Beyoncé Kicks Off her “Formation World Tour” in Miami!

Beyoncé Kicks Off “Formation World Tour” in Miami
#LEMONADE season is upon us.

Following the surprise release of her brand new album last Saturday, Beyoncé kicked off her “Formation World Tour” in Miami, FL on Wednesday night (April 27) at Marlins Park.
With the whole world still caught up in all the gossip surrounding the content of the album, Queen Bey does what she always does best, and put on one hell of a special show for her Florida Bey Hive. The concert went well over 2 hours, and featured one of her longest set lists yet. Following a lively opening set by DJ Khaled, who brought out everyone from Rick Ross and Yo Gotti to Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, the superstar launched the show fittingly with the single, “Formation.”

She gave fans exactly what they wanted performing new songs such as “Sorry” and “Daddy Lessons” for the very first time live, and ran through her massive catalog of hits, spanning 6 albums. At one point Beyoncé told the crowd that “All Night” is her favorite record off the LEMONADE album, and she used her classic single “Baby Boy” to segue into the dancehall styled “Hold Up.” She paid tribute to Prince turning the large projector cube on stage to purple and playing “Purple Rain.” Beyoncé’s Destiny’s Child sister Michelle Williams was spotted in the audience, and JAY Z was seen backstage giving Khaled a pep talk.

While closing out the show with “Halo,” Bey said, “I wanna dedicate this to my beautiful husband. I love you so much.”

The “Formation World Tour” is scheduled to hit 21 more North American cities, before heading overseas to UK and Europe. Check out some fan footage and photos from opening night below!

A video posted by FORMATION WORLD TOUR (@formationtour16) on

A video posted by FORMATION WORLD TOUR (@formationtour16) on

A video posted by FORMATION WORLD TOUR (@formationtour16) on

Are you ready to get in FORMATION?


The Daily Buzz For April 28

Toya Wright Covers Rolling Out – Talks New Book, Business Ventures & More
Toya Wright poses for the cover of Rolling Out, in a black, plunging blazer and a bold red lip. The author, reality star and entrepreneur recently released a new book – How to Lose a Husband – and during her sit-down with the publication, she opens up about the book.

Everything from how long it took to write it, to how she came up with the storyline and what women are saying about it. Toya also dishes on why she decided to become an entrepreneur, and what other business ventures she’s got up her sleeve.

Read a few highlights below..
On how long it took to write How to Lose a Husband:
I’ve been working on this book for about eight or nine months.
On how she came up with the storyline:
I really came up with these stories and I worked with this lady, her name is Carla, and she helped me to bring the characters to life in book form. Her imagination is crazy. I sat with her and I came up with all these things. Women and people in general, you know we go through things in life. And listening to all these stories from all these different women, including myself, it inspired me to write the book. Because the one thing we have in common is, we’re looking for someone else to make us happy. And you have to be all the way happy and complete with yourself before you can give yourself to someone else. We also all have a group of divas where we all stick together and we help each other get through things, whether it’s with our kids and our husbands, boyfriends — some women are side chicks — no matter what it is, and I just decided to put it all in my How to Lose a Husband book.

On what women are saying about the book:
In the beginning, it was a little rough when I first released the title. The book is titled How to Lose a Husband, and it kind of went left, [because] I was going through a separation with my husband and it was very public. People kind of thought that I was actually writing a guide to teach women how to lose a husband, and that’s not what the book is about at all. The book is actually a novel about five women. It’s based around friendship and different relationship issues. I just feel like art imitates life. So, all of these different women in this book and these different situations they are going through, it gets kind of crazy and deep. People that have purchased the book and read it tell me that I’m a certain character in the book. I did incorporate a little bit of my real life into the book along with my friends who go through different things. I just decided to open up and share it in a fiction form with adding extra things to the book to make it good and juicy. The moral of the story is that you have to be whole before you can be anybody’s half.

On why she decided to become an entrepreneur:
With my clothing store, I always had a passion for fashion. I just love shopping. If I can spend all this money on clothes, I might as well own my own clothing boutique. So, I decided to open my first boutique, which is in my hometown of New Orleans, and I opened that 6 1/2 years ago, and it’s still open. The name of it is Garb Boutique and it’s located on 2042 Magazine St. in New Orleans. I opened my second location in Atlanta, and it’s in West Village Place in Smyrna, Georgia, and it’s called Garb Shoetique. I just love clothes and shoes, and I just wanted to get into the retail side of selling my own stuff. Instead of promoting other stuff, I can promote my own stuff. So, I did some research and opened my store and it’s been doing really good.

On her other business ventures:
The Toya Wright brand is full of everything beauty. We have hair, which is the hair that’s in my head now. I have a bonnet line, which is called Bonnet Bling. It’s a luxury hair bonnet. Instead of going to sleep with the granny bonnet, I have bonnets with diamonds on them called Before Bedheads and you can get those at www.BeforeBedHeads.com. And I’m also looking to put those in beauty stores really, really soon. We’re working on that. I also have … the boutiques, the bonnets, my publishing company, and my new book, How to Lose a Husband.

Head to rollingout to read Toya’s interview in full.

#RHOA: Kandi Burruss Denies Diet Pill Weight Loss Accusations
We all have seen how Kandi Burruss has been looking these days, since someone else tried to take credit for that post-baby body. In a story that weirdly involves Kandi‘s RHOA cast mate NeNe Leakes, there have been articles and advertisements circulating around the internet that claim that NeNe found out that Kandi has been taking diet pills to lose weight after the birth of her son Ace Tucker.

It’s a weird mix between an advertisement and celebrity gossip that makes zero sense to me in addition to wreaking of desperation. Kandi got wind of these reports and really went in on her Instagram page.
Kandi has multiple reasons to be mad about these false reports, but most importantly, she does not want people to think that she would engage in behavior that would put her infant son’s health at risk. Kandi set the record state with a very detailed Instagram post.

 “It’s crazy how people can just use your name for false advertisement. A few people asked me about a diet pill that they saw was advertised that had my name as a user. I have not used any diet pill to lose weight after my pregnancy. I’m still breastfeeding. I supplement with formula but I still breastfeed & there is no way I would take some Weightloss drug when it could affect my child. I’m only addressing this because I don’t want any other #breastfeeding mom to try it thinking it’s ok because they think I did it. Just to be clear if I try any Weightloss stuff in the future I will post it for you. If you don’t see it come from me then don’t believe the hype!”

I don’t blame Kandi for speaking out about this one. I’m sure that people make up rumors about the women from Real Housewives every day, but I am happy that Kandi set the record straight and shut down this ridiculous story.

#EMPIRE NEWS: Empire’ Lucious’ Mother’s Shocking Reveal: ‘We Have Known All Along’
Empire Recap SPOILER ALERT: Do not read ahead if you have not watched Wednesday night’s episode of “Empire,” titled “Time Shall Unfold.”

Wait — she’s alive? “Empire’s” latest episode revealed that Lucious’ (Terrence Howard) mother, who is played by Kelly Rowland in flashbacks, is actually alive, even though it appeared she shot herself in a sad suicide back when Lucious was a child. On Wednesday’s episode, his mother was seen at a special care home where Thirsty (Andre Royo) visited to drop off an envelope of cash for her, as she sat in a chair, looking as if she is not lucid.

“Lucious, who made such a big deal about finally telling his truth, told yet another big lie — but if you analyze it, Lucious hasn’t lied and Lucious is very careful about that,” “Empire” showrunner Ilene Chaiken tells Variety. “Everything he said is true, if you parse it very, very carefully. But obviously he perpetuated a great misconception about what’s true.”

Also in this week’s episode, Hakeem (Bryshere Gray) lost the throne as CEO of Empire, as a shareholders meeting went wrong for him, and Anika — who is pregnant with Hakeem’s baby — revealed her bun in the oven to the entire Lyon family. And it didn’t go so well.

Here, Chaiken tells Variety more about Lucious’ mother, Empire’s upcoming CEO and Anika’s baby bombshell.

Anika came clean about the pregnancy and Lucious isn’t so happy. What happens now?
 Lucious’ reaction is complex. We know how badly he wants a grandchild, but he certainly didn’t want one from Anika and Hakeem — his son who just took the Empire from him. I think we can expect Lucious to go through some changes in the psychological sense of the word.
He wants a grandchild so badly that he had his guys pull the hair of the little girl who we thought was Jamal’s daughter (with Raven-Symoné’s character) for a DNA test — but turns out, he’s not the father. What should viewers take away from that short scene?
 We should take it as an indication about how serious Lucious is about looking for an heir.

We didn’t see much of Hakeem’s reaction to Anika’s pregnancy. I assume there will be a big moment between them coming up?
 Yes. Hakeem’s reaction to the pregnancy is coming later. Hakeem in this episode is consumed with the shareholders meeting and defending his throne. It’s throwing him off his game a little bit and he doesn’t have time to delve into it this week because he’s got to get up on the stage and defend the Empire. It’s a huge piece of business for Hakeem.

Rhonda is very supportive of Anika, even though many viewers still think she pushed her down the stairs. Rhonda just lost a baby — isn’t it tough to see her friend pregnant?
 Anika has been a really good friend to Rhonda and Rhonda has risen above her own loss to support a friend. Rhonda indeed may have some personal reactions as Anika’s pregnancy starts to show. That’s something that we’ve talked about and that’s something I think you’ll see. Whether she changes in any other ways, depends on whether she comes to any other conclusions about Anika down the line.

Back to that shareholders meeting, things didn’t pan out so well for Hakeem. He’s no longer CEO. Does that mean Lucious will be back on top?
 Hakeem is out, but no one is in. Lucious’ expectation is that he’ll get his throne back. He went about [kicking Hakeem out] in a treacherous way, but it was pretty easy for him. When it comes down to it, that was not a hard-fought battle. But it remains to be seen whether Lucious will get the throne back quite as easily as he thought he would.

The shareholders really like Cookie. Will she become CEO?
 Cookie is not after the throne. She is after bringing the family together and preserving the company. She just did what Cookie does — she was a good mother and a good caretaker of all that matters. The fact that the shareholders saw that and loved her is an ancillary effect and not anything that she was seeking.
Last week, Cookie was very upset to learn that Freda Gatz’s father was Frank (Chris Rock), and you warned that the Lyon family should be concerned about Freda. Well, this week, she was very upset with Jamal for kicking her off the record — should we be worried about Jamal’s safety?
 Cookie thinks she’s dangerous. Jamal is kind of heartbroken over having had to disappoint her yet again. I would just say watch the family’s reaction and who’s right about Freda — Cookie or Jamal.

Lucious’ mom is alive! Have you known this all along in the writers room?
 Yes, we have known all along. We’ve known all along that was where we were going with that story.
You said that Lucious was twisting the truth about his mother, but were all of the flashbacks — drowning in the bathtub, pulling out a gun — true from his childhood?
 All of that did happen. All of that is true.

How will Lucious’ mother being alive impact the family?
 We’ll find this out going forward, exactly what Lucious’ relationship with her has been and how he justifies the way in which he’s arranged her life and her care. Her being alive and the family finding out that she exists is a huge complication for Lucious. She is now back in the Lyon family lives, and the children have a grandmother they never knew existed. She knows a great many secrets about Lucious and maybe she pushes his buttons — wait and see.
When will the family find out she exists?
 Soon. There will be repercussions to her being alive.

Will she have any big impact on Andre, since he struggles with mental illness like she does?
 It’s a big deal for him, certainly. How he reacts to it is going to be important.

#NEWMUSIC: The Hamiltones Sing for Your ‘Respeck’
Our favorite background singers The Hamiltones have done it again, this time sharing a short video of an impromptu performance on their tour bus while singing the gossip-heavy comments that Birdman made to The Breakfast Club last week.

The Cash Money boss made social media go crazy when he spelled out the word respect with a “k’ instead of a “t,” and the boys took his comments to another level, creating a song and harmonies that make for another comedic and praiseworthy performance.

Check it out here

#HIPHOPVIDEO: Video: Azealia Banks – ‘The Big Big Beat’
Slay-Z strikes again. In between beefing with Sarah Palin and criticizing Beyoncé, Azealia Banks has unleashed the video for “The Big Big Beat.”
The Matt Sukkar-directed visuals for the Slay-Z single are fashionable yet gritty. While rhyming about her body and sexiness, the 24-year-old rap diva struts through the streets of New York with flare.

In one scene, she’s rhyming outside the courthouse (where she’s appeared recently) before roaming the tile-covered halls of a building. She even dances on top of a cop car while flaunting her legs.

Watch Banks bring the “The Big Big Beat” HERE
The Harlem spitfire continues to stir up more controversy. Following the release of LEMONADE, she blasted Beyoncé for making an album about infidelity and forgiveness. In a series of tweets, Banks said Bey is not showing strength, but “stupidity” with her new material.

This heartbroken black female narrative you keep trying to push is the Antithesis of what feminism is

You been singing about this nigga for years and he still playing you. That's not strength that's stupidity

 “And it’s not what the national black women’s conversation needs right now,” she added. “More pain more suffering in the face of a man…You keep crying over a man and perpetuating that sad black female sufferance and it’s Not good for what we’re trying to accomplish here.”

Kerry Washington Inks Overall Deal With ABC
Congratulations are in order for Kerry Washington. The "Scandal" star has landed an overall deal with ABC Studios through their newly launched production company, Simpson Street.
 According to Deadline, Under the two-year agreement, Simpson Street — named after the street where Washington’s mom grew up in the Bronx — will develop broadcast, cable and digital projects exclusively for ABC Studios and ABC Signature.

Washington also recruited executive producer Sharla Sumpter Bridgett as part of the deal. Simpson Street’s first project, which preceded the overall deal, was the Anita Hill's HBO movie "Confirmation", which the company produced with ABC Signature as well as Groundswell Productions and HBO Films.

Sour or Sweet? Beyonce’s Lemonade First week sales are In!
On Saturday Beyonce released her new visual album Lemonade with a splashy event on HBO
But has King Bey’s  huge effort translated into huge sales...?

According to Hits Daily Double Lemonade is predicted to sell between 500k-600k first week. While these are good numbers for an artist like Beyonce they’re not really not so good when Adele's '25' Official First Week U.S. Sales were 3.38 Million. However this could also be coupled with the untimely death of Global Icon Prince might factor in as well.

As for the  HBO showing The release of Beyonce’s visual album/film “Lemonade” had a drawing of 0.4 rating in adults 18-49 and 787,000 viewers. It ranked in the Top 30 in the demo for the day.

Fun Fact…Beyoncé’s self-directed Life Is But a Dream documentary resulted in record ratings for HBO when 1.8 million viewers watched the premiere last Saturday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That marks the largest audience for an HBO documentary since Nielsen changed the way it measures viewership in 2004.

But Bey will be fine it will go Plaltinum and as she treks through on her FormTION Tour the sales will increase! Congratulations Bey!

OH CHILE…Angela Simmons Fiance is  CONVICTED FELON!
While folk are excited about the news that Angela Simmons is engaged, there’s drama ALREADY circulating about her future husband.
According to Bossip,
"the Memphis rapper, but a 35-year-old Atlanta native named Sutton Tennyson who currently lives in L.A….BOSSIP has learned that Tennyson is a convicted felon who did time in prison for carrying a concealed gun in 2000."
"He landed back in prison a few years later on charges of credit card forgery, identity theft, drug possession and police obstruction. He was released in 2010, according to the Georgia Department of Corrections."

Prince Turned Down A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame…Twice
Fans assembled on Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame to honor the late Purple One on April 22, but the gathering did not take place around an official star.
That’s because Prince, who was known to be as elusive as he was influential, decided to pass on the offer.

“We have been receiving many inquiries regarding the issue of Prince not having a Walk of Fame star,” The Hollywood Walk of Fame shared via Facebook that Friday. “Prince was approached on two occasions about the possibility of being nominated for a star and he stated that the timing was not right.”

Ana Martinez, producer of the Walk of Fame ceremonies, also said in a statement that Prince never submitted an application to be considered for a star, but that he can still be honored posthumously: “A posthumous nomination has a five-year waiting period in order to put forth paperwork for consideration. We hope his family will do that when the time comes.”

Although Prince doesn’t yet have a place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Black Lives Matter paid tribute to the icon with their own purple star.

Black Lives Matter activist loses big in Baltimore mayoral primary
DeRay Mckesson, the activist who rose to prominence following 2014 protests against police brutality in Ferguson, Missouri, will not be the next mayor of Baltimore.
Mckesson had tried to transition from activism to politics with a late jump into his home city's race for mayor, but managed to pull in only 3% of Democratic primary voters on Tuesday. Maryland State Sen. Catherine Pugh took home the Democratic primary with around 37% of the vote as of this writing, according to The Baltimore Sun.
In a city where Democratic voters dominate the voting population, the race for Democratic nominee is often the de facto race to become mayor.
Mckesson was a late entry into the race, and was never able to translate his immense social media following into a significant following on the ground in Baltimore.

Earlier polls showed Mckesson with less than 1% of the vote, and though he did manage to pull in three times that number—equating to more than 3,000 votes with 287 of 296 precincts counted—the gap between him and Pugh proved far too wide to bridge despite a hard door-knocking push in the final few weeks of his campaign. Mckesson was running in sixth out of 13 candidates as of this writing.
The activist was lauded for the specificity of his policy platforms, but found it difficult to tap into groups of voters that could have offered a groundswell of support.

Many activists in the area who appeared on the surface to be Mckesson's natural allies turned out to view the Baltimore native as an outsider who wanted to return home and sit atop city government.
Mckesson has been quiet about plans following the race, not wanting to look ahead while he was still in the middle of his campaign.
Well he tried!

#EGGPLANT NATION: Meet Jorge 'The Caramel Fantasy'
Meet Jorge that caramel Fantasy. You can see why he's looking down when you GO HERE FOR THE PICS! Also remember it’s NSFW!
DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT OWN any images posted on this blog. All images are found online or submitted.

‘Smell E. Pig’
Awww it’s a little piggy. I bet you named him something adorable like Hamlet or Chris P. Bacon. So cute, now do me a favor and get it the f*ck out of here because this is a store and not a farm. I will not think twice about cooking up some ham & eggs right in the middle of


Did you know that Prince once rejected being on The Simpsons?

‘The Simpsons’ Shares Script Excerpts From Prince Episode Rejected By The Purple One
As we continue to discover the multitude of projects that Prince turned down or simply never wanted us to see or hear, The Simpsons showrunner and producer, Al Jean, revealed a few snippets of what could have been when P was presented with a script for an episode specially dedicated to him. 

The script excerpts, which find the whole town of Springfield being taken under The Purple One’s funky spell, were dug up by Jacqueline Atkins, who served as assistant to the show’s producers. And while we may never know how the full treatment would have turned out, these clips just prove how powerful a presence Prince was in animated or real-life forms. The script was inevitably rejected by The Purple One, but this should come as no surprise, as Prince was never one to take his image and/or likeness lightly. Especially if it were to call into question the quality of one of his films.



Mary Mary's Erica Campbell gets her own Radio Show!

Erica Campbell gets a Radio Show!
Gospel artist and reality TV star Erica Campbell, of Mary Mary, has snagged her own radio show. Reach Media/Radio One has confirmed that beginning May 10th, her new 4-hour morning show will be called GET UP! MORNINGS WITH ERICA CAMPBELL and air 6-10a.

Erica Campbell confirmed the news, stating,
"I’m grateful to REACH MEDIA, RADIO ONE, DAN OTERO of GLOBE STAR MEDIA and WARRYN CAMPBELL, CEO of my BLOCK RECORDS, for believing in me and my ability to inspire America to Get Up!"

Reach Media’s David Kantor added,
"ERICA has mastered her craft in music and she’s winning in reality TV and even social media. I’m glad REACH MEDIA and RADIO ONE can provide her access to syndicated radio–another media to dominate and share her inspirational voice."

Erica’s new show comes on the heels of the end of Yolanda Adams morning show. Last week, Yolanda Adams confirmed that her show would not continue.
Erica Monique Campbell is an American urban contemporary gospel, Christian R&B, and contemporary R&B recording artist and musician. She started her music career, in 1998, with her younger sister, Tina Campbell, as half of the gospel music group, Mary Mary. Her solo music career began in 2013, while she has since released two albums with Entertainment One Music, where they both charted on the Billboard magazine charts. She won a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Album at the 57th edition of the event.

Congrats to her!

The Daily Buzz For April 27

Andra Day Gives Us All The Life on Her First ESSENCE Cover
Soulful singer, retro beauty and ESSENCE Festival performer Andra Day graces the cover of our June issue, where she opens up about her journey to stardom and where she gets her signature style (hint: She loves to channel her inner Lucille Ball!).
“I like to say I was established in the cities, dragged through the decades and picked up a couple of things [from every era],” she said.

It’s her love of vintage artists—think Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holiday—that has turned her into one of today’s most recognizable voices. Her debut, jazz-infused album, Cheers to the Fall, immediately garnered critical acclaim—and it landed a permanent spot on our Spotify playlists.

“A lot of people think that Cheers to the Fall is about making a toast to the autumn season,” she said. “But the title itself means ‘Cheers to the possibility of criticism and cheers to the possibility of failure.’ I’m basically saying that I’m going for it without allowing fear to keep me from being who I’m really supposed to be.”

Also, wants to inspire people to rise up while drinking a Coke.
The Grammy-nominated singer's image and lyrics from her standout single "Rise Up" will appear exclusively on more than 40 million Coca-Cola cups at select McDonald's throughout the country, Coke officials told The Associated Press on Monday. Day's appearance on the red-and-white cups is an extension of the recently launched "Share a Cup and a Song" lyrics program.

The cups will be available May 2.

Super Tuesday! Hillary Wins 4 Bernie wins One!
Hillary Clinton beat Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in Pennsylvania’s Democratic presidential primary, nabbing the biggest prize in Tuesday’s elections and further widening her delegate lead over Sanders.
She also won Tuesday’s primary contests in Delaware Connecticut and Maryland, while Sanders won Rhode Island. “With your help, we’re going to come back to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention — with the most votes and the most pledged delegates,” Clinton jubilantly told a crowd at her election night party in Philadelphia. “And we will unify our party to win this election and build an America where we can all rise together — an America where we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down.”

Clinton won Pennsylvania in 2008 as well, in part because of her deep ties to the state. Her grandfather worked in a mill in Scranton, her father was born and raised there and Clinton herself often visited. It was a welcome win after she faced a string of losses to Barack Obama.
The former secretary of state brought up those local ties during a Friday rally in the northeastern part of the state when talking about her support for gun control measures.
“I want to be really clear about this, because I learned how to shoot a gun behind our cottage in Lake Winola. And I know how important gun ownership and particularly hunting is here in northeastern Pennsylvania,” she said. “And I want you to know that we can’t ignore the Second Amendment and we can’t ignore that 33,000 people a year die from gun violence. And I think we are smart enough to figure out how to do that.”
Clinton also had the backing of Democratic officials in the state, including the mayors of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, the governor and the Democratic U.S. senator.
Clinton had been leading in the polls in the run-up to Tuesday, although it was by a small enough margin that many Sanders supporters hoped he could pull off a win there by winning over many of the state’s rural, white, working-class voters — some of whom may have supported Clinton over Obama in 2008. He attracted big crowds to his rallies and called the state’s contest “enormously important,“ stressing, as he often does, that he would do well if turnout was high.

Sanders spent election night in West Virginia, which holds its primary on May 10. He gave no indication that he intends to bow out before the convention, maintaining that he is best positioned to beat GOP front-runner Donald Trump in the general election

#RHOA: Sheree Whitfield Writing A Novel Based On Real Housewives Of Atlanta
Who gon check her Boo? Sheree Whitfield is currently occupying her time writing a dishy fictionalized novel about her experiences on Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Now you know the She By SheBroke shade is going to be epic, and you also know that Sheree needs that check, boo, so I’ll be sure to buy (and review – in fact I feel my heart palpitating at the thought!).
So just how based in reality will Sheree’s novel be? About as realistic as you average Real Housewives show! “Basically what I have done is created a reality show in print,” Sheree describes, and promises, “realistic situations, and at the same time, dripping with drama.”

“I wanted to take those very things – characteristics/issues/feelings/emotions/trials and tribulations that play out before viewers’ very eyes,” explains Sheree, “and form characters and situations around them.” Naturally there will be “plenty of shade being thrown in the pages of this book.”
So I see a MeMe character, and a Pam Z of Wigs-N-Cigs Manor, and Astraea, an attorney by day, a Machiavellian super villain by night, and a Nairobi Boore twirling near the axis of the sun trying to grab hold of the truth.

Rumor has it that Sheree’s book proposal spawned a bidding war between publishing houses so she walked away with a very lucrative deal. The novel will be set in Atlanta, of course, and will definitely feature some familiar settings and situations.

“You know how Law & Order describes their episodes as ‘ripped from the news headlines‘? Well, let’s just say the story line of my novel was ripped from reality show headlines,” Sheree tells Bravo’s Daily Dish. “And if you’re wondering if I’m referring to RHOA, let’s just say if you pick the right Georgia peach, it can be quite juicy.”
Unlike other Bravolebrities with books, Sheree is not writing a memoir, “Well, heck, you get to see my life play out every week, so there is no need for me to recap that, right? But it’s those things you don’t get to see that I’ve used as a template for this book.” So does that mean we will get behind the scenes dirt on her issues with Bob Whitfield, or the drama with Chateau Sheree?

Sheree’s novel will be released in Fall 2017 – right about the time she moves into Chateau Sheree…

#TEAMJUSSIE: Jussie Smollet congratulate his Sister Jurnee on her renewal of ‘Underground’
Yesterday we found out Jurnee Smollett’s new hot show "Underground" hit show just got renewed for a second season.
The WGN America runaway hit have people singing the revolutionary show's praises everywhere, and having a cult following has paid off. While Jussie was in Australia he got the news and sent his Sister a Tweet congratulating her. He said via Twitter: Congrats to my baby @jurneesmollett & the entire cast/crew of @UndergroundWGN 4 season 2! Well deserved👏🏿 #BreakFree

#NEWMUSIC: Fantasia – So Blue
Fantasia‘s new album “The Definition Of…” finally has a release date! The “Rock Soul” singer will be releasing her fifth studio album June 10th. The album is the follow up to her latest CD “Side Effects Of You” which came out in in 2013.
So far, Fantasia has provided us with different sides of her artistry as her latest single “Ugly” showcases a country flavor whereas her lead single “No Time For It” was a lot more progressive and modern.

The new song “So Blue” has vibes that reminds us of the “Rock Soul” sound that Fantasia was trying to create with her last album. She is currently on the road with Anthony Hamilton as they headline their joint tour together.

YESSSSSS Fanny is back!

#HIPHOPNEWS: The Game Reveals Why Prince Collaboration Never Happened
The Game missed out on a chance to work with Prince. Over the weekend, after dropping his ode to the late icon with “Rest in Purple,” the Compton spitter revealed that he and the Purple One came close to collaborating.
“I wanted him to get on a song and he was down to do a song,” Game told TMZ. “He heard the song and there was one curse word in it. He was like, ‘Yo, I can’t get on that. It’s got a curse word in it.'”

But despite the opportunity to work with Prince, Game wasn’t willing to change his lyrics. “Prince became a Jehovah’s Witness and he cut out all that so we didn’t do the song because I needed that curse word,” he added. “I definitely needed it. I don’t even remember it but I just know that Prince wasn’t feeling it and I was and we laughed about it again when I saw him [at a later date].”
Prince died on Thursday (Apr. 21) of unknown causes. Since then, many have paid tribute to the Purple One, including Usher, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, and Frank Ocean.

Michael Strahan Apologized to Kelly Ripa For ‘Live’ Misfire
Cohosts talked over the weekend as daytime host drama unsettled network brass
Kelly Ripa has heard a lot of “I’m sorrys” in recent days, including from her cohost Michael Strahan.

Ripa, star of ABC’s morning chat show “Live with Kelly and Michael,” is due to return to the program Tuesday after sitting out most of last week. She was said to be upset that she was kept out of the loop for the network’s plan to switch Strahan to “Good Morning America” later this year. On Friday, staffers received an email from Ripa saying that she would come back to work on Tuesday.
In the meantime, she got apologies from Strahan and ABC boss Ben Sherwood, among others, for how the “GMA” affair was handled and for not telling her sooner.
 “They talked over the weekend,” a source close to the show, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said of Ripa and Strahan. “I think Kelly appreciated the apology.”

Now, it may be Ripa’s turn to apologize. The cohost intends to say she’s sorry to fans who were puzzled by her absence and the attendant backstage drama, according to the insider.

Fans of the cohosts may want to savor their remaining days together. Buzz on the “Live” set is that Strahan’s exit, initially timed for sometime this summer, could happen as early as next month, to take advantage of the May “sweeps” ratings period.

Prince’s Sister, Tyka Nelson claiming Prince Had No Will Files Documents for his Estate!
WOW, it appears as though Prince really did NOT leave a will — according to new legal documents filed by his sister, Tyka Nelson.
According to TMZ: They have obtained documents filed in Minnesota, asking that she be appointed to probate Prince’s estate.   She’s asking the judge to appoint her as a “special administrator.”  Under Minnesota law, a special administrator is someone who is appointed when there is no executor named in a will.
Tyka says in her docs, “I do not know of the existence of a will and have no reason to believe that the decedent executed testamentary documents in any form.”
If Prince did indeed die without a will, the estate is divided equally among his siblings.
Tyka lists the people who are potential beneficiaries … all of whom are half brothers and sisters. They are John, Norrine, Sharon, Alfred and Omar.  They are all living siblings of Prince.  She also says she’s an heir.
It’s interesting … Tyka names Lorna as a deceased half sister who left no kids.  Under Minnesota law Lorna’s out of the game when it comes to getting assets.  But Tyka never even mentions Duane, reportedly Prince’s half-brother, who is also deceased.
Tyka then names Bremer Trust, National Association, which she wants to serve as the official administrator of Prince’s estate.  Tyka says she wants Bremer Bank because they have provided financial services to Prince for years, and they are well versed in his affairs and best suited to protect his assets.

Hopefully, The family doesn’t spend the next few years fighting over his estate.

Wendy Williams says Rachel Roy must be getting paid by Beyoncé and Jay Z for ‘Lemonade’ drama 
Wendy Williams thinks Beyoncé is a beautiful liar who concocted the freshly squeezed drama surrounding her new album “Lemonade.”
The always vocal daytime host believes Queen Bey and husband Jay Z may have paid off Rachel Roy to ignite infidelity rumors and suggest she’s “Becky with the good hair.”
"So Rachel Roy, first of all, you're not this fighting girl," Williams said Monday morning on “The Wendy Williams Show.”

Wendy Williams took issue with Bey's release date of  "Lemonade."
“Unless you’re on Beyoncé's and Jay Z's payroll and they paid you to mix it up and add, for I guess, sales for the ‘Lemonade,’” she continued.
The fashion designer has faced renewed scrutiny the past two days from Beyoncé's infamous Beyhive amid speculation she’s the subject of Beyonce’s cheating anthem “Sorry.”

The singer’s lyrical dig at beau Jay Z’s rumored affair suggested: “He better call Becky with the good
 Beyoncé seemed to address Jay Z's long speculated cheating in her song "Sorry" and fans decoded the track as an attack on Rachel Roy.
Roy, who was previously linked to the rapper in 2014, stirred up the swarm by seemingly responding in a now-deleted post, writing “good hair, don’t care.”

Aside from defending Roy, Williams also took issue with the “Single Ladies” star dropping her highly anticipated album on the heels of Prince’s death.
Beyonce and Jay Z appear to be very much Drunk in Love! The couple only had eyes for each other as they enjoyed another date courtside at the Clippers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles on March 2, 2016. While it's rare to see the couple pack on PDA, at one point the rapper could be seen adoringly holding onto his love’s ankle. Scandalous, we know!

The singer later shared a series of family snaps from Halloween to her website on Nov. 9, 2015.
"Quite frankly, I wish Beyoncé had held off on the album after Prince. Like, the weekend had blown over,” the host, fittingly wearing purple, said.

“And Bill Cosby, don't get beside yourself. Long after Prince is gone, and Beyoncé and Jay Z are still together, we are going to circle back around and still deal with you,” she added.

Brittney Griner Agrees to Pay Child Support to Glory Johnson
*Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson have reached a child support settlement regarding their twins, born last year. If you recall, Griner wanted nothing to do with the babies, as she thought they may have been conceived via Johnson’s relationship with an ex boy toy.
According to Bossip, Brittney – who banks $1.1 million a year – will pay Glory a little over $2,500 a month, as well as cover 90% of the twins’ expenses – or an extra $2,835 a month for two nannies. The child support is part of a larger settlement package that the pair agreed to, which will also cover medical expenses and childcare for their daughters, Ava Simone and Solei Diem. Griner will start paying support beginning May 1.

Griner’s childcare contribution will decrease as the girls get older, according to the hearing minutes. She’ll also have to pay Johnson $8,505 in back childcare expenses.
As previously reported, Johnson announced her pregnancy just days before Brittney filed court docs seeking an annulment to their marriage of 28 days. The WNBA star’s baby girls were born prematurely last October, but were originally due in February.

Brittney cited “fraudulent statements” made by Johnson as the reason for seeking an end to their marriage. She also told ESPN that she had doubts about tying the knot since the two had been involved in a domestic dispute just weeks prior to walking down the aisle, but she felt pressure to move forward and start a family. “I went along with it and I knew I shouldn’t have and it was a huge mistake,” Griner said.

Griner admitted she and Glory agreed to have a child with the help of a fertility clinic. Johnson claims Griner wanted to play the role of father to the children, but changed her mind and refused to pay support until tests determined the babies weren’t fathered by Glory’s ex-BF.

Erica Campbell gets a Radio Show
Gospel artist and reality TV star Erica Campbell, of Mary Mary, has snagged her own radio show. Reach Media/Radio One has confirmed that beginning May 10th, her new 4-hour morning show will be called GET UP! MORNINGS WITH ERICA CAMPBELL and air 6-10a.

Erica Campbell confirmed the news, stating,
"I’m grateful to REACH MEDIA, RADIO ONE, DAN OTERO of GLOBE STAR MEDIA and WARRYN CAMPBELL, CEO of my BLOCK RECORDS, for believing in me and my ability to inspire America to Get Up!"

Reach Media’s David Kantor added,
"ERICA has mastered her craft in music and she’s winning in reality TV and even social media. I’m glad REACH MEDIA and RADIO ONE can provide her access to syndicated radio–another media to dominate and share her inspirational voice."

Erica’s new show comes on the heels of the end of Yolanda Adams morning show. Last week, Yolanda Adams confirmed that her show would not continue.
Erica Monique Campbell is an American urban contemporary gospel, Christian R&B, and contemporary R&B recording artist and musician. She started her music career, in 1998, with her younger sister, Tina Campbell, as half of the gospel music group, Mary Mary. Her solo music career began in 2013, while she has since released two albums with Entertainment One Music, where they both charted on the Billboard magazine charts. She won a Grammy Award for Best Gospel Album at the 57th edition of the event.

Congrats to her!

Sam Bradford demands trade after Eagles' move for No. 2 pick
The Philadelphia Eagles have been informed that quarterback Sam Bradford wants to be traded and will not be showing up for their offseason program any longer, a source told ESPN's Adam Schefter.
Sam Bradford's reaction may not have been part of the Eagles' careful plan for their quarterback situation. It probably should have been.
Bradford is upset at the Eagles' trade last week for the No. 2 overall pick to draft a quarterback.

Bradford, who re-signed with the Eagles earlier this offseason, "is mad and wants to show everyone who's best," a source told Schefter last week.

Executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman told Comcast SportsNet on Monday that he wanted "to reiterate our support for Sam Bradford and go back to our statements last week -- that Sam is our starting quarterback.
"His agent and Sam know how we feel about him. These workouts are voluntary. We look forward to seeing Sam again in the near future."

The Eagles acquired the No. 2 overall pick from the Cleveland Browns last Thursday in a blockbuster trade, using draft picks acquired in two previous trades. Roseman said the Eagles had been trying to move up ever since January and acknowledged that the team intends to take a quarterback with the No. 2 pick.
The Los Angeles Rams had already acquired the top overall pick from Tennessee for a slew of picks and have indicated they will take a quarterback. The Eagles will likely take either Cal's Jared Goff or North Dakota State's Carson Wentz, whichever is not taken by the Rams.

The Eagles made the trade despite signing Sam Bradford and former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Chase Daniel this offseason, doling out $34 million in guaranteed money to the quarterbacks ($22 million to Bradford on a two-year deal and $12 million to Daniel on a three-year contract).

Bradford, 28, started 14 games last season after the Eagles acquired him in an offseason trade with the Rams. The Eagles went 7-7 in his starts. He completed 65 percent of his pass attempts, throwing for 3,725 yards with 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.


Oh? Nicki Minaj's Brother Accuses Victim of Having Multiple Lovers
Last week rapper Nicki Minaj's older brother Jelani Maraj was indicted on felony child sex abuse charges after he was accused of repeatedly raping a 12-year-old girl
Jelani claims some other adult is to blame...

According to Bossip lawyers for Jelani have requested phone records, text messages, social media passwords and other evidence that they feel will prove the evidence of sexual assault being used against Jelani.

The legal docs read,

“Our firm has a good faith basis to believe that the complainant in this case has had intimate physical contact with a man who is not the defendant in this case and who is older than 17 years of age and who may have caused there to be physical evidence of repeated vaginal and anal penetration of the complainant.”

Oh wow and how would you know all that and not report them to the authorities since they were over the age of 17.
He might as well put the damn handcuffs on his self idiot.

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