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The Daily Buzz For Aug 21

First Look: Halle Berry Sizzles in New ‘Wild Essence’ Fragrance Ad
Halle Berry looks super hot in the ad campaign for her latest fragrance Wild Essence.
For the ad, Halle ditched her signature short cut and shook things up by adding a little bit of length to her hair.
The new fragrance is described as a ‘sparkling, multi-floral’ aroma that captured ‘the sensual essence of a women in nature.’
‘The essence of a woman is in body and soul and becomes more sensual in nature. With my newest fragrance I wanted to go deep into the rainforest where I could capture the primal richness of nature in an effortless scent.’

The 30mL bottle retails for about $28. It sounds like a winner to us!

Is NeNe Planning for a Celebrity Life After RHOA….AGAIN?
Last month NeNe Leakes let it slip that her next big project was her own talk show 
Now sources claim NeNe is going around telling pals her talk show spells the end of her days on The Real Housewives of Atlanta...
Well according to Star Magazine: 
NeNe Leakes is already preparing for life after The Big Peach. Telling pals she’s on her last season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the outspoken diva is in discussions for her own talk show – with Tom Arnold as cohost! 
“They’ve already had preproduction meetings, and she and Tom get along wonderfully. She’s so excited about her next venture dishes the source.”
Tom Arnold has denied he is involved in a talk show with NeNe

Nick and Mariah is it THE END?
Sources claim Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are thisclose to ending their marriage…. 

According to Page Six: Mariah Carey and comedian Nick Cannon are headed for a split and “living separately” after she hired security to keep him away from other women, sources exclusively told Page Six.
Our sources tell us Carey and Cannon, the host of “America’s Got Talent,” are separating after six years of marriage. “He hasn’t been staying at their home,” one music insider tells Page Six. “He’s been living out of hotels. They’re fighting a lot.”
Another source told us Carey has suspected Cannon of cheating. And when the comic hosted pool parties in Las Vegas earlier this year, the diva dispatched a security guard to keep watch over her husband.
“The security guard wasn’t there to keep the girls away from him,” said our source. “It was to keep him away from the girls.”
Carey also didn’t want Cannon drinking while at the Vegas gigs because she felt he “gets in trouble when he drinks,” the source added.

Back Together? Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart Spotted Riding Around Los Angeles
Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart were spotted cruising around Los Angeles on Monday in what’s reportedly Jennifer’s BMW.
Didn’t they break up a few months ago?

Jennifer obviously didn’t want people to see them together, because as soon as she saw the photographer she ducked down into her seat.
Too late — we saw you J. Lo! Do you think they’re rekindling?

Jennifer Hudson’s Half-Brother Arrested After Allegedly Stabbing a Man in the Face
Jennifer Hudson’s half-brother, Steven Simpson, is in jail for allegedly stabbing a man in the face several times — a man who was involved with his estranged wife.
According to WWMT:

It happened at the Maple Glenn Apartments on Baseline Road  in South Haven Charter Township.
We’re learning this all happened at the apartment of Simpson’s estranged wife, while she was there.
Simpson has a history of domestic violence, and police allege that Monday night, Simpson stabbed the woman’s boyfriend several times, including in the face, before they ran for help.
“He said someone knocked on the door, he thought he was knocking on the door for somebody, and he started getting stabbed up,” said Torrey Hunt, a neighbor who helped the victim.
Hunt opened his door around 3 a.m. to a man bleeding and begging for help.
“I open the door and see blood everywhere,” he said. “He was stabbed in his chin and his chest, he had puncture wounds in his chest and his arms and stuff.”

Police say the victim–identified as Charlie–was stabbed multiple times by his girlfriend’s estranged husband, Steven Simpson.
“It was pretty scary because there was a lot of blood everywhere,” said neighbor Krystal Miller.
“I am thinking he could die any minute,” Hunt said.
Miller says Simpson had been there more than once in the past, screaming for her neighbor and pounding on the door.
“I hope shes alright too, obviously this guy is looking for her too,” she said.
Detectives say they are unsure if Charlie or Simpson’s wife was the intended target.
“She locked herself in the bathroom until he left,” said Detective Adam DeBoer. “It appears to be an ongoing feud over a woman.”

Simpson is currently on probabtion, after he was arrested several times in the past, most recently for assaulting his wife on Super Bowl Sunday.
“These are my neighbors; I live next to them, I don’t want anything bad to happen to them,” Miller said.
Simpson arrived on his own to the South Haven Police Department for questioning around 2 p.m. Tuesday.
“He was cooperative in the sense that he showed up for questioning, but not very cooperative overall,” Detective DeBoer said.
The victim was treated at the hosptial–we’re told he received about 20 or 30 stitches–and then released.
He is expected to recover.

Upon TMZ breaking the news, we were immediately reminded of the tragedy in which the ex-boyfriend of Jennifer’s sister Julia went on a murderous rampage, killing Jennifer’s mother, brother, and nephew.
Steven is in custody in Paw Paw, Michigan and is expected to be charged with home invasion and attempted murder.

Trey Songz Says He’s The Black Women’s Champion When it comes to Music Videos
Trey Songz is letting people know in a new interview about being one of the few artist that request black women to be in videos, he stops by  Rancifer Boost Mobile Lounge in Chicago to promote his newest album Trigga and in this interview he speaks about promoting black women i and stating that he’s one of the only black male singer that wants black women to appear in his videos….
He says:
 “I’ve got black women in all the majority of my videos. So, Black women don’t bring that to me. I’m not the one for it. You gone look in my catalog and see the beautiful blackness that is in the majority of my videos. I’m talking about all yall, I love my sisters”


Kandi Burruss Hosts Bedroom Kandi Convention in Atlanta!
Kandi Burruss welcomed her Bedroom Kandi Consultants to Atlanta for their National Convention. Bedroom Kandi is changing lives one consultant and customer at a time.
Kandi Burruss is winning in the business arena and she is taking her business partners within the Bedroom Kandi network along for the ride. I had the privilege of covering and attending the Bedroom Kandi Convention and all I can say is “WOW!”. Kandi Burruss is a master in the league of business and she is sharing her knowledge and insight to help empower women to get and have the life they want.
Some cool facts about Bedroom Kandi:
Bedroom Kandi has over 1000 consultants across the country that ages range from early 20′s to late 60′s.
Bedroom Kandi’s main demographic is women but she has quite a few men who are working as consultants.

Bedroom Kandi is not your average direct sales company because consultants can connect with Kandi Burruss and have access to her network/expertise.
Bedroom Kandi is launching an affiliate program in two weeks for people who are interested in the Bedroom Kandi but might not have the money to fully invest as a consultant. The BK Affiliates are given the opportunity to sale and work towards their consultant level.

Kandi Burruss is essentially leveling the playing field meeting entrepreneurs at all levels. Bedroom Kandi is changing the game and standard in direct sales by opening doors of opportunity for everybody.
Kandi said that Bedroom Kandi is all about empowering their consultants to get the life they want. She shared that so many of their consultants have been able to jobs and pursue Bedroom Kandi full-time. She shared that over the weekend she had so much fun connecting with her partners and learning how to make the business a better experience.
It was not all business; Singer Rueben Studdard came down to MOTIVATE the ladies to sell more Bedroom Kandi. Kandi even took the stage to perform at the concert.
Learn more by visiting Bedroom Kandi Consultants.

Sam Smith Announces 2014 MTV Video Music Awards Performance!
As if there wasn’t already an impressive roster of artists slated to rock out at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, one more just surfaced- Sam Smith!
The 22-year-old English singer released a statement to share his excitement over the upcoming gig- “I have watched the VMAs every year since I was a kid.”
Smith continued, “I am so insanely nervous but also so honored to be performing. This trutly is a pinch yourself moment for me.”
Stay linked for full coverage of the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, including performances from Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

50 Cent Confirms Season 2 of ‘Power’
Good news ‘Power’ fans. The show’s creator and rapper 50 Cent has just confirmed news that there will be a season 2.
Despite reports earlier this week that the show had been cancelled due to 50′s upcoming tour with G-Unit, that’s just not true.
In fact, the reports were made from a satire (fiction, story-telling) website, who also reported that the star of the Starz series, actor Omari Hardwick was highly upset, even calling the rapper selfish. The news caused fans to respond frantically and in disbelief out of fear that the show was indeed cancelled.
Now, 50 has officially shut down the rumors with his announcement that there will be a season 2. On Thursday (August 14, 2014), 50 shared the above image with the caption, “Power season 2 on the way. Tell a friend.”

‘Power’ fans are you excited for another season and what Are you looking forward to in the upcoming season?
 ‘Power’ airs on Starz every Saturday night at 9pm.

Torrei Hart says when Black Men reach a Level of Success, they Drop The Dark For Light
Last night there was so much going on while the premiere of Atlanta Exes was on and I don’t feel like going there, but Torrei is talking about her ex and how once he got successful he started to date light skinned women, I know people think that Torrei should just let it go and stop talking about her ex, but if you think about it, this was Kevin’s claim to fame, talking about his issues with his wife so it’s only right that she repays him with the same gesture……  But I’m going to need her to not make a career out of being his ex-wife.

In a recent interview she talks about black men and when they reach a level of success they tend to trade up:
On black men dating outside their race when they become successful: “Honestly, it wasn’t all Kevin’s fault. I won’t say it was all his fault. Cause I look back now and I take ownership of some of the things I could’ve did differently. But, I did question my beauty. I did question like, wow, why is it that all black men, when they reach a certain level, they have to feel like they need someone of another race, or a different skin tone on their arm? And I’m just like, well why aren’t we looked at as beautiful? We’re beautiful black queens! You know what I mean? And I love my black men.

T.I. Criticizes ‘Lost’ Ferguson Activists: ‘What Are We Changing…Really?’
T.I. has been vocal regarding his thoughts on the troubling situation happening in Ferguson, Missouri right now in the aftermath of Mike Brown’s death — however now he’s taken to Instagram to further elaborate on his thoughts.
T.I. previously commented:
“We needed to play chess instead of checkers,” he said. “We should have waited to see if justice was going to be served first. We shouldn’t have played our strongest hand first.”
However, just a few moments ago he posted the above photo depicting a single looter inside of the now infamous QuikTrip taken during the first night of the Ferguson protests.
He captioned:
(To My People)Look at us. Rebels without a cause. Soldiers without a general. A lost generation. Ready for War. No strategy,no training. Armed only with our grief,aggravation, and passionate disdain for our treatment in America. Sick and tired of everything…especially ourselves. We’d rather use the tragedies of our environment as an excuse to act-out,go-off,or turn-up, rather than use our education,talents & future opportunities to get-out,speak-up,& make-a-change. Look at us… Too Enraged to sit around & do nothing. But Too Entrapped in da cycle of vengeance/hostility to do anything WORTH doing. Look at us. So upset with our conditions that we’ve gone into “Fuck-it” mode… “Fuck-the-world” “Fuck-the-Police” And even “Fuck” the wishes & request of a grieving mother,father,family who lost a son…who’s memory they would NOT like to see tarnished by OUR negative ACTIONS/DECISIONS. Naaah G,that ain’t the code, this ain’t da way. What I see us doing is just as futile as swinging wildly into the wind,waiting on the air to get tired.

One question to MY PEOPLE: What are we changing…Really? Look at us. Destroying our own community, but continuing to spend money in theirs. Refusing education… re-volving in the same cycle of ignorance instead of e-volving out of it. I must admit that I TOO am disgusted wit America’s treatment. I TOO demand change. But Goddddaaaaamn man…. Look at us!!!!! Although I too am at fault to a degree & I admit that I may not have all da answers… I do have a fun fact for you. Insanity is…Going about things the same way,expecting a different result. U wanna different result? U must take different action. What else do u expect? Look at us!!!

What do you think about T.I.’s comments? Do you agree?

Kelly Rowland & Tim Witherspoon Step Out for Lunch
Kelly Rowland and her husband Tim Witherspoon were spotted casual and comfortable as they headed out for lunch in West Hollywood.
Doesn’t Kelly always look like the happiest pregnant woman ever? We can’t think of one time we’ve seen Kelly not-smiling since getting married and announcing her pregnancy.
She’s rumored to be five months along — so it won’t be long until we get to meet baby Witherspoon! That is, unless she decides to follow in the footsteps of her sister BeyoncĂ©.

Love & Hip Hop ATL’s Stevie J – Closer to Child Support Plea Deal
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J (real name Steven Jordan) is closer to settling his criminal case over 1 million in back child support with the federal government, with the feds filing court docs asking for more time before the case heads to trial due to plea talks continuing between the two.

Stevie J was arrested back in June by the Feds, all over a million-dollar child support debt he owed to one of the mother’s of his children. He has 2 kids with his former girlfriend back in 1997 and 1998 and was ordered to pay $6,600 a month which was then raised later on to $8,800. The reality star is accused of not paying his baby mama since 2001 and his back support bill ballooned to $1,107,412.
According to federal court docs filed in the case, Stevie J makes around 27k a month for his role on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” and from January – August 2013 he made a total of $193,499 from VH1 checks. He has also made over 105k in music royalties in the past decade.

Then on August 11th, the feds filed docs in the case stating they have been in settlement talks with Stevie J in an attempt to resolve the case without going to trial. They explain the negotiations are not complete and they need longer to continue talking to Stevie.

They asked the court to reschedule a hearing that was to take place this month until September 11th . The federal government is working out how Stevie can pay back his baby mama given his surplus of income recently, along with the reality star negotiating how he can avoid a jail term for the charges.

‘U Mad Bra?’
It’s never a good sign when you have two different people sending us pictures of you. Of course if walking around in your bra isn’t a big enough red flag that something is wrong then I suppose two different pictures aren’t going to sound any internal alarms for you either.


Well Latifah, Are you or Aren’t You? She Shares Kiss with Girlfriend?

Well Latifah, Are you or Aren’t You?
Queen Latifah Shares Kiss with Girlfriend During Romantic Italian Vacation
Queen Latifah and her girlfriend share a sweet kiss together while relaxing poolside at the Hotel Cala di Volpe in Porto Cervo, Sardinia.
The 44-year-old talk show host and her partner rocked colorful swimsuits as they went for a walk along the beach and soaked up the sun on their romantic getaway.
“Get some rest and have a great week Twitter fam!,” Latifah wrote on her Twitter account that day. “Xoxo”
Sister you play too much! LOL!


Did Diana Ross Goes Bridezilla on Evan's Wedding Plans?
Sources claim Jessica Simpson's sister Ashlee is upset that Diana Ross has taken over her wedding to Evan…

According to  Star Magazine: Evan Ross has a bridezilla on his hands – but it’s not his fiancĂ©e, Ashlee Simpson! According to sources, the 25-year-old groom’s legendary mom, Diana, is trying to control every detail of her son’s big day. “Everything that could possibly to wrong while trying to plan a wedding, has,” admits a friend of the bride, 29, who adds that multiple locations have fallen through for various reasons. “Ashlee is now forced to hold the ceremony at Diana’s house and she’s at her wits end.” The Motown singer is reportedly organizing the reception around her performance and has already planned a special mother-son dance. “At this point, Ashlee would rather fly to Las Vegas and elope,” continues tha pal. “She and Evan don’t want a big circus of a ceremony.”

Lord Miss Ross, Let them have their Day!

Coming to a Street Corner near You will be Siohvaughn Funches Wade!

Siohvaughn Funches Wade might be living on the streets SOON!
Dwyane Wade's ex-wife Siohvaughn headed for foreclosure in Chicago…
Siohvaughn Wade is about to lose her 6 bedroom 7,800 sq ft mansion in Chicago after both she and Dwyane stopped paying the mortgage.
According to TMZ Dwyane stopped making payments on the South Holland home after Siovaughn won the house in their divorce settlement and apparently Siohvaughn just stopped paying.

A foreclosure notice was sent from the bank August 11, 2014. I certainly hope this will work out and she isn't evicted!

Nicki Minaj Wins Legal Battle Against Ex Wig Stylist Terrence Davidson!

Nicki Minaj Wins Legal Battle Against Ex Wig Stylist Terrence Davidson!
Nicki Minaj scored a 30 million dollar legal victory with the lawsuit filed against her by her ex-wig maker being dismissed this week by a federal court judge. Minaj was sued for by her former wig stylist, Terrence Davidson, who accused her of taking his designs and selling them on her website along with ruining a reality show deal. In the lawsuit, he stated that, “Prior to working with

Maraj, Mr. Davidson worked with numerous renowned entertainers that had global brands including Patti Labelle and Jennifer Hudson. Maraj, on the other hand, was hardly known in the entertainment industry and had no brand value prior to working with Mr. Davidson”. He sued her for 30 million dollars.
Minaj fired back claiming the wig maker was not well-known and he was just angry he lost his biggest client. She also said that Davidson would not be able to secure a reality show deal without her attached. She demanded the lawsuit be dismissed.
on August 19th, the federal court judge dismissed the lawsuit due to Davidson not filing a response to Minaj’s motion to dismiss. The case was terminated the same day and Minaj’s ex-wig maker was awarded nothing.
The Documents are Here 1 and Here 2 courtesy of TheJasmineBrand!


The Daily Buzz For Aug 20

Philadelphia’s Baseball Phenom Mo’ne DavisMakes the cover of Sports Illustrated!
Thirteen-year-old sensation Mo'ne Davis, who plays for Philadelphia’s Taney Dragons, has become the first Little Leaguer to grace the national cover of Sports Illustrated. The 5-foot-4 inch, 111-pound eighth grader is not only taking the Little League World Series by storm, but also she has captured the nation’s attention.
"Last week, this week, maybe next week, she's owned the sports conversation," Sports Illustrated manager editor Chris Stone said. "How often do you get to say this about a 13-year-old girl? It's the easiest type of story to identify as a cover story."
"The writer, Albert Chen, said it perfectly in the story, 'She's a lot of things to a lot of different people, all of them good things: a totem for inner-city baseball, a role model for your 10-year-old niece, a role model for your 10-year-old nephew,' " Stone said. "Most of all, she's a laid-back kid just having a really good time."
And Davis says that she doesn’t even know if she will continue playing baseball. ​
The nation first took notice after Davis used her 70 mph fastball to throw a shutout in the Mid-Atlantic Final that sent her team to the World Series. She followed that up by becoming the first girl to throw a shutout in World Series history, throwing a two-hitter and striking out eight in a 4-0 win over Nashville last Friday.

For good measure, Davis had an RBI single in Philadelphia’s victory over Pearland, Texas, this week, becoming the sixth girl to collect a hit in Little League World Series history.

For all her baseball accolades, Davis says her dream is to play basketball for the University of Connecticut.
“To be honest, I never thought I’d be famous for baseball,” she says. “I want to play basketball, and I could also do both basketball and baseball -- but I really want to play basketball.”
She also says that she is learning to deal with the media spotlight.
“People were like, 'Oh, there are going to be people running up to you taking pictures’ and I thought it was going to be a bunch of little kids. But it’s grown-ups! And that’s, like, creepy," she said.
Should Davis and Philadelphia take home the trophy from South Williamsport, more interviews and more attention will certainly come her way.
For more on Davis, check out Albert Chen's piece in this week's issue of Sports Illustrated.

Queen Latifah May Lose Her Morning Show
Queen Latifah’s daytime talk series, which started last fall, is about to be axed. Due to poor ratings, the future looks bleak for the Queen’s morning program.
Via PageSix:
A talented performer, she’s great. It’s great. Studio audiences great. She does variety, sings, dances, mugs, jokes, interviews celebs. Ungreat are its ratings. TV cares about nothing else.
A problem is it airs at no prime viewing hour. On that exact 9 a.m. CBS hour, before going to Latifah, was the program “The Doctors,” which got transplanted to Channel 55 to make room for Latifah. “The Doctors” needs its own prescription. Ain’t returning to its former Channel 2 time slot. I guess CBS never loved us....LOL!

Is Halle Berry Marriage Coming to an End?
Insiders swear Halle Berry's marriage to Olivier Martinez is on its last legs…
According to Star Magazine: Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez seem to be on the fast track to spitsville. Star can reveal that the couple both 48, who are parents of son Maceo, 10 months, have been living separately for months.
“They don’t talk to each other much,” dishes the source,” and when they do, it’s only about their son.”

OOOPS, Drake and Rihanna Spotted Leaving The Club
Rihanna and Drake were spotted at the same club in NYC, the paps caught them leaving around the same time 4:15 a.m.. Drake left first and didn’t speak to the paps or fans, but Rihanna walked out a little after him and showed love to her fans, by giving one of them a kiss and a hug after she handed the Bajan beauty something…

Is this a publicity stunt, She has an album coming , He has an album coming as well.. What are your thoughts ?

“ATL Exes” Cast HOST Private Premiere Party In Atlanta
The season premiere of VH1’s newest reality show “Atlanta Exes” premiered. And to kick off the debut, the cast hosted their own private viewing party at 10 Terminus Place in Atlanta.
Usher’s ex-Tameka Raymond, Kevin Hart’s ex-Torrei Hart, Cee Lo’s ex-Christina Johnson, Ne-Yo’s ex-Monyetta Shaw and Ray Buchanan’s ex- Sheree Buchanan were all there to watch the first two premiere episodes together.
So did y’all catch when Monyetta revealed Ne-Yo called off their engagement…on the damn phone in the first episode? According to her, he called her up and told her he was not ready to be an a monogamous relationship. This dude...

On the show shee also revealed she and Ne-Yo actually still live in the home they shared when they were together. Yep…they’re still living together... “for the children.”(But isn't Ne-Yo in a new relationship?)  And ten months after being separated (at the time of the recording of the show), she was still rocking her engagement ring. In the 2nd episode, she went to have the ring redesigned, but ended up deciding to keep it for her children. And she also revealed to Christina she can’t have anymore children and that she has never talked about it.
Tameka Raymond was front and center with her royal blue suede thigh boots on the red carpet.
On the show, it seems Tameka will be the “villain” as she was constantly throwing shade at her “friend” Sheree Buchanan. And seemingly being a “Debbie Downer” whenever someone else was trying to speak.
During an interview with Ryan Cameron on V103, she tried to convince people she’s not as angry as it looks on television. Ryan put her on blast as he recalled personal incidents he encountered with her.  Hmph.

So has Tameka found a new man? Not yet, but she did reveal she was dating and the guy she is seeing doesn’t live in the United States. Chile….
Torrei Hart showed some skin in distressed super short denim shorts underneath a cutout salmon top. 
She recently expressed her opinions on how she feels about her ex-husband’s recent engagement announcement....on the same day as she debuts on "Atlanta Exes.".  Check it out here.

Christina Johnson looked nice the red carpet.
And look who she brought with her...Willie! 
He's the guy Sheree set her up with on a blind date. Although he's legally married (and supposedly in the process of getting a divorce), it looks like they went on that 2nd date already.

Sheree Buchanan posed it up with a smile. She and Tameka bumped heads over Tameka’s criticism of the way Sheree chooses to raise her children. Parents are sensitive about their kids, so we wonder how this will pan out.
The ladies posed it up for the photogs.
"Married to Medicine" star Quad Webb-Lunceford and Monyetta shared a few laughs on the carpet.
Nice look for her.

Former "RHOA" star Sheree Whitfield stopped by for a snapshot.  We're sure she can relate to those "ATL Exes"
And Po was out too!

Kourtney Kardashian Claims Keyshawn Johnson Hid Mold When Selling His House: He Says No Way!
There’s nothing like a good old fashioned celebrity feud, and this time Kourtney Kardashian is furious with NFL star Keyshawn Johnson.
The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” cutie told TMZ that the house she bought from Johnson is infested with mold that was covered up with a thin coat of paint.
And since she’s pregnant with her third child, Kourtney quickly took her family and fled the house as soon as her contractor gave her the devastating news.

However, Keyshawn insists he never painted anything at the Calabasas mansion during his two-and-a-half years living there.
Furthermore, Johnson claims that a bathroom pipe began leaking after the sale was complete and the Kardashians actually called to see if the house was under warranty. When they didn’t fix it immediately, the mold supposedly began to grow.

And as an added bonus, Keyshawn says he’s received at least 10 calls about miscellaneous problems with the home since Kourtney moved in.

Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Share Wedding Photos As They Celebrate One-Year Anniversary
Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa celebrated their one-year anniversary yesterday, and in honor of the occasion, the “We Dem Boyz” rapper’s wife shared a couple of snaps from their ceremony last year.
Amber looked gorgeous in a white gown with lace ruffles, while Wiz kept it dapper in a suit and bowtie. The couple had big smiles on their face as they posed with their son Sebastian in the adorable family photo.

She shared the moment writing:
Today was the day we said our vows before God and our Family. I knew as soon as I met u, u were the one for me sweetheart. Happy 1 year anniversary @mistercap and many more to come.
She also posted a second pic (below) of her and her mom, whom she affectionately calls Ms. Dottie. She captioned it; “My beautiful Mommy and I on my wedding day.”
Congrats Amber and Wiz!

KC Cop Sparks Outrage After Posting Fake Mike Brown Pic
If the recent events in Ferguson, MO weren’t holding the credibility of those who “serve and protect” into question, then the actions of a Kansas City police officer will have you side-eyeing law enforcement in the state to no end.
Marc Catron decided to share his opinion–and a picture regarding the turmoil over the Mike Brown shooting. “I’m sure young Michael Brown is innocent and just misunderstood. I’m sure he is a pillar of the Ferguson community,” he wrote in the Facebook photo caption of a picture showing a young Black male holding a handgun with a wad of money in his mouth.
Only problem was, the photo wasn’t of Mike Brown (who had no criminal record in his 18 years of life). It was of Joda Cain, a Oregon teen who is currently accused of killing his great-grandmother.
KCTV5 says that the Kansas City Police Department has launched an internal and otherwise private investigation and forked over a eight-page handbook on their social media policy.
Chances are that Catron’s activity over the weekend also violated said policy when he shared a meme which read: “Remember how white people rioted after OJ’s acquittal? Me neither.” The photo was a dig at the civil unrest that has been taking place in the St. Louis suburb since the unarmed Mike Brown was gunned down by officer Darren Wilson on August 9.
That’s why you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet, folks. The outrage Catron sparked is very real, however

Model Ataui Deng FOUND At NYC Hospital -- Reported Missing For Two Weeks
Two weeks ago, Sudanese model Ataui Deng (the niece of supermodel Alek Wek) went missing in New York City.  The 22-year-old stunner was last spotted outside of Hell's Kitchen hotspot The Attic on West 48th Street; she was later reported missing by her live-in boyfriend, actor & PR worker Grant Monohon
Ataui, who's made tons of friends in the industry, became the subject of a frantic search after Rihanna tweeted her 36 million followers, “If anyone has any information on this young lady’s whereabouts, please call the NYPD or email findataui@gmail.com”.

Thanks to that tweet and tweets from her fellow models like Joan Smalls, as well as other search efforts, a hospital worker tipped off the NYPD around 1AM this morning that Ataui was being treated at an unnamed hospital.  According to the NY Daily News, the worker revealed that Ataui was safe and that her life was not in danger.
But a little research has uncovered some interesting factors about her life that may--or may not--shed light on why a successful young model would simply go missing for weeks and end up in a hospital.

We've learned that Ataui is currently going through a divorce from husband Kourtney Hopkins, who is also a model at her agency, Trump Agency.
As far as where she's been for the past two weeks or why she's in the hospital...it's unclear.  But her boyfriend gave a peculiar statement about what occured.
He reportedly said that it's not unusual for her to not come home for a day or two.  After leaving the party on August 6th with Ataui, Grant said that she left out again once they arrived home, and she left her phone and everything in the home.  He said that she wanted to "sleep in the park."
“I was really worried the third day,” he said by phone, before hearing the news that Deng had been found. “She always comes home.”
Grant claims she's been acting "irregular" lately, and he got worried around the third day of her not returning home.  He reported Ataui missing eight days later

Kevin Hart And Girlfriend Eniko Parrish Engaged
Kevin Hart and his longtime girlfriend Eniko Parrish are engaged! Kevin popped the question while celebrating Eniko’s 30th birthday with friends.
 “She said YEEEEESSSSS…… #Happy #MyRib #if–kingLoveHer,” Kevin captioned a pic of the two of them. In it, he’s all smiles, while Eniko has a look of excitement on her face as she flashes her huge engagement ring.

Before popping the question, the Ride Along star posted the below pic of them cuddled up, with an accompanying birthday message that read:
Happy Birthday to the most amazing woman in the world. Today is your day babe & we are going to party like it’s 1999….I love you so much. I’m a better man because of you. P.S your old as shit now lmao #Dirty30 #HappyBday #ThrowBackPic
This will be Kevin’s second marriage. He was previously married to Torrei Hart for seven years. They two children, a daughter Heaven and son Hendrix.

Congrats to the couple on their engagement!

T.I. and Wood Harris Joins the cast of Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’
Marvel is starting the new superhero franchise “Ant-Man,” additional casting No word on what specific roles each of the above actors have been cast to play. Based on the Marvel comic character first published in 1962, Marvel’s “Ant-Man” continues the lineage of big-screen adventures chronicled in Marvel’s “Iron Man,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “Iron Man 2,” “Thor,” “Captain America: The First Avenger,” “Marvel’s The Avengers,” “Iron Man 3,” “Thor: The Dark World,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Black Panther” and “Luke Cage”… oh, wait a minute; scratch the last 2. I got carried away there.
Set for release on July 17, 2015, the film is directed by Peyton Reed (“Bring it On,” “The Break-Up”).

Marvel’s “Ant-Man” is produced by Marvel Studios’ president, Kevin Feige, with Louis D’Esposito, Alan Fine, Victoria Alonso, Michael Grillo and Stan Lee serving as executive producers.

Jermaine Dupri Sued By Former Assistant
Jermaine Dupri sued by former personal assistant who claims he hasn't been paid in four years… 
The Jasmine Brand dug up legal docs filed by Taddrick Mingo against Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Productions claiming he was promised a yearly salary, but after working from 2010 to 2014 never received a dime.
Taddrick claims he worked an average of 65 hours a week as a personal assistant, road manager and recording engineer for So So Def.

Taddrick says Jermaine promised him repeatedly that he would be paid but after four years he was finally forced to quit.

Rihanna Is Hot Pink Pretty In Manhattan
Kicking off her week with a fun-filled evening out, Rihanna hit up Butter restaurant in New York City Joined by a few friends, the “Umbrella” babe was hard to miss in her hot pink high-low dress with white heels and a red floral headband as she strolled out of the popular eatery.
Ri-Ri is in the midst of her Monster Tour with Eminem, having performed twice at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California last week.
Additionally, Rihanna and Em have two gigs in East Rutherford, New Jersey and two more at Comerica Park in the rapper’s hometown of Detroit. Of course, everything sold out almost instantly!

I’m not sure why you are surprised Superwoman shops at a Superstore. Makes sense. Hence the name people.