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The Daily Buzz For Oct 24

'Into the Woods' First Look: New Photos, Concept Art, and Inside Dish
The Wolf (Johnny Depp) and Little Red Riding Hood (Lilla Crawford)
Depp's big bad Wolf—inspired by the zoot suit-wearing lothario in the 1940's Tex Avery cartoon—was perhaps the filmmakers' biggest challenge, considering he's the sole animal in a film grounded in reality (or something like it). According to Depp, ''Rob Marshall wasn't afraid to let me take the role to a level of heightened reality, almost cartoon-like, where one second the Wolf is here, and then, boom, suddenly he's over there.''

The Baker (James Corden) and Little Red Riding Hood (Lilla Crawford)
Despite stealing a cape from a little girl, James Corden's Baker represents the audience's entry into the fantastical Woods. ''All of the other characters are from a fairy tale world, and the Baker and his wife are the everyman and everywoman,'' Corden explains. ''I think Rob [Marshall] wanted someone who would represent the audience in that fashion, and I was very lucky.''

The Baker (James Corden), The Baker's Wife (Emily Blunt), and Jack (Daniel Huttlestone)
The importance of the cow—named Milky White—could not be understated in both plot and production. Four cows (Tug, Diamond, Two Fold, and Pearl) were used, and chocolate props were used for the scene when Milky White must eat the ingredients gathered by the Baker and his Wife. ''Once you're in costume and running through woods dragging a real cow behind you that's slightly different from the cardboard cut-out you rehearsed with, it was extraordinary,'' recalls Blunt.

Concept art of The Woods
Production employed a tree scout but had a ringer in production designer Dennis Gassner, a former lumberjack. ''I would walk through Central Park and photograph trees, and it was really about informing ourselves visually because, tree by tree, each one has character and individuality,'' says Gassner. ''Sondheim is a puzzlemaker, and so you're going to be putting a puzzle together as intricate as the story and characters and songs, and that goes through with the design in every way.''

Cinderella's Prince (Chris Pine)
Pay close attention to Pine's perfect hair as his prince careens through the woods. ''I sat in the makeup chair, and we started playing around with hairstyles,'' said the actor. ''I said, 'What if he had this weird Elvis pompadour, always coiffed and absurdly too big?''' He continues, ''There's something laughable about him. He's very gallant, but you just want him to also be, like, a douche.''

Cinderella (Anna Kendrick)
One of the benefits of translating the musical to film involved changing certain songs. For instance, Cinderella's ''On the Steps of the Palace'' now takes place in the present (instead of the past), complete with new lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. ''I felt lucky and terrified that Sondheim was handing me new lyrics,'' shares Kendrick. ''I felt, like, Oh my God, he's making history and I get to be here watching him change his own work for a movie adaptation.''

Cinderella's Stepmother (Christine Baranski, center) with evil stepsisters Lucinda (Lucy Punch) and Florinda (Tammy Blanchard)
Hair and makeup designer Peter King says that the actors took their characters immediately after getting into makeup. ''You're sitting there, making them up, chatting, laughing, but by the time they come back in their costumes for touch-ups, they're behaving completely differently,'' says the design veteran. ''Christine was, completely then, the wicked stepmother.''

The Baker (James Corden), The Baker's Wife (Emily Blunt), and The Witch (Meryl Streep)
Blunt and Streep go back to their days in The Devil Wears Prada, but meeting Meryl was a new experience for Corden. ''I used to tell her that she was a 'smashing little actress,''' he laughs. '''You know, Meryl, I don't know what it is, but I think you've got it.''' More pics. 
This looks like it's going to be great!

These Hoes ain’t LOYAL! Khloe Kardashian & Wiz Khalifa Dating??
Rumor has it that Khloe Kardashian and Wiz Khalifa are hanging out and hooking? Wiz Khalifa recently split from his wife Amber Rose, but has the rapper already moved on with his life?? Wiz has been seen with several different girls, video models and now most recently reality star Khloe K??

According to RumorFix:
The two newly single stars are reportedly hooking up after the duo were seen together on a dinner date over the weekend. According to onlookers, Khalifa and Khloe reportedly snuck into Beverly Hills Phillipe Chow and made a dash for the private booths in the back where the two spent about an hour together before secretly leaving out the back doors.

YMCMB’s Tyga Keeps It Real About Label Mates Drake And Nicki Minaj
YMCMB’s Tyga is letting the cat out of the bag about his relationship with label mates Drake and Nicki Minaj.
In a interview with Vibe Magazine Tyga says he doesn’t get along with Drake or Nicki. He said he is trying to distance himself from the whole crew. He also wants to eventually go independent.

Is Young Money a part of the creative process on this album?
Nah. I tend to distance myself from them.

Are you trying to break out on your own?
Yeah, I’m tryna’ go independent. I don’t really get along with Drake. I don’t really get along with Nicki.
I don’t like Drake as a person. He’s just fake to me. I like his music; you know what I’m saying? I think his music is good, but we’re all different people. We were forced together and it was kinda’ like we were forcing relationships together. It is what it is. But I been friends with Chris [Brown] for like six years. That’s my real genuine friend. We hang out all the time. He lives up the street from me, so we don’t just do music we hang. I think being signed to Young Money, everybody felt like they had to force a relationship ‘cause Wayne put us together. At the end of the day the reason why I signed to Young Money is because of Wayne. Not because of Drake, not because of Nicki. It was because of Wayne and my relationship with him. I try to be cool with everybody, but sometimes, everybody just has different personalities, motives, and different characters. When you realize that, you realize that’s not a place where you want to continue to grow.”

“The Kardashians fit the profile. Speaking of, you’re not dating Kylie Jenner?
Kylie? Nah. See the thing about Kylie… I’ve known Kylie and the whole family for four years. I introduced Chyna to Kim about a year ago. So everybody’s been cool, but like it’s just so hard, their world is different. If somebody wanna’ hang out, cool, I’m not opposed to hanging out with somebody. I hang out with her [Kylie], her sister [Kendall], I hang out with Scott [Disick] sometimes, I hang out with Khloe sometimes. But people wanna take the situation [with Kylie] to the next level.”
“VIBE: You’ve got a music Jedi helping you with this new record. How did the Kanye collaboration come about?
TYGA: I would always go to his crib or studio, sit in, learn and analyze how he does things. He just told me to come to the studio one day and gave Big Sean and me this long speech. He was saying what it is, and what we need to do as young artists and how we need to take control of this shit. We got the voice and people follow what we do. It was real inspirational. He was like, “If you guys want me to help you produce your albums, and co-executive produce it, I’m here. I just want to help everybody.” So, once I heard that, I was like “Aw man! Let me start!” So I started playing the joints that I was already working on and he started critiquing ‘em. I started switching things up. Like things I wouldn’t even think about on a track, that he thought of, and it just switched the whole vibe of the song. So stuff like that and starting from scratch on other things. I think it’s gonna be good to have somebody that hears music sonically like he does.
It’s gotta be surreal having someone with such an expansive playbook coaching you.
I think I’ve always been inspired by him, Jay Z, Eminem and Wayne. I know how Wayne works. I’ve been around him since I was 17. I always was around Wayne like when he was recording Tha Carter III, so I saw his journey from when he was great, and when he became greatness in the eyes of the world. I took a lot of notes from that. So now just to see another artist [West] that’s considered one of the greatest and how he does things, it’s two different worlds. I don’t know how to really describe it. I get inspired being around Wayne, I get inspired being around ‘Ye. At the end of the day it’s [about] finding what you’re great at. That’s my main thing.”

And the downfall begins. You never down your label mates because your stuff isn’t together, I will take his “not getting along” with a grain of salt. Tyga doesn’t get along with the two biggest successes and breadwinners (aside from Lil Wayne) out of Young Money? That sounds like hating and jealousy to me.

Beyonce And Jay Z Renew Their Wedding Vows (Details)
The Carters are drunk in love. Beyoncé and Jay Z have squashed the breakup rumors once and for all by reportedly renewing their vows.
According to People, the superstar couple, who celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in April, recently renewed their vows.

“They did have major problems,” a source told the magazine. “But they worked it out and they’ve renewed their vows.”
Over the summer, there were rampant rumors that the couple was headed for divorce. While their relationship has had its ups and downs, “they worked it out for [the sake of] their reputations and for [their 2-year-old daughter] Blue Ivy.”
The two were spotted house hunting in Paris over the past month. They’ve toured a villa near the Seine, a home in a gated community known as “Millionaire’s Row,” and a townhouse next to the Elysee Palace.

They shared their love for the City of Light during their “On the Run Tour” last month. “We love Paris,” Jay Z told the audience during the final two shows. “It’s special to us because we got engaged here, and this is where Blue Ivy was conceived.”
The couple recently shared photos from their family trip to the Louvre and Frieze Art Fair, and is reportedly in the studio working on a joint album to be released later this year or in early 2015.

Stevie Wonder STILL Married.....Although He's ALLEGEDLY Expecting Triplets And ENGAGED To A New Woman?
A few days ago, we shared with you the unconfirmed "good" news that music icon Stevie Wonder was engaged and expecting triplets with his alleged fiancee Tameeka Robyn Bracy.  But we couldn't figure out why Tameeka wasn't waving her "Ribbon In The Sky" for all to see. 
Then we brought you a picture of a woman (identified as Tameeka) with a young child in a stroller - who had ALSO been identified as Stevie Wonder's child.  Say what now?

How did a baby and a fiancee slip under the radar in this day an age?  We might have an answer.  Team WONDER is working hard to protect the singer's image...which MIGHT be slightly messy.  The word on the street is that Stevie is STILL legally married to his estranged wife, designer Kai Milla.
A source close to Kai (identified as a family friend) revealed that Stevie and Kai are still married.  Mind you, we were made aware of the "marriage" through a source provided by Kai's publicist.  Yes...it's messy.  But we'll take it.

Kai may not speak up for herself....but her unidentified family friends are talking!  It's their business, but you have to give Tameeka the Iyanla Vanzant "side-eye" for getting engaged to a married man AND getting pregnant by him multiple times...allegedly.  #fixyourlife

Monyetta Shaw And Tahiry Jose Host Gold Room Mondays; Toya Wright, Kenny Burns, Malaysia Pargo & More Join Them
Monyetta Shaw and Tahiry Jose hosted a party at Atlanta’s Gold Room on Monday, bringing out Toya Wright, Kenny Burns, Malaysia Pargo, Wood Harris, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Dice (La La’s Full Court Life) and more. Catch more snaps from the evening inside.

“Good times with my people,” Monyetta wrote, as she shared a pic from the night. And it looks like everybody had a good time as they sipped on drinks and posed for pics.

DJ Khaled Hospitalized In Miami (Pics)
DJ Khaled was reportedly taken to Aventura Hospital in North Miami Beach. In an Instagram post that was later deleted, Khaled took a selfie from his hospital bed where he was receiving oxygen. The details of his latest health scare were never divulged.

Reports VIBE: Instead, the We The Best Music boss returned to his feed with a reassuring post after he was released, thanking his followers for their well wishes. French Montana was also on the scene.

“Fresh out back to work thank u for love real talk !!!” he wrote. “I promise I’m going on vacation .. I already book my travel .. Going rest and vibe and win more !@wethebestmusic thank u to all my friends and fam checking in real talk thank u luv! Bless up!”

Khaled was previously hospitalized last November for high blood pressure. The incident led to his weight loss journey, which took him from 300 pounds to about 237.

“It wasn’t too crazy but they did all types of tests and they kept me for like two days and it turned into three days and I’m like ‘man, this is crazy.’ They came back good but they wanted me to take like certain medication and I told them ‘I’m not taking that. I know what I gotta do,’” he told VIBE. “I got the answer.’ When I left that day I said “Let me change my eating, get in that gym and let me be focused’ because I care about myself and my family that depends on me.

OH MY! Geneva! Geneva Thomas of ‘Blood, Sweat and Heels’ Arrested…Again!
It looks like “Blood, Sweat, and Heels” reality star Geneva Thomas has taken the title of the show way too literally.

Geneva Thomas was arrested on Tuesday following a taping for the Bravo reality show after she hit another woman over the head with a bottle. The other woman just happened to be video girl turned real estate broker and “Blood, Sweat, and Heels” co-star Miss Melyssa Ford. Witnesses say the women were involved in a verbal altercation before Thomas got physical, taking a vodka bottle to Melyssa’s face.

Maybe the ladies had one too many shots? That night, at 9:42 PM, Thomas was booked for felony assault. Melyssa ended up in the hospital with three staples in her head. Sadly, this isn’t Geneva’s first run in with the law. She was recently arrested after skipping out on an $18 cab fare in New York City. The cops tracked her down after the taxi driver reported the address he’d written down after she dashed.
The pop culture journalist tweeted a pic yesterday with the caption “Ready for a fab evening!” We think everyone can agree that the night didn’t end up being so “fab,” with her ending up in the slammer and all.

A video posted by Future Help (@futurehelp) on
In the end I think the moral of this story is crystal clear: The only time liquor bottles should be raised, is when you want to toast to the good life! What are your thoughts?

Dear Rick Ross, Can I Have My Red Bottoms Back?
I’m cacklin so hard right now after reading this groupie tale on Balleralert…… Apparently this girl had a one night stand with Rick Ross and when she left his hotel room, she forgot her red bottoms and when she tried to call him for them, he wouldn’t answer the phone…. She talks about his size and how his sex game was wack.. But she concludes her story by saying at least she got a Ciroc bottle out of the deal….. Check her story inside.

Via Balleralert.com

“First and foremost, I’m tired of these women trying to come up on Groupie Tales. I don’t believe them at all. However, my groupie tale is authentic even though I don’t have “receipts” it is factual If you date back 3 days ago, you will see that Rick was in Las Vegas, the city where I live. In the Palms hotel, he and his management, crew decided to get breakfast. No big deal. Myself and my two friends walk into the restaurant as well. I see Rick out the corner of my eye and I wasn’t impressed. He is rough looking in my eyes – however one of the men sitting with comes over to us and asked us “how are you ladies” we all response good. After about 10 minutes of small talk, I gave “JP” my number, which he said he was going to call at some point.
Let’s fast forward, it’s 11 pm and I receive a call from a 305 number, I answer, who is it? “JP” so he tells us he and Rick are having a gathering and invite myself and my two friends who were with me and breakfast. So we get ready and arrive about 12:15-12:20ish. Rick and his crew were in the penthouse suite it was beautiful, chandeliers, jacuzzi, two story, it was gorgeous. The air was filled with weed, I saw goodies on the table, Bottles of Ciroc.. etc. There were about 8 other girls there, which balances out considering there was 15 men in the room. Regardless as the night goes on Rick doesn’t make eye contact with me at all, which I find odd because I for sure thought my skin tight red dress and black Louboutins would capture his attention.

So 2 hours later, were partying, conversing, enjoy the night and I notice girls leaving with the crew, there was 2 girls leaving with ONE guy, my girls left with another, and now all that’s left is me and Rick and JP and one other guy. Rick eyes me now and tells me come here, he said why was I acting shy all night. I said I wasn’t but I didn’t think he took interest in me, he then takes off his glasses and laughs, he eyes the other two guys and I guess they took that as a symbol to leave the room.
Now it’s me and Rick , he tells me come on again as I’m following him up the stairs, upstairs was a king bed another chandelier and a bathroom with a shower that could fit 20 people in it! He tells me relax and turns on one of his music videos “diced pineapples” as he lights another blunt, he asked if I smoked, I said no, he laughs jokingly and puts it out, he’s laying down so I took the opportunity to get on top of him,it’s not everyday you get to f*** someone famous and I doubt he’d turn away p****.
I pull my dress over my head, I lean in to kiss his neck, unzip his Versace jacket, I his chest, he didn’t take off his wife beater so I took off his pants and starting kiss the groin area, needless to say we had sex, it wasn’t good either. His d*** is about 6-6 1/2 inches on hard and his pubic hair is insane and I had to get on top the whole time, I bent over for him all he did was smack my ass and directed me to get back on top.
When we finished I used his bathroom to take a shower and clean up, when I get out, he’s finishing his blunt, and asked me ” what are you about to do with the rest of this night ” I said go back to my place, he didn’t say anything, smoked his blunt and looked at his phone like he didn’t want to be bothered so I left. I walked downstairs, took an unopened bottle of ciroc with me and went back to my room. all in all I had to say that night was super WACK but I got a ciroc bottle so that made up for the wack sex. I woke up the next morning and I realized I left my louboutins over there I had switched to the flip flops in my purse: the penthouse you need to get confirmed before you take the elevator there, JP let us up last time but I knew He wasn’t there. I called his phone about 6 times and no answer I get a text the Next day saying “who’s this ” I text back told him it was me and I left my shoes over at Ricks penthouse and if you could tell him so I can get them, no response. Worst night of my life!”

This part got me right here: so I took off his pants and starting kiss the groin area, needless to say we had sex, it wasn’t good either. His dick is about 6-6 1/2 inches on hard and his pubic hair is insane…

How do you forget a $1K + pair of shoes?,  but remember to get a bottle of Ciroc? A trade is a trade! I love groupie tales they always reek of low self esteem and fails all around..

Blake Griffin Allegedly Is No Stranger To A Bitch Slap
Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin, has been accused of bitch-slapping a man in the club over the weekend.

Blake was in Tao nightclub when a man named Daniel armed with a blinding flash on his camera phone disrupted the basketball player’s vibe.

TMZ reports that Daniel told security that he was just partying when he took a picture of the crowd with his phone. Blake was allegedly bothered by the flash and grabbed Daniel’s phone.

Daniel also said that because he wouldn’t give up the phone, Blake grabbed him by his neck and squeezed. When he finally released the phone Blake ordered security to escort him out the club and while leaving Blake slapped him on the right side of his face.

Daniel filed a battery report with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and they stopped by his hotel the next day. There has been no statements from Blake.

Victor Cruz, Chrissy Teigen & Chanel Iman In GAP's Holiday Ads
Famed photographer David Lachapelle helms the 2014 Gap Factory holiday shoot, and GAP called in NY Giants star Victor Cruz, talk show host and model Chrissy Teigen, model Chanel Iman and Noah Mills as the stars.  Ahead of its release, we came across a few behind the scenes photos from the show.
What's Chrissy Teigen's favorite GAP piece? She said, “My favorite Gap Factory Piece from the holiday collection has to be the black jumpsuit because I’m lazy, and the jumpsuit you can do anything with!”

During the shoot, Victor Cruz revealed, "I don’t really have a funny family holiday tradition, my family is pretty crazy enough as it is! Just being around them is a fun tradition and it is something I look forward to every year.”
Also during the shot, Chanel revealed her holiday wish list.  “This year my holiday wishlist, I want nothing but love and happiness and plan on giving nice gifts: Gap sweaters to my nieces and adorable scarves for my family. My family just adores Gap Factory!”

L’Oreal USA Acquires Carol’s Daughter
Global beauty giant, L’Oréal USA, has announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Carol’s Daughter.
Created by Lisa Price in 1993, the brand offers a comprehensive range of products that are available at specialty beauty stores. Lisa expressed her excitement with the acquisition in a statement, saying:

I have worked hard for the past 21 years nurturing my brand and am thrilled that we will have a new home with L’Oréal USA. L’Oréal has a proven track record of helping established companies achieve their full potential while staying true to the core of the brand and they have an understanding of the future of multi-cultural beauty.  I could not be more proud to begin this next chapter of the Carol’s Daughter brand with them. I know that my mother (Carol) is smiling as well.

Carol’s Daughter will continue to operate out of its headquarters in New York City, under the brand’s current leadership team.

Chief Keef Calls Interscope “White Honkies” (Tweets)
Chief wants Interscope to know something.…the tweet.
You IDIOT: Bad idea.

‘Wiggin’ Out’
Well that is super gross. Honestly even Halloween costume companies haven’t even gotten that nasty to design this type of scary wig. Looks like a dirty animal nest.


OH MY! Geneva Thomas and Melyssa Ford BRAWLS AT THE CLUB!


OH MY! Geneva! Geneva Thomas and Melyssa Ford FIGHTS DOWN!
It looks like “Blood, Sweat, and Heels” reality star Geneva Thomas has taken the title of the show way too literally.

Geneva Thomas was arrested on Tuesday following a taping for the Bravo reality show after she hit another woman over the head with a bottle. The other woman just happened to be video girl turned real estate broker and “Blood, Sweat, and Heels” co-star Miss Melyssa Ford. Witnesses say the women were involved in a verbal altercation before Thomas got physical, taking a vodka bottle to Melyssa’s face.
Maybe the ladies had one too many shots? That night, at 9:42 PM, Thomas was booked for felony assault. Melyssa ended up in the hospital with three staples in her head. Sadly, this isn’t Geneva’s first run in with the law. She was recently arrested after skipping out on an $18 cab fare in New York City. The cops tracked her down after the taxi driver reported the address he’d written down after she dashed.
The pop culture journalist tweeted a pic yesterday with the caption “Ready for a fab evening!” We think everyone can agree that the night didn’t end up being so “fab,” with her ending up in the slammer and all.

A video posted by Future Help (@futurehelp) on
In the end I think the moral of this story is crystal clear: The only time liquor bottles should be raised, is when you want to toast to the good life! What are your thoughts?

WOW! K Michelle: Ochocinco's Penis was too big! So we never had SEX!

Oh My? K. Michelle Said Chad Ochocinco’s Penis Was Too Big We Couldn’t Have Sex
In an exclusive interview with Necole Bitchie, the always blunt songstress K. Michelle shared a few intimate details of her relationships with Lance Stephenson, J.R. Smith and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, saying the latter’s package is so big, she couldn’t have sex with him.

"His penis is so big Necole, I would not let him have sex with me. Because I did not want him to stretch my walls out because I need them. I need them. I looked at this penis and I said you know what, uh uh. I’m not- that thing is unreal. I can’t. I can’t take that.”

"His penis is so big" "Them body counts is serious" lol @ k.michelle in this interview. "I want to be on the low for a second" You can see parts 1 & 2 on nb.com

In addition to his intimidating size, K. Michelle says the timing simply wasn’t right, as they were both on the rebound from previous public relationships.

“He’s a cool, nice guy, he still is funny. But between that, I was not screwing him with that penis. And then on top of that, I just feel like he has his own healing and stuff to do. And I was going through my healing of situations and things like that. And it was right after Evelyn [Lozada]. So it wasn’t time for that. And she blocked me on Twitter. I love Evelyn. I’m like, ‘I ain’t got nothing to do with this Evelyn, I really like you.’ So you can unblock me Evelyn, I really do like you!”

When it comes to J.R. Smith, her words weren’t as kind.
“J.R. has his own mental issues and he started to take advantage of my kindness because you know, when a man knows he got you and you’re fighting for him, that’s when they clown…what I don’t like about J.R. now is that, he can be in the same room with me and he’ll tell other players and stuff, ‘Oh my god, I gotta move because she’s going to be tryna bother me.’ Boy, don’t nobody want you! And the players you’re telling are actually really close to me so they’re laughing at you J.R. I don’t want you. Your girlfriend, whatever she is, please, she don’t have to call me no more!!!”

She also spoke on ex-boyfriend Lance Stephenson, saying they are still good friends and that she loved his sense of humor and dedication to his craft.

“Me and him are really getting to be friends. I think I rushed him into a relationship he wasn’t ready for. And now that I don’t rush him, now that we can just talk as friends- we can breathe. And we’re breathing as friends right now…he’s so funny. I love his dedication to his craft. All these athletes do stuff and that man doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t really drink, he gets up every morning no matter what and works out and that’s sexy to me. Someone who is that is into their craft and take it serious –that’s sexy. And I love his smooth skin. He’s really a great friend of mine. Never thought I would say that, but he is really a great friend of mine right now.” 

Man I tell you THIS CHICK HERE!


The Daily Buzz For Oct 23

Gwen Stefani – Baby Don’t Lie [New Video]
After officially premiering the song on Monday, Gwen Stefani has dropped the colorful video for her new single “Baby Don’t Lie” produced by Ryan Tedder and Benny Blanco.

Get into it HERE


THE NERVE: Teresa Giudice Begs Court: Let Me Serve Time In Halfway House Not Jail
Teresa was sentenced to 15 months in prison after pleading guilty to 41 counts of fraud. The ‘RHONJ’ star hasn’t started serving her time behind bars yet, but she’s already asking for changes to her sentence, according to a new report.
Teresa Giudice, 42, is used to special treatment on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, so we’re not too shocked that she’s allegedly asking to downgrade her jail sentence and spend it in a halfway house instead of in the big house. Unfortunately, her reported plea for leniency may have made things even worse because prosecutors in her case are allegedly fuming over her request for special treatment.

Even after Teresa and her husband, Joe Giudice, 42, plead guilty to 41 counts of fraud, she still reportedly expects to be treated like a star. Teresa allegedly sent a letter to the judge begging for mercy.
Instead of spending 15 months behind bars, TMZ reports that Teresa has asked the judge to allow her to serve 12 months of her sentence in a halfway house.

And the prosecutors in her case are seriously unimpressed with her request! They have allegedly written an angry letter in response, claiming that the judge was clear — Teresa needs prison punishment, and nothing less.
It’s even more shocking that Teresa would be asking for special treatment, considering the judge was already very compassionate.
Instead of forcing Teresa and Joe to be locked up simultaneously, Teresa will serve her sentence first, while Joe takes care of the kids. When her sentence is finished, he’ll take his turn. That way, a parent is always in the home with the children!

Teresa will start her sentence on January 5, after the holidays. Seems like a pretty good deal to us, considering the 41 counts of fraud that Teresa and Joe racked up.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Big Sean and Others Join Teyana Taylor at VII Album Listening Party
Teyana Taylor’s album is finally dropping and she was surrounded by her friends and family as she celebrated her debut album VII in Hollywood. Produced by MVD Inc and DONDA, the intimate listening event brought out stars including Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West, Chris Brown, Big Sean, Nelly, YG, Michael B. Jordan, and more.

Guests filled the red-lit soundstage before Kanye and No I.D. got on the mic to introduce G.O.O.D. Music’s First Lady. “I’m really proud of a lot of the artists on this label, like how far they’ve taken it and there’s been so many moments where people doubted a lot of the choices made,” said ‘Ye, “and I love it when an artist can turn around and have like a No. 1 single like Teyana has and make me look really smart.”
Teyana fought back tears as she thanked her team. “I just want to thank everyone standing here right now because they played a big part in finally getting this moment, and it’s been a long time coming,” she said, while acknowledging ‘Ye. “It feels good to be signed to someone who understands me.”
She also got on her knees to express her gratitude to her mother/manager Nikki Taylor. “I love you so much and if I had a ring, I’d ask you to marry me,” she joked. “This woman, I put her through so much. Seventy-two hours of labor and some more shit.”
Yeezy got back on the mic to say a few more words (via MTV News). “If you remember with Pusha T, I turned up and everybody thought I was crazy. Then he came out and did that buck-twenty and ni**as were like, ‘Aw, man. Maybe the shit was good.’ But what I’m saying is Teyana provides something that’s so R&B, so black, so ‘hood, so missing, and so necessary in the marketplace.”
“Motherfu**ers wanted to drop Big Sean, motherfuckers wanted to drop Teyana and motherfu**ers wanted to drop Pusha,” he added. “Everybody always wanna be late or motherfu**ers drop somebody and shit and not believe in somebody all the way through. Now, I’m just gonna go ahead and be ‘Ye and they’re gonna put this shit on ‘E! News’ and try to say I’m a crazy motherfu**er and shit. But, you know what? This is about artistry and fighting for artists to get their visions out, like it says in the name of the label, Getting Out Our Dreams. It’s a collective of motherfu**ers who believe in real music and there’s never been someone on the label that has had to take something into her hands quite as much as this girl has had to do. So, I really want y’all to give her her credit for fighting against an entire system…I’m just really proud to see her tonight, dropping her album. We had to fight for this.”

Check out footage from the G.O.O.D. night here!

Rihanna Channels “Where’s Waldo?” in NYC
It’s been a while since we’ve spotted Rihanna making her rounds and thankfully that all changed on this week
The “What’s My Name” beauty showed up on the streets of New York City sporting a chic ensemble with large, round glasses that reminisced storybook character “Where’s Waldo.”
In related news, RiRi’s new album is slated to feature huge collaborations with fellow musicians.
A source told Urban Islandz, “Rihanna recorded a single with Drake this summer and another one with Nicki Minaj in September.”
“The album will be dope, and will bring Rihanna’s signature sound, you can bet there will be a lot of hit songs coming out of this project,” the source added.

Ne-Yo Asks The Courts if He’s Really the Daddy???
Ne-Yo is taking ex-wife, Monyetta Shaw, to court! The singer is lawyered up and ready to find out if “he is/is not the father” of his son and daughter!

We do not hear from Ne-Yo too often these days. When we do, it is usually because he showed up on a red carpet or is lending his vocals to someone else’s track. Well now Ne-Yo is back in the news headlines and he is back with a vengeance! We always hope that things can go smoothly when it comes to people co-parenting their children.

Unfortunately, things seem to be getting out of hand between Ne-Yo and his baby’s mama. The R&B singer has hired a big wig Atlanta lawyer by the name of Randy Kessler, and they are taking his ex to court! “Atlanta Exes” reality star, Monyetta Shaw, is being sued by Ne-Yo over their two children. The suit, which was filed on Oct 1st, cites “legitimation,” which means he wants the court to decide whether he is legally the father of his son and daughter. Not too long ago, on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Ne-Yo revealed that he and his ex were still living in the same home, even though they had broken up. He later went on to say that the living arrangements weren’t working out anymore.

Ne-Yo wanting a paternity test is a little ironic though, due to the fact that he ended everything because “he was not ready for a monogamous relationship.” I guess these days you can never be too sure. Tell us what you think! Is Ne-Yo wrong for wanting a DNA test so late in the game?

Woman FIRED, then REHIRED, after taking a selfie with Kevin Hart.
If you work for a car driving service as a driver, and stop in the middle of work to take a picture with celebrity Kevin Hart, there’s a good chance your ass will get fired. And that’s exactly happened to Genesha Bradley-Douglas when she spotted the Philadelphian comedian and actor at LAX airport.

Genesha, who works for National Car Rental, stopped the bus she was driving at the airport, got off, took a picture with Kevin Hart, and got back on the bus to resume her job, all while passengers patiently waited less than a minute for her to properly fan girl.
Well that shit didn’t sit too well with her job, and Ms. Bradley-Douglas was quickly put on indefinite suspension without pay for her fan girl moment.

That’s until Mr. Hart stepped in!
The Philly native asked for Ms. Genesha’s job back on her behalf, asking the National Car Rental Center to “have some compassion” for their employee. Kevin’s apparently plea worked, as Genesha was back at work hours after his video.

Now Genesha has another reason to be a fan of Kevin Hart.

Kerry Washington, and The Girls Get FAB For The ELLE Women In Hollywood Awards
Well, hello there beautiful!  Kerry Washington didn't disappoint at: ELLE's 21st Annual Women In Hollywood Awards show.  The "Scandal" star showed up at the Four Seasons hotel with her hair tied back rocking a sexy Calvin Klein Collection side-zip dress.
She posed it up with her fellow Women In Hollywood honorees like Jennifer Garner and more.
She caught up with her "Scandal" co-stars Katie Lowes and Bellamy Young, who rocked a fab Talbot Runhof dress that we're loving.  P.S.  Mr. President--aka Tony Goldwyn--was also in attendance.
And Kerry posed it up with fab Dear White People star Tessa Thompson.

One of the honorees of the night, GuGu Mbatha-Raw, showed u in a light coral knit dress by Calvin Klein that perfect for the occasion:
The Belle star and Beyond The Lights star looked gorgeous as always.
And "Revenge" star Ashley Madekwe rocked an LBD with a gold pop from the Calvin Klein Collection for the occasion.

Amber Rose Tells Wiz Khalifa: I ‘Still Love You’  Also she has a Creepy Birthday Party!
It’s safe to say that the split between Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa hasn’t been too pleasant.

Rcently Wiz took it upon himself to wish Amber Rose a happy birthday on Twitter.
Whether it was a genuine wish or if he was just looking for attention is still to be determined.
Surprisingly, Amber responded telling Wiz that she still loves him no matter what.
We don’t see a reconciliation in their future, but at least they’re playing nice these days!

The other night she turned 31 And recently she partied it up at a creepy, hocus pocus Halloween bash as Peggy Bundy with her friends Chris Brown, Karrueche, Nelly, Miss Jackson, Eva Marcille, Blac Chyna and more.
“School Dance” star Amber Rose was ready for a frightening good time last night to bring in her 31st birthday. The budding actress got dressed as a “zombie” Peggy Bundy from the classic sitcom “Married With Children”. And she pretty much nailed it.
Donning a animal print cat suit, red wig and pumps, Amber partied it up with ghoulish guests Chris Brown, his girlfriend Karrueche Tran, Nelly, his new boo Miss Jackson, Eva Marcille, Blac Chyna and more.
Top model chick Eva came to party as Little Red Riding Hood as she posed it up alongside a “pregnant” EJ King and the birthday girl. 
X singer Chris Brown and his girlfriend Kae were there to party at Amber’s bloody bash. Kae got suited in a vampy bunny costume with black bunny ears, while her boo kept it simple in regular clothes.
We see you Breezy.
And look who else came out to party....
Nelly! He posed it up with Blac Chyna's mm Shalana.  And he's currently filming for his new reality show coming to BET, "Nellyville". Wonder if the cameras were rolling.
And he brought along his current boo Shantel "Miss Jackson" Jackson. These two have been kicking it hard...in the public eye lately, unlike his previous relationships.
And always one to up the slutty Halloween costume factor: Blac Chyna slipped into a see-through one piece as a provocative nun.
Kae and Blac Chyna showed off their shoe game as they posed with friends.
Fun times. Happy Birthday Amber!

Chief Keef DROPPED from Interscope Records!
Chicago rapper Chief Keef is reportedly a free agent after being dropped from Interscope Records this month. According to reports, Keef may have been released from Interscope last week.
Reports Sohh:

Keef posted a text conversation with Chicago rapper Lucki Eck$ to Twitter that if accurate, reveal that he’s officially no longer on Interscope and hasn’t been for a week now. 19-year-old Keith “Chief Keef” Cozart has been dropped from his Interscope Records deal after clashes with label brass about future releases and a string of high-profile incidents, ranging from lawsuits to drug offenses. (Red Eye Chicago)

‘Bounty The Dog Food Hunter’
Biker gangs in 2014 just don’t have the same intimidation level as they once did.