on television, and now she’s making even more waves in the industry!
Earlier, it was announced that the 20-year-old media maven recently linked up with BET and Telepictures for a new show. And this time, she won’t be acting.

In the new series, tentatively titled “The KeKe Palmer Project,” Keke will be following in the footsteps of Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks, and Queen Latifah with her very own talk show aimed at young adults.

She revealed in a statement:
I like to read quotes that touch on how I am feeling.  If I am dealing with confusion, I will read quotes about clarity and peace of mind as they are very uplifting to me. I started posting these quotes on my twitter page and the fans responded so positively! I realized that many of them were dealing with similar issues and the quotes helped to open up a genuine dialogue between us.
After her followers started saying that she should have her own show, Judge Mathis’ company, Mathis Productions, reached out to make it happen.

On her desire to be a talk show host, Keke revealed:
I come from a very small, poor town just outside of the Chicago area and I know what it’s like to dream and accomplish some of your goals, but I would never want to do a show where I am preaching to anyone because I do not like being preached at.  I want to learn right along with my audience and every show will be a collaborative effort.  I am so thankful to Debra Lee and everyone at the BET Network for providing me with this unique opportunity and platform.
This is amazing! We need more positive young females on television that young women can look up to. I still miss ‘Teen Summit’ back in the day!

When the show premieres in July, Keke will become the youngest talk show host in history. The title is currently held by Ricki Lake, who was 25 when she began her show.
Check out this throwback photo KeKe recently posted on Instagram of her with Queen Latifah back in the day! 

White House hosts annual Easter Egg Roll
Thousands of children, most decked out in their Sunday best, raced across the South Lawn of the White House on Monday in the annual Easter Egg Roll.
Swinging large wooden spoons, scores of kids pushed and prodded brightly colored eggs across the White House lawn.
No eggs were broken, but a few hearts were; the races often ended in tears of frustration.
“I like trying to win everything,” said 4-year-old Charlie Tuesca from Kensington, Md.

Leila Voxakis, 2, who couldn’t make it to the finish line despite the urging of a volunteer, ended up picking up her egg and waddling to the line.
“Everything has been wonderful. This is our first egg roll,” said Leila’s mother, Rana Voxakis, 36, of Virginia. “I’m glad that my little girls could experience it.”
The egg roll, now in its 136th year, featured such celebrities as Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, actor Jim Carrey, singer Ariana Grande, 2014 Miss America Nina Davuluri and Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster.
There also were live performances from pop stars and the Marine Corps Band.
Cam Anthony, the 12-year-old singer who has become a hit on YouTube, started the festivities with a soaring rendition of the national anthem from the Truman Balcony of the White House.
President Obama stepped onto the balcony to welcome the crowd of more than 30,000 people and introduce first lady Michelle Obama.
“Happy Easter! This is the biggest event we have at the White House all year long,” the president told the crowd. He hailed his wife as “the person who makes this all possible.”
The Obamas’ daughters, Sasha and Malia, were not in attendance because they were in school, the first lady’s press secretary, Joanna Rosholm, said.
The theme of this year’s egg roll was “Hop into Healthy, Swing into Shape,” part of the first lady’s Let’s Move initiative to encourage fitness and healthful eating among children.
With the egg roll, “we get to celebrate something near and dear to my heart — it’s making sure kids are healthy and active,” Michelle Obama lady said.

Attendees flocked between sports courts, cooking stations, storybook readings and craft areas. They could also take pictures with vegetable mascots, the Easter bunny, Spider-Man and the Minions from the animated movie “Despicable Me.”
The Obamas made their rounds to each of the stations after the introduction. At the story station, the president read “Where the Wild Things Are,” which he says was one of his favorite books as a child. He reads it every year at the Easter Egg Roll.

After the story station, the president went to the basketball and tennis courts, where he played a couple of games and posed for photos with children.
Meanwhile, Michelle Obama visited the cooking station and the story station.
According to the White House Historical Association, the egg roll at the president’s residence started in 1878. Previously, an egg roll had been held on the Capitol grounds, but Congress passed a bill forbidding children from playing there because of damage to the lawn. So President Rutherford B. Hayes invited children to roll their eggs on the South Lawn.

“I grew up here and always saw kids doing [the egg roll] on TV,” Alexandria resident Amy Holmes, 44, said Monday. “It’s exciting to finally come and . . . see it through my kids’ eyes.”

I guess the full moon hadn’t quite wore off for this walking werewolf. That’s about to make me howl.