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BREAKING! FORMER DC Mayor and Ward 8 Councilman Marion Barry DEAD!

BREAKING! FORMER DC Mayor and Ward 8 Councilman Marion Barry DEAD!
The guard definitely has crossed over!  Say what you will but he was Divisive and flamboyant, maddening and beloved, Marion Barry outshone every politician in the 40-year history of District of Columbia self-rule. But for many, his legacy was not defined by the accomplishments and failures of his four terms as mayor and long service on the D.C. Council.

UNFORTUNATELY, Barry will be remembered for a single night in a downtown Washington hotel room and the grainy video that showed him lighting a crack pipe in the company of a much-younger woman. When FBI agents burst in, he referred to her with an expletive. She "set me up," Barry said.

Barry died Sunday at 78. His family said in statement that Barry died shortly after midnight at the United Medical Center, after having been released from Howard University Hospital on Saturday. No cause of death was given, but his spokeswoman LaToya Foster said he collapsed outside his home.
Speaking at a 4 a.m. press conference at United Medical Center, the city's mayor-elect Muriel Bowser called Barry an "inspiration to so many people and a fighter for people."
"Mr. Barry, I can say this, lived up until the minute the way he wanted to live," said Bowser, who had served with Barry on the D.C. Council.
The year was 1990, and crack cocaine had exploded in the district, turning it into the nation's murder capital. In his third term, the man known as the "Mayor for Life" became a symbol of a foundering city.
Federal authorities had been investigating him for years for his alleged ties to drug suspects, and while he denied using drugs, his late-night partying was taking a toll on his job performance.

The arrest and subsequent conviction — a jury deadlocked on most counts, convicting him of a single count of drug possession — was a turning point for Barry. He had been elected to his first term as mayor in 1978 with broad support from across the city. With his good looks, charisma and background in the civil rights movement, he was embraced the dynamic leader the city's young government needed. The Washington Post endorsed him in each of his first three mayoral runs, although the 1986 endorsement was unenthusiastic.

Barry's six-month term in federal prison was hardly the end of his political career. But it forever changed how it was perceived. To some, mostly white residents he was a pariah and an embarrassment. But to many district residents, particularly lower-income blacks, he was still a hero, someone unfairly persecuted for personal failures.
Barry returned to the D.C. Council in 1992, representing the poorest of the city's eight wards. Two years later, he won his fourth and final term as mayor. The electorate was starkly divided along racial lines, and Barry advised those who had not supported his candidacy to "get over it."

"Marion Barry changed America with his unmitigated gall to stand up in the ashes of where he had fallen and come back to win," poet Maya Angelou said in 1999.
Barry's triumph, though, was short-lived. In 1995, with the city flirting with bankruptcy from years of bloated, unaccountable government, much of it under Barry, Congress stripped him of much of his power and installed a financial control board. Barry held authority over little more than the city's parks, libraries and community access cable TV station. He decided against seeking a fifth term.

Barry spent a few years working as a municipal bond consultant, but he couldn't stay away from politics. In 2004, he returned to the council, again representing Ward 8, where he remained beloved. Many constituents still referred to him as "Mayor Barry," and he was re-elected in 2008 and 2012.

Barry was born March 6, 1936, to Marion and Mattie Barry, in the small Mississippi delta town of Itta Bena, and was raised in Memphis, Tenn., after the death of his father, a sharecropper.
While an undergraduate at LeMoyne College (now LeMoyne-Owen College), Barry picked up the nickname "Shep" in reference to Soviet propagandist Dmitri Shepilov for his ardent support of the civil rights movement. Barry began using Shepilov as his middle name.
Barry did graduate work in chemistry at Fisk University in Nashville, Tenn., earning a master's degree. He left school short of a doctorate to work in the civil rights movement.

His political rise began in 1960, when he became the first national chairman of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, which sent young people into the South to register black voters and became known as one of the most militant civil rights groups of that era.

Barry's work with the committee brought him to Washington, where he became immersed in local issues, joining boycotts of the bus system and leading rallies in support of the city's fledgling home rule efforts.
In 1970, The Post wrote: "Four years ago widely considered a young Black Power Militant with almost no constituency, (Barry) has become a man who is listened to — if not fully accepted — on all sides."

Barry's activism propelled him into local politics, first as a member of the Board of Education and then in 1974 as a member of the first elected city council organized under home rule legislation.
In 1977, he was wounded by a shotgun blast in the Hanafi Muslim takeover of D.C.'s city hall. A young reporter was killed. The shooting was credited with strengthening him politically.
In 1978, he defeated incumbent Mayor Walter Washington — the city's first home rule mayor — in the Democratic primary and went on to easily win the general election.

Barry's early years in office were marked by improvement in many city services and a dramatic expansion of the government payroll, creating a thriving black middle class in the nation's capital. Barry established a summer jobs program that gave many young people their first work experience and earned him political capital.
In his second term, the district's finances were rockier, and some of his appointees were caught up in corruption scandals.

The city's drug-fueled decline mirrored Barry's battles with his personal demons, leading to the infamous hotel room arrest on Jan. 19, 1990. The video of Barry was widely distributed to the media and made him infamous worldwide.
A few months after his arrest, long-time civil rights advocate and educator Roger Wilkins, a past supporter, wrote in The Post: "Marion Barry used the elders and lied to the young. He has manipulated thousands of others with his cynical use of charges of racism to defend his malodorous personal failures."
Even after his comeback, controversy continued to dog Barry. Several times after his 1990 arrest, Barry sought treatment or counseling for problems with prescription medications or other substances. In 2002, he made an attempt to seek an at-large seat on the D.C. Council but abandoned his bid amid allegations of renewed illegal drug use.
In 2006, Barry was given three years of probation after pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges for failing to file tax returns from 1999 to 2004. As part of a plea bargain, he agreed to file future federal and local tax returns annually, a promise prosecutors later said he had failed to keep.
In 2010, he was censured by the council and stripped of his committee assignments for steering a government contract to a former girlfriend. The council censured him again in 2013 for accepting cash gifts from city contractors.

Barry played the role of elder statesman in his later years on the council, but he sometimes exasperated his colleagues with his wavering attention at meetings and frequent, rambling references to his tenure as mayor.
He suffered numerous health problems over the years. In addition to kidney failure, he survived prostate cancer, undergoing surgery in 1995 and a follow-up procedure in 2000. In late 2011, he underwent minor surgery on his urinary tract. In early 2014, he spent several weeks in hospitals and a rehabilitation center battling infections and related complications.

In a statement Sunday, current Mayor Vincent C. Gray expressed deep sadness after learning about Barry's death. Gray spoke with Barry's wife, Cora Masters Barry, late Saturday and shared his condolences and sympathies with her. The couple was long estranged but never divorced.
"Marion was not just a colleague but also was a friend with whom I shared many fond moments about governing the city," Gray said. "He loved the District of Columbia and so many Washingtonians loved him."
Mayor Gray said that he would work with Barry's family and the Council to plan official ceremonies "worthy of a true statesman of the District of Columbia."
Barry was married four times and is survived by his wife, Cora, and one son, Marion Christopher Barry.

The sad thing is here is that many Hipster ‘SOME’ Gays and Gentrifiers will only remember he crack episode and the unfortunate comments he made about Marriage Equality. Marion Barry did good things in DC for ALL of DC. So you remember the BAD do some research because his GOOD will always OUTWEIGH his bad!

Sleep In Peace Mr Barry!


NeNe Leakes Her ‘Zumanity’ Performance and the TRUTH how it was!

NeNe Leakes Her ‘Zumanity’ Performance and the TRUTH on how it was!
Remember when NeNe Leakes did ‘Zumanity’ in Vegas and she bragged that hse was the ‘ISH’? Well the Tea is that NeNe Leakes' Las Vegas debut didn't go as smoothly as she would lead you to believe… 
Earlier this week Diary of a Hollywood Street King got a tip that NeNe's Las Vegas Zumanity gig was cut short from 10 scheduled shows to down to 3 because her performance was so bad.
Well as I looked for reviews they were mostly negative, Here’s one in particular

From Trip Advisor, 
"With all the Cirque shows in Las Vegas "Zumanity" seems a little tired and dated. I saw the show with NeNe Leakes. Hum, I really wanted to like her role but not so much. She should stick with reality shows. Not a actress or performer."

"Attended Friday 10:30 show NeNe Leakes was a guest star. We were expecting NeNe Leakes to add something special to the show, dance or something but she only walked on stage and introduced the existing zumanity acts. Her jokes were bad she added nothing special to the show. We were expecting a burlesque show with a story, this had no story line, the acts were not connected by any type of story line. There are much better shows available. Seating was also bad, purchased tickets that were not to have a obstructed view yet our seats were next no a huge column that blocked the entire left stage, row o, avoid it."
"Nene Leakes (from the desperate housewives of where-ever) was the guest MC. No use for her; she added nothing to the show. I saw Mystere a few yrs ago and was blown away...by comparison Zumanity was a let down. It wasn't all that sexy and I'm fairly sure that the performers were wearing flesh colored bodysuits. The acrobatics were not up the level I've seen at other Cirque de Soleil shows."

"We love Cirque du Soleil, and go to every offering that comes to Houston. We have not seen a Vegas Cirque, so I'm only comparing Zumanity to the traveling shows. It's nowhere near the show quality of the traveling Cirques. If you compare this show to them, it doesn't measure up. However, if you compare it to your average strip club dancers, it's stellar!  We were there on Nene Leakes' first night. I had never heard of Nene Leakes, but I guess I'm in the minority. I'm not sure if she's a drag queen or a natural-born woman, but I love drag queens and she fits the drag queen mold."

"It was okay but the real reason I wanted to go was to see Nene Leakes in person. I thought she was pretty good as the hostess but it seemed like when she was sitting on the piano, she was reading part of her script. Once it enough for me to see Zumanity. I will look at one of the other shows next time."



‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Benzino Fired After Alleged Death Threats!

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ — Benzino Fired After Alleged Death Threats!
Death threats from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Benzino triggered his firing from the wildly popular show… so claims Stevie J, but the guy who got the boot says it’s a crock.
Reports TMZ: Benzino got the ax right after the brawl on the reunion taping, which sent people to the hospital and resulted in criminal charges filed against Joseline Hernandez.
Stevie J tells TMZ … Benzino wouldn’t let it go … he went on a campaign of terror, threatening the lives of him and Joseline, producers and other staffers. Stevie tells us, “He said flat out he was going to kill us.”
The threats were too much for VH1 and we’re told that’s why Benzino was banished.

But Benzino tells us, “Stevie J is a habitual liar and VH1 has never given me a reason for being fired.”
Benzino thinks this is all about star power and he’s the scapegoat because “They wanted to keep the crackhead whore.”



Apollo Nida Speaks Out From Prison
It’s been two months since Apollo began his 8-year sentence for Fraud and Identity Theft, but now he’s speaking out about life behind bars how he betrayed his family, and what’s in store for the future with his wife Phaedra Parks.

According to Bravo TV
“I’m not the best husband…I know I let a lot of people down” he tells In Touch in an exclusive interview (on newsstands this Friday). “But I can say that Phaedra is the best wife and mom and that my children are in good hands with her.”

Apollo also reveals that he’s optimistic for the couple’s future, saying, “I’m hopeful that we can stick things out.” Phaedra, however, may have a different idea: her rep tells the magazine that “the divorce is proceeding as planned.” (The Atlanta Housewife revealed her intent to file last month.) For now, Apollo is focused on rehabilitating himself at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky: “There are all walks of life here,” he says. “I keep to myself.” But he hopes the time will do him some good. “When I get out, it’s pedal to the metal. I want to be a motivational speaker and stay on the right side of the law.”

He also hopes to rebuild his relationship with his two sons, Ayden and Dylan. “There’s a plan to get them up here [to visit me],” he says. “At this point, I don’t care about anything else except getting my life back on track. I know for a fact that when I get home, I will pick up the pieces." 

He also talked about the Kenya confession. Well since that Kenya felt she was owed an apology from that from Phaedra and Apollo. We got Apollo's take, However as far as Phaedra is concerned If Kenya Moore thinks she's going to get an apology from Phaedra Parks after Apollo admitted he's been lying about her propositioning him for sex for two years she can forget it…

In this weeks Bravo blog Phaedra downplays Apollo's admission and says her only focus is her children.
Bravotv.com: What went through your head during the scene where Apollo said he lied about seeing Kenya in LA?

PP: I was unmoved. Right now, I am completely focused on my children and keeping them, and myself for that matter, in a stable, healthy, and happy place. I am not paying attention to any of the chaos that is going on, because it’s not productive.


The Daily Buzz For Nov 21

Chris Hemsworth Crowned People's Sexiest Man Alive
After plenty of anticipation, People magazine announced its Sexiest Man Alive for 2014 and the crown goes to “Thor” hunk Chris Hemsworth.
The 31-year-old actor beat out plenty of eligible contenders for the coveted role, but kept a modest tone about the whole ordeal telling the mag he thought it was "pretty funny" when he first heard the news.

"I think you've bought me a couple of weeks of bragging rights around the house," Chris told the mag. "I can just say to [wife Elsa Pataky], 'Now remember, this is what the people think, so I don't need to do the dishes anymore, I don't need to change nappies. I'm above that. I've made it now.'”
Hemsworth and his wife Elsa share three kids together – daughter India, 2, and twins Sasha and Tristan, 8 months.
As for his career, Chris is gearing up for the release of “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” which is set to hit the big screen on May 1.

Monica Brown……NURSE?
It looks like Monica has traded in her studio time for some hospital scrubs.  On the "For You I Will" singer's Instagram, she posted a pic of herself in a "medical" setting with a caption that spoke of her "other dreams and aspirations" outside of music.  She said,

"I have other dreams and aspirations so I Pursue them when my babies are asleep & my musics done!! Moral of the story #WeCanIfWeBelieve never give up on your dreams #YOUCAN #BeenAtWorkSince7yesterday #ThankGODforMyMomAndPa #ScrubsAndAMandatoryThermal #DatHawkBITIN LOL#UKnowItsColdWhenIGetThisPale LOL"

So....it appears that Monica wants to become a nurse or get involved in the medical field in some way. But don't assume she's done making records.  Elsewhere on her Instagram account, Monica shows that she's still an artist who continues to make music.  She frequently posts pics form her studio sessions.

During one of Monica's graveyard shifts at the hospital, a homeless man took a nap in her truck! To avoid this in the future, she has advice for her followers, "lock your doors when you work the graveyard shift"

Bow Wow Follows Through With Threats Against Tony Rock (Tweets)
rapper Bow Wow got into an online smack down with comedian Tony Rock after Tony referred to Bow Wow’s fiancé Erica Mena as full blown hoor. Bow Wow makes good on his threats. and like any true gangsta confirmed the assault via social media.

Porsha Williams Calls Cynthia Bailey a ‘Mean Girl’, Says She’ll Do Anything for a Storyline and a Check
Porsha Williams may have lost her peach this season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but that isn’t keeping Miss Porsha from throwing shade with the best of ‘em.

In a Q&A with OK! Magazine, Porsha threw darts at cast member Cynthia Bailey. However, before digging into Cyntha Porsha had a lot to say about sworn enemy Kenya Moore.

Check out some highlights:

Did you initially believe Kenya Moore when she first denied Apollo’s allegations during season 5?

Porsha Williams: No, when this whole affair took place two years ago, even though I wasn’t that close to Phaedra at the time, I felt her pain. I know what it is like to be with someone who isn’t faithful. I can’t imagine how it must have felt to think your husband is possibly sleeping with a co-worker or being inappropriate. I remember Kenya admitting to Kandi that she did see Apollo in LA last season. That’s why I don’t understand why she’s now forcing Apollo to back track and clear something she admitted in private with Kandi. But hey, that’s none of my business.

If Kenya apologized, do you think you two could be friends in the future?

PW: Unfortunately, I’m exhausted from going around in circles with a person who doesn’t mean well. Last week as I watched the show, I was in complete shock to see this woman play “The Victim” after she blatantly used props, pointing them in my face and shouting obscenities through a bullhorn in my ears. This weekend when I saw her make fun of how she violated my personal space, it made me sorry for a woman of her age with such behavior! She needs help in a real way. I find it pathetic that she would try to toy with the hearts of our fans and cry wolf by making claims of being attacked, then in a blink of an eye sing a song about dragging me by my hair. She can never give a sincere apology because those come from the heart. At this point, I’m not sure she has one or a conscience. She represents a woman who is lost in “Fake Reality” and will most likely realize it isn’t real and have nothing because instead of using her gifts and being a blessing, she will have spent her life being envious and tearing down others who are actually living in the real world. However, if Kenya takes responsibility for the use of props at the reunion, yes, there might be a chance for a new start between the two of us.

What do you think of Cynthia from the first and second episode?

PW: Flip-flopper and mean girl! The reason I chose those words to describe her character will become clear as you watch season 7. You will see for yourself the new and unimproved Cynthia.

She’s still cool at times and I still care for her, but mainly from afar! I feel like this season she has decided to “do whatever it takes” for her to make it.  It’s sad that you don’t see the true person or see who is real around you until money is involved. I believe that because of her financial misfortune she has chosen to act like Kenya, doing anything for a check. At the end of the day, we are only left with our self-worth & integrity. Instead, she has sold both to have a storyline and check. I pray that she realizes that even though she didn’t have a voice before, mimicking evil around you & being mean spirited is not being strong at all. Instead, one would think she’d been setting a positive example as a role model for women of all ages, verses displaying negative behavior.

Ouch. We love Porsha — but ain’t nothin’ wrong with having a storyline and a check!

You can read the rest of Porsha’s Q&A session via OK! magazine.

The FSU Gunman Has Been Named: Myron May
A Florida State University alumnus and attorney shot three people at the school’s library early Thursday before being killed by police, a law enforcement official and he has now been identified as Myron May…

He was apart of this group Targeted Individuals International and it seems like a conspiracy type group. By looking at his Facebook wall, he was a fanatical and possibly unraveling after the death of his aunts and uncles recently.

According to ABCnews.com
The official said the shooter was Myron May, who also graduated from Texas Tech University’s law school. The official requested anonymity because he was not authorized to release the name.

The shooting happened about 12:30 a.m., with the sound of about half a dozen gunshots sending hundreds of students who had been up all night studying for exams scrambling for cover in the book aisles and barricading themselves in with desks amid screams from classmates.

“I ran for my life,” said Allison Kope, a freshman from Cocoa Beach, who was on the library’s first floor. “I ran right out the backdoor. My laptop and everything is still in there. It was shock. It was just instinct. You don’t think about anything else, you just go.”
Two people are hospitalized, one in critical condition and one in good condition, and one was released.

May’s Facebook page shows he posted mostly Bible verses and links to conspiracy theories about the government reading people’s minds.
Abigail Taunton, who runs a foster home in the Florida Panhandle, told AP that May was staying at a guest house she owns.
 “He’s just a boy our kids grew up with that we let stay in one of our guest houses for a while,” she said. “He’s moving back home from Texas and we were trying to help him get on his feet.”

Records show May was licensed to practice law in Texas and New Mexico. Taunton said he was planning to take the Florida bar exam in February.

“We’re just all astounded. We had no idea that he would do something like this,” Taunton said. “Obviously, he was not in his right mind.”
She said she had known him since he was about 13 or 14 and that he ran cross country with her kids and stayed at her house a lot. She said he lived with his grandmother after coming out of a “bad situation” with his parents.

“He was having some financial issues and moved back home and decided he’d come back to Florida to work,” she said. “My heart’s broken. In a million years I wouldn’t have thought he’d do something like this. He was struggling, having decided that what he was doing out there was not good. He had some issues and just decided he’d come home.”

He’s an alumni and well educated. Can’t wait to see how the media portrays him. Check out his Facebook Page here…

Trina, Erica Dixon & Ariane Davis At KONTROL Magazine's Fashion Jams Bash
LAHH Atlanta stars Erica Dixon and Ariane Davis were among the celebs who came out to party at KONTROL Magazine's Fashion Bash at Social Haven last night.
Before the fashion show and party started, Erica hit the red carpet to conduct interviews alongside Brittini Mealy (Future's baby momma).
Erica also brought her daughter Emani to the show.
The party was hosted by the Diamond Princess Trina.
In addition to hosting the bash, Trina also performed some of her biggest hits.  It seems like Trina is in good spirits now that she's moved beyond the embarassing fallout over her friendship with French Montana.

Before the bash started, she hit the red carpet with Julian Lark, KONTROL Maga's founder and editor. 
Julian also posed with Erica and Brittini.
The OMG Girlz were also a part of the event.  They each walked in the fashion show.
Mr. Shower Rod - Nikko Smith, chatted it up with Brittini and Erica.  We wonder what he had to talk about...
Brandi Williams of Blaque smiled for the cameras.
Rapper Roscoe Dash also hit the stage to perform.

Brittany, Rebel & Anna Show Off "Pitch Perfect 2" Style for Entertainment Weekly
We just witnessed the first trailer for the highly anticipated sequel and now the gals of “Pitch Perfect 2” scored the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick rock brightly colored boas for the fun-filled shoot and EW got a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film.
While on break from production, director/cast member Elizabeth Banks joked, “This is the stupidest idea I’ve ever had.”
“My first movie is this huge studio movie that a lot of people care about that also happens to be a musical with massive dance numbers. I don’t know what I was thinking,” Banks continued.

The first installment of the film was an unexpected sensation, grossing $65 million in the US and earning great reviews.

“It was pretty modest,” Banks said of the first flick. “But it engendered a lot of love. That’s what we could not have foreseen.”

“Pitch Perfect 2” is due out in theaters on May 15, 2015.

Raven-Symoné Slams Rumors That Bill Cosby Molested Her: “Keep Me Out Of This!”
The list of women filing sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby continues to grow, but there’s one name you will not find on there.

Former co-star Raven-Symoné, who rose to fame playing Cosby’s adorable step-granddaughter Olivia on the hit television sitcom The Cosby Show, has taken to Instagram today to slam rumors stemming from a questionable report on HipHipHangover.com that claims she was molested by the actor in the past.

With a throwback photo of herself on the show (which has also become a popular meme image), Raven writes, “I was NOT taking advantage of by Mr. Cosby when I was on the Cosby Show! I was practically a baby on that show and this is truly a disgusting rumor that I want no part of! Everyone on that show treated me with nothing but kindness. Now keep me out of this!”

Janice Dickinson is the latest woman to publicly accuse the comedian of sexual assault, claiming that back in 1982, she was raped by the comedian. Cosby’s attorney Marty Singer issued a statement calling the former model’s allegation “a complete lie.”

“You can confirm with Harper Collins that she never claimed that Mr. Cosby raped her, that no attorney representing Bill Cosby tried to kill the story…and no one tried to prevent anything she wanted to say about Bill Cosby in her book,” he said in a statement. “There is documentary proof that Janice Dickinson is fabricating and lying about Bill Cosby.”

Furthermore, E! News has confirmed that NBC has pulled the plug on Cosby’s proposed sitcom comeback and ceased development on the project. This comes after Netflix postponed Bill Cosby 77, a new standup special. The special, which was taped on Cosby’s 77th birthday earlier this year, was set to debut on November 28.

Angelina Jolie Announces the Imminent End of Her Acting Career in DuJour Magazine
Angelina Jolie is one of the most celebrated actresses in popular culture. In a new interview with DuJour magazine, Angelina reveals that she’s found her calling and acting may not be in her future for much longer.
“I’ve never been comfortable as an actor; I’ve never loved being in front of the camera,” Jolie says. “I didn’t ever think I could direct, but I hope I’m able to have a career at it because I’m much happier.”

Is the plan to give up acting entirely? She smiles. “Absolutely.”
She says that now — but we’ll have to wait and see if she ever fully makes the transition. With talent like that, we can’t imagine she’ll leave acting behind entirely.
You can check out a few more gorgeous photos from her DuJour spread below and read the rest of her interview here

Rihanna Close to Signing a Deal with Puma Sneakers?
Rihanna is close to linking  a adeal with the sneaker Puma that is worth 7 figures and Puma is already building a team to work on the “lifestyle” line.

According to TheNYDailynews.com
 “She is going to have her own coordinator to go to at Puma who only handles her, and they’ll have a junior coordinator helping them,” said our insider. “The focus is shoes, but she will also be helping with pants and tops.”

We’re told the contract is worth just over $1 million and will prevent the Adidas-obsessed star from wearing rivals’ brands. “She will have to slowly start to incorporate Puma into her wardrobe,” said the source. “She will be wearing all Puma gear in shoots and out and about.”

They’re saying that she’s on board, just waiting for her to confirm….  If true congrats…

Royce Reed SLAMS Dwight Howard's Lawyers Over LIES ABout Her Sex Life, While GEORGIA
Former reality star Royce Reed penned an open letter (via Instagram) to the lawyers of Dwight Howard who claimed in court documents that Royce exposed Braylon to sexual situations and that Braylon witnessed Royce engage in sexual acts with her "numerous companions!"

Well....Royce came out SWINGING. In her letter, she shuts down any notions that Braylon has seen her in the company of other men and throws a jab at Dwight about having multiple children by multiple women. It was very shady. Check it :

"Dear Dwight's Attorneys, Stop trying to turn the world against me by leaking all this stuff to the media. You can't hide that well. Also, you can only bully and lie on me so much in the media before I respond.
I am asking you to refrain from leaking false allegations you have no proof of & never will because they're all lies. As far as "exposing him" you have 5.5million followers on Twitter & abt 900k on IG in comparison to my 160k.

Oh & who are alllll these men??? I need names because last I checked I was using batteries and I only have 1 child not 4...or 5... By different ppl. I have an army too and mine aren't paid they're genuine. We go by truth WITH PROOF! So.... With that being said, I'd REALLY like to get back to my regularly scheduled Instagram post & handle this in the court.... Thank you I asked nicely..."
And there have been new developments in Dwight's child abuse investigation...
A few days ago, we told you that Dwight Howard was cleared in a child abuse investigation involving Braylon by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF); however, the state of Georgia is now involved and there's new interest in the case (it's been revealed that DCF found the allegations credible).  We'll keep you posted as the state of GA proceeds with their investigation.

Draya Defends Calling Little Girl “Brownie” After Backlash (Tweets)
Draya Michele recently posted a photo of a girl on her page, and remarked how she thought the little “brownie” reminded the reality star of her son. Fans quickly called out the Basketball Wives L.A. star for her comment about the girl’s skin color, but Draya didn’t back down from her decision.

Reports Vlad:
The outspoken entrepreneur said that she doesn’t consider “brownie” an offensive term, and Draya says that the little girl is “perfect.”
Well at least she didn’t call her a Nigglet.

‘Turtle Power’
Not even gonna shit on this outfit. If I were forced to rock a onesie in public, hands down this one would win. Cowabunga dude…



He was called a F#GGOT at work and His Boss Did NOTHING about it!

Houston Restaurant Apologized To Customer Who Complained About Their 'Faggot' Waiter
A former waiter at Kelley's Country Cookin', a Houston restaurant, is speaking out about a disgusting incident that occurred during a shift he was working last week, ABC13 reports:
Blake Butler, 19, was a server at Kelley's Country Cookin' in Meadows Place up until last Wednesday when he says a fellow server got a note on the top of the receipt from two customers. It was about him and read "Don't want to listen to a (faggot) through my whole meal."
"I just thought it was disgusting," said Butler. Butler says it was offensive but just as offensive was how the manager reacted.

"Instead of having my back and be like, you know, 'That's my employee. I can't have you talking about my employees like that.' She was like, 'Oh. It's OK. I'm sorry,'" Butler said.
Butler also says that he came out to his parents because he didn't want them to find out after hearing about it on the news.


I mean like SERIOUSLY??? We’re still doing this? But it seems to me he suffered a DOUBLE WHAMMY of Homopobia and Racism! Got called the F Word and then your Boss didn’t support you?

The Daily Buzz For Nov 20

Omarion's "Sex Playlist" Cover Art
LAHH Hollywood star Omarion is set to drop his long-delayed MMG/Atlantic Records debut, Sex Playlist on December 2nd, and we have a first look at the album's cover art.  The steamy photo (atop) shows the shirtless crooner reclining back with a naked woman lying on top of him.  O, who recently became a father with fiancee Apryl Jones, is currently promoting his J Mustard-produced single “Post to Be” with Chris Brown and Jhené Aiko.

Sex Playlist will also include "Show Me” (ft. Jeremih). Here's the tracklisting:
1. “Sex Playlist”
2. “Post to Be” (feat. Chris Brown & Jhené Aiko)
3. “Show Me” (feat. Jeremih)
4. “Inside”
5. “Steam”
6. “The Only One…”
7. “Bo$$”
8. “Work”
9. “Deeper”
10. “Don’t Leave”
11. “You Like It”
12. “Love & Other Drugs”
13. “Already”

You Ready?

Kathy Griffin to Replace Joan Rivers on ‘Fashion Police’
There’s been much speculation, but sources close to TMZ have confirmed that Kathy Griffin will be replacing Joan Rivers when Fashion Police returns in January.
Sources connected with the show tell TMZ it’s a done deal. Kathy will join Melissa Rivers, Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic. We don’t know the fate of George Kotsiopoulos.

We’re told the show will no longer be a weekly series. E! will roll it out during awards shows and other occasions as event programming.

I’m not sure she should have been picked. It’s about FASHION not COMEDY I belived she was picked for SHOCK VALUE!

Chrisette Michele Hosts An "Imported Peach Party" In Atlanta With LaTavia Roberson 
Reality tv's favorite flower child/rich hipster Chrisette Michele was spotted in Atlanta last night, where she threw an invite-only party at Cloud IX Lounge.
When she isn't throwing parties, Chrisette's been in the studio putting the final touches on her upcoming disc The Lyricists Opus (due November 24th).
Chrisette partied with fellow R&B Diva Latavia Roberson, a star of the Atlanta franchise.
Outside of shooting her reality show, Latavia has launched her own hair care line, Luxury Hair Direct. 
Chrisette's party was dubbed the " Imported Peach Party" and it celebrated Shenelle Mays, a celebrity makeup artist, and her big move to Atlanta.
Famed celebrity photographer Derek Blanks was among the Atlanta residents who came out to welcome Shenelle.

MMG Artist Fat Trel Denies Alleged Involvement In Migos Chain Snatching
This past Saturday, Migos member Quavo was reportedly robbed of his famous “QC” chain after a performance in Washington D.C, and it has since made the rounds on social media, showing up in several others’ photos, including Chicago rapper Chief Keef’s.
Reports Vlad:

Washington D.C. rep Fat Trel set off alarms soon after the robbery was made public by tweeting that rappers need to “check in” a city they’re not from, leading many of his followers to believe he had something to do with Quavo’s piece going missing. He has since addressed these allegations, saying that he had nothing to do with it, as his crew, Slutty Boyz, don’t rob, but will kill.

This is what Fat Trel had to say!
This Dumb MoFo needs to learn how to speak!

Anna Wintour: “Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are Not Deeply Tasteful”
While speaking at the Museum of Metropolitan Art , Anna Wintour the editor and chief of Vogue Magazine gave advice to new designers, spoke about the late Oscar de la Renta and also explained why she featured the Kardashian-West’s despite them not necessarily being “deeply tasteful” (her words).

According to Stylenews.com Anna Wintour speaks on the West’s:
“I think if we just remain deeply tasteful and just put deeply tasteful people on the cover, it would be a rather boring magazine,” Wintour explained, according to Fashionista. “Nobody would talk about us. It’s very important that people do talk about us. Going back to Estée Lauder’s decision to make Kendall Jenner the face of Estée Lauder: what a fantastic decision that was. They have a wonderful brand that’s very traditionally American, and they decided they want to shake it up and reach a different audience. Now and again one has to do things like that. I think it’s part of the excitement and part of being a journalist. I hope another Kim Kardashian comes along this year!”
She  stated that she worked with them so that “people would talk about us.”

The shade all  up through this, this is just sad… To think she was so happy when they unveiled the cover and talked about her haters and what not…

Lil Wayne and Christina Milian Set to Release New Single “Start a Fire” and Perform at The AMA’S
The lovebirds Christina Milian and Lil Wayne are about to release a single off of Wayne’s upcoming Tha Carter V  and it will be titled “Start A Fire” featuring  Christina Milian.

According to Lil Wayne HQ
Weezy F Baby will debut the single at the 2014 American Music Awards this Sunday (November 23rd) at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California. There is no word just yet on if Tina Turn Up will also be joining him on stage to perform the track.
Lil Wayne is about to responsible for reviving or making Christina some what relevant again, he is actually trying to make it happen for her… This was all she ever wanted and have been striving for…. And it’s about to happen ….

I can’t wait to see this…

“Luther” Gets A Shot at American Audience
It’s one of the hottest series in the UK and now “Luther” has been given a put-pilot commitment by the Fox Network.
Per a Deadline report, original writer Neil Cross will also pen the script for “Luther” here in the States, as well as serve as executive producer.
And while Idris Elba, who plays the lead in the British version, isn’t planning on starring in the Yankee rendition, he has agreed to co-executive produce.
Unfortunately, Fox dropped the ball on their adaptation of English crime drama “Broadchurch” when they made into the American show “Gracepoint,” so hopefully they’ve learned their lesson.

Wale Covers COMPLEX Alongside Jerry Seinfield
A seemingly unlikely pair covers the December 2014 issue of COMPLEX magazine. But, D.C. rapper Wale (rocking a pair of $2,000 “What the Dunk” Nike SBs) and comedian/actor Jerry Seinfield may have more in common than you may think.

Wale and Jerry’s relationship blossomed after the MMG rapper took inspiration from episode titles and samples of Jerry’s show for his 2008 mixtape, The Mixtape About Nothing. Eventually, Jerry heard Wale’s musical offering and felt he just had to meet him. So he did and from there, the two formed a professional and personal relationship.

The odd pair talked about working together on Wale’s upcoming album titled, The Album About Nothing and now their meetings have turned into reality. Jerry is featured on Wale’s album as a narrator, with spoken-word segments that help narrate the basis of the tracks.

Now, the two are taking their friendship to the magazine circuit and they have included a very funny skit. Wale and Jerry dished to Complex about social media trolls, strippers, his infamous rant over Complex not including his album on the 50 Best Albums of 2013, sneakers, fame and more.

Below are a few highlights from their joint interview:

What’s tougher to deal with: Twitter hecklers or real-life hecklers on stage?
W: Are you familiar with Twitter hecklers?
JS: Oh, yeah.
Do you read your Twitter mentions and look at hate?
JS: Yeah. It has no substance for me. It’s like when somebody has a cigarette and they blow the smoke in your face. It’s going to be gone in two seconds. I don’t care. [Looks at Wale.] Oh, he’s upset. [Laughs.]
W: I handle it differently. It’s different!
JS: Why do you give these people meaning?
W: I don’t know, Jerry. I don’t know.
JS: You don’t have to! It’s your choice.
W: I try to rationalize with people. Like, “Why do you feel this way?”
JS: Who cares!?
W: I don’t know. Nine times out of 10, when I respond, I just want to find out what’s the root of it. Somebody says, “If I f*ck with him, he’s gonna react.” What then? Did you win any money? Did your life become better? Why would you do that? Why is this entertaining to you? I just don’t understand why.
JS: Yeah, well I have a terrace at my apartment and it’s fantastic. You have to come see it sometime. Every time I go out on that terrace I think, Maybe I’ll jump. [Wale laughs.] Because if I jump, the list of things I don’t have to do is so long, the issues I don’t have to deal with. All I have to do is jump and everything is taken care of! Now, I don’t jump. But I don’t care to know why I want to jump. What’s the difference why? The mind is not that great.

When’s the last time you were in a strip club, Jerry?
JS: A bachelor party in the mid-’90s. I went reluctantly. You know, you go there and it’s just...you know.
W: It’s not all it’s cracked up to be sometimes.
JS: It’s exactly what it’s cracked up to be. It’s just not cracked up that high.
W: Well, Magic City is an experience.
JS: Is that in Atlanta? I don’t know what that is. But I know what girls are.
W: Yeah. Never say never. You have social gatherings at Magic City. Chicken socials and shit like that. You just go there with your friends. It’s different. I’ve done interviews at Magic City.
JS: I know what you’re saying. I understand chicken and naked women.
W: Can’t beat that.
JS: I’d actually rather just have the chicken. I can’t eat chicken and look at strippers at the same time.
W: It’s an acquired taste. Literally.

And now for RACHEDNESS and GIGGLES! Mama Dee Takes Over GME Sports Lounge
The city came out to GME Sports Lounge tonight in support of VH1′s Love & Hip Hop ATL star and Lil’ Scrappy’s mother, Momma Dee.
During a special edition of Tampa Mystic’s “Industries Most Wanted Showcase”, Momma Dee engaged the crowd with her heartfelt single “I Deserve”. Lighters were held high in the air as Momma Dee sang her uplifting ballad. Just look at all this RACHEDNESS!

The Homegoing Services for Pastor Myles Munroe and Dr Richard Pinder have been Announced
Funeral arrangements have been announced for Pastor Myles Munroe and Dr. Richard Pinder  who both died in a tragic plane crash on November 9, 2014.

The Homegoing Service for Dr. Richard Pinder

Date:  Tuesday, 2nd December, 2014
Time:  10:00 a.m.
Location:  Bahamas Faith Ministries International – The Diplomat Center
Carmichael Road in Nassau, Bahamas
There will be national celebration of life as follows:

A National Memorial Service of Thanksgiving & Praise
Date:  Wednesday, 3rd December, 2014
Time:  5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Location:  The Thomas A. Robinson Stadium – Oakes Field Sporting Complex
Nassau, Bahamas
The funeral will be hosted at Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI) Diplomat Centre in Nassau.
A statement from the Board of Trustees at BFMI says:
“We have literally been flooded with calls and well wishes from all over the world. We have also received a number of phone calls from several Head of States including Presidents of Countries, Prime Ministers as well as well known Pastors, Singers, Actors and Dignitaries expressing their sympathies and who have all indicated a commitment to attend.”

On behalf of the Family of Dr Myles and Pastor Ruth Munroe and Dr Richard Pinder, we would once again like to thank the Bahamian people as well as people from around the world for their expressions of love, well wishes and support. It truly means a lot to us.”

Final repose for the homegoing for Dr. Myles and Pastor Ruth Munroe will be as follows:
Date:  Thursday, 4th December 2014
Time:  11:00 a.m.
Location:  Bahamas Faith Ministries International -The Diplomat Center
Carmichael Road in Nassau, Bahamas
Munroe’s children have shared their gratitude for the support they have received in the days following their parents’ death.

In a statement online, Myles Munroe Jr and his sister Charisa write:
“We would like to take this time to address all of you here and everyone around the world that has shown their support and expressed their condolences during this difficult time.

We want you all to know that in spite of the recent tragedy…we all have comfort in knowing that God is in control. We know there are many questions as to how or why something like this would be allowed to happen to such great individuals, but yet still God is in control.

We would like to make it known that although we are all grieving our losses and are deeply saddened by this tragic event, we have never been nor will we ever feel hopeless. There is no question in our hearts that the spirits of the nine persons whose lives were taken are now resting with our Heavenly Father. We rejoice for we know they are in a better place watching over all of us and rejoicing amongst the heavenly angels.

“We will not allow death to claim any victory, but we celebrate the life and legacy of each individual. This tragedy does not mark the end; the end of life, the end of a vision, the end of a journey, nor the end of a purpose, but it marks the new beginning of an era. An era of a new generation that will carry on the vision and legacy of our father and mother and of each individual whose life was lost so unexpectedly.

“So let’s not mourn their deaths but let’s celebrate their lives and find joy in knowing that although God may not explain himself, he will reveal himself. In the words of our father, ‘The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.’ We know there is a greater purpose in all of this and we are now the vessels for this new vision and legacy to be carried on.”

Below the last photo taken of Dr. Munroe. (l-r) Stanley Thurston, First Lady Ruth, Dr. Myles Munroe, Lavard Parks, and Franhkan Cooper.
God Bless!

Usher Brings Out Trey Songz and August Alsina in Chicago
Usher brought the “UR Experience” to Chicago’s United Center on Monday night, and he was joined by some special guests. After opening for Usher earlier in the evening, August Alsina returned to the stage along with Trey Songz to perform the remix to “I Luv This Shit,” and the ladies went wild.

“I went on tour with Usher a couple years ago. It changed my life,” Trigga told the crowd. “Make some noise for one of the greatest in the game—greatest there ever is, greatest there ever will be. I love you, boy.”
Usher also welcomed Rico Love, who penned several of his hits including “There Goes My Baby,” to perform his single “They Don’t Know.”

The “UR Experience” hits the west coast later this week before winding down on December 14 in Tampa, Fla.

Watch the R&B superstars touch down in the Chi.



Erykah Badu HITS The Turntables At Russell Simmons’ ADD52 Party
Erykah Badu hopped on the 1s & 2s to provide the tunes for Russell Simmons and Steve Rifkind’s exclusive party for their new music platform ADD52, in partnership with Samsung and Milk Music.
Mrs. Badu (and her huge 'fro) kept the party rockin' with a musical blend of R&B and funk. After she finished her dj’ing duties, she took the stage to close the night with a special extended rendition of her hit "Bag Lady."

Business partners Russell and Steve stopped for a photo-op.
Rapper 2 Chainz was in the mix for the festivities.
Singers Marsha Ambrosius and Melanie Fiona both hit the stage to perform their respective tracks.
Funnyman Tony Rock cracked a few jokes on stage.
Rapper Too Short spit a few verses on the mic.
And independent artist Trinidad James (who was dropped from Def Jam earlier this year) was in attendance.
Fun times.

‘Frozen In Time’
Can we all just do away with Frozen and just LET IT GO already? As far as Disney movies go, it was average at best. If it wasn’t for that damn song which is super catchy, we all would have forgotten about it already.