The Daily Roundup for Aug 3

Soul Brother #1 left underprivileged children $100 million, but they haven't seen a penny
*(Via Rolling Stone) – During his brilliant, troubled life, James Brown always called his own shots. So it wasn’t a surprise that Brown set the terms of his legacy after his death. And the centerpiece of that vision was to give virtually his entire fortune, valued then at roughly $100 million, to a trust to help educate underprivileged children in South Carolina and Georgia.

But nearly five years after his Christmas Day death in 2006, not one needy child has received a penny. That’s because Brown’s seven children and fourth wife, Tomi Rae Hynie, contested the will in a South Carolina court less than a month after he died. The litigation spiraled into a bitter battle with some two dozen attorneys representing various factions – and became so unwieldy that then-state Attorney General Henry McMaster made a deal in 2009 that affirmed Brown’s will but split the estate between the trust and his family, with the legal expenses borne by the trust.

The settlement was denounced by Brown’s advocates, including his longtime attorney Buddy Dallas. “How do you argue against an irrevocable will that provides for needy children? Is that even an argument?” he says. (The attorney for Brown’s children responds that the basis of his clients’ claim was that the singer had received bad advice and didn’t know what he was signing.)

Soulja Boy Lies about $55 Million Jet

It was all a farce!! TMZ reports that Soulja Boy’s reported purchase of a 55 million dollar jet was a rumor started by him and his crew. His spokesman, Greg Miller, says the whole thing was fake and is now handling all media relations for the young rapper.
The ringtone rapper celebrated his 21st birthday in Miami with Sean Kingston.
Ummmmm, Soulja Boy, you look like a WANKSTA for that one! Had me thinking they had a celebrity lay-away plan!

Casey Anthony won't be sitting down with ABC .. NBC ... CBS or any other network for at least a couple of months -- TMZ has learned Casey will be seeking professional treatment for serious mental issues instead. 

Sources close to Anthony tell us ... Casey is seeking treatment for three reasons: 
First, Casey now realizes that her questionable behavior when her daughter Caylee went missing back in 2008 stemmed from "obvious mental health issues."
The second reason -- Casey still needs help coping with the "obvious trauma of losing her child."

Third, Casey spent nearly three years in solitary confinement in a Florida jail ... where she spent 23 hours a day in a 4x9 foot cell ... all while facing murder chargers. Our source, directly connected to Casey, tells us, "It messed with her head."
We're told Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, will continue to field offers on behalf of Casey ... and when she's healthy, Anthony will have the final word on where and how her story will be told.

Melanie Fiona releases new promotional photos…
Melanie Fiona is ready to make a comeback. In doing so, the 27-year-old has released a set of stunning promotional snaps to celebrate her upcoming musical adventure. Fiona’s forthcoming new album ‘The MF Life’ has been plagued by a series of delays and to add insult to injury, her lead single ‘Gone & Never Coming Back’ totally failed to make a splash on the dance-pop savvy music chart. 

Real music with soul, depth and pretty melodies suffered major knockback for some of the generic rubbish released this year.
It’s about time people supported more natural talent (like Adele) and not just fall for popularity prior to a particular artist being able to afford the best hype machine money can buy. The Kirk Edwards distributed shots are in support of the LP which will reportedly see a release on October 25th

WHO' ARE THOSE LADIES? Russell Simmons + Nas both with Mysterious Lady Friends
Russell Simmons was spotted kissing his lady friend of the moment, Melissa George, at a sporting event recently. See the pics inside and see candids of Nas chatting up a fan while waiting for his car at valet.
Russell Simmons was spotted getting cozy with actress Melissa George at the 2011 MLS All-Stars vs Manchester United game at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey yesterday.
Hmmm....they look pretty happy together.  AJ Calloway and Maxwell were there as well (in the maroon cap).
And in Los Angeles.... 

Rapper Nasir bin Olu Dara was spotted chatting up a female companion while waiting for his car at the valet outside of Urth Cafe in West Hollywood.
Nas is spending tme on the west coast recording his new album.  And the young lady was likely a fan and she looked pretty happy to run into him..

Kim & Kourtney Kardashian Celebrate At Mel B's Baby Shower
Out to celebrate their friend's impending arrival, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian ventured out for Melanie Brown's baby shower in Beverly Hills
Loaded up with presents, the E! reality babes looked summertime stylish as they arrived at the "Spice Girl" singer's abode for the weekend fete.
Meanwhile, Kim was also spotted out earlier in the day - as she took to the local gym for a morning workout as she keeps in shape ahead of her August 20th nuptials.

Engulfed with wedding planning duties, Kim spent Friday afternoon alongside mother Kris Jenner, as the two ladies visited Hansen's Cakes to pick out a surely-fancy dessert for their wedding guest's to chow down on during the upcoming post-vows reception.


*Well, here he is. The newest addition to Ms. Lauryn Hill’s brood.

In photos spotted at BlackCelebrityKids.com, we see sisters Selah,12, and Sarah,3, holding their new baby brother! The singer welcomed her sixth child this past weekend(July 23rd, 2011), as first reported by Blackcelebkids.com.
The baby, whose name has yet to be released, was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.  But no worries, as of today, both mom and baby are doing just fine

Someone is always looking for a payday! Oprah Winfrey Sued
Oprah Winfrey stole her famous phrase "Own Your Power" ... from a New Jersey business woman -- that's according to a lawsuit filed against O and Harpo Productions. 
In a lawsuit filed Thursday in a New Jersey federal court, Simone Kelly-Brown (CEO of something called Own Your Power Communications, Inc.) claims her company has been around since 1996 ... providing "a personal brand of self-awareness and motivational communication services."
According to the trademark infringement suit ... Kelly-Brown claims all the trouble started with the October 2010 issue of Oprah's magazine, which included the headline "Own Your Power."
The suit claims the infringement continued when the magazine directed readers to a section of O's website called Own Your Power (see it here).
Kelly-Brown alleges a self-help collision nearly occurred when she and Oprah both hosted Own Your Power events in the same city ... just days apart. 
Kelly-Brown is suing for unspecified damages. 

A rep for Harpo issued a statement to EW, saying, "Harpo has not been served and we have no information about what allegations are being made.".

Lady stop!

Label Whores: Rihanna in Miu Miu Neon Yellow Flower Cutout Flat Sandals
Rihanna was spotted arriving to the set of a photo shoot out in LA wearing a floral print short suit with a pair of neon yellow Miu Miu flower cutout flat sandals ($550). 
These gladiator style sandals were one of the stand out pieces from the Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. 
What do you think of her sandals?

Larry Johnson In Racial Attack
Former pro football player turned DJ Larry Johnson is accused of attacking a man who called him the N-word.
Former All-Pro running back Larry Johnson is accused of beating the living daylights out of a man ... who allegedly told police, "This ni**er is going down" -- referring to Johnson.
In a civil lawsuit, filed last week, the alleged victim -- John Phillip Graney -- claims he was leaving a Miami Beach party in May when Johnson punched, tackled, and kicked him ... leaving Graney "beaten and brutalized."
Miami Beach police responded, and according to the official report ... Graney told an officer, "This ni**er is going down. He needs to learn a lesson, it's going to cost this prick."
TMZ obtained photos of Graney's alleged battle scars ... and according to the suit he suffered cuts to his face and ear, bruised chest and knees ... 3 herniated discs, and a torn rotator cuff.
Graney claims the whole fight was unprovoked. As for using the n-word ... his attorney Jonathan Davidoff says Graney is not a racist and "does not recall making those statements." 
Johnson denies all the allegations in the lawsuit -- and his attorney tells TMZ, "This is a straight extortion claim designed to seek money."

Newlywed Tamera Mowry Speaks On Interracial Love & Marriage, Does New Photoshoot With Hubby Adam
Tamera Mowry just got hitched to her long time love Adam Housley this past May.  And she's still gushing with excitement about their wedding day.  And about how happy she is she chose Adam as her hubby.
The bi-racial actress dished to Essence.com about people dating outside their race.  And we've got excerpts of the chit chat, plus the couple's new photoshoot, inside....
When Tamera Mowry--twin sis to Tia Mowry--married Fox correspondent Adam Housley, she did so without seeing any color.  Check ut what she had to say about their interracial love:
ESSENCE.COM: You are no longer a single lady. Congrats on the big wedding! What’s married life like?
TAMERA MOWRY: It’s amazing! I feel like I have a lot more strength, and I have this person who has my back, and no matter what he’s going to be there for me. That just in itself makes me feel a lot more confident and a lot more safe. It feels amazing -- it really, really does. Adam and I, we haven’t lived together, so we’re going through that right now. Moving is challenging, but it’s rewarding. That’s the best I can describe it. Because once you go through a challenging situation then you overcome it you’re like “yes, we can do this." Adam has to do most of the moving so I kind of feel sorry for him in that sense. He’s moving into my place and one of the main things that we’re going through right now is that I don’t want him to feel like a visitor. It’s our place. We’re kind of going through the transition where you say “my place” and then you’re like, “no, wait, it’s our place.” Plus, saying “my husband”, that feels amazing too. There’s something that just goes through your body when you say those words.
ESSENCE.COM: Do you have any advice for women considering dating outside of their race who may be apprehensive about it?
TAMERA: Well, I always find these questions so interesting, because I’m a product of an interracial marriage -- and I never really grew up seeing color. I honestly realized that my dad was White when someone told me in middle school. They’re like, “Oh your dad’s White?” I’m like, “Oh, my gosh, he really is White.” I knew what race was, but it didn’t matter to me. Yes we are an interracial couple. The thing is we do still deal with that. People always question that. If anything, it hurts, but we do have more people supporting us than making stupid comments. We kind of just ignore it and focus on the positive. Love is love and a lot of times people might be in the situation they’re in because they put barriers up. Like some people only want to date a model, or an actor, or an athlete. You’re only limiting yourself. Open up to what’s out there because God made us all.

She seems so uber happy and in love.  Check out Essence.com for the entire interview.
And Tamera's also featured in the new Get Married magazine with a new fun & gorgeous photoshoot with wedding dresses and her hubby Adam:
The couple said during the shoot: "I call him Housley. If I call him Adam, he knows he's in trouble." "She never calls me Adam." "Riiiiiiight." 
Fabulous.  And pics of her in different wedding dresses for the shoot:

The "Tia & Tamera" star's full interview will be in the new issue of Get Married on stands now.

Jill Scott is in tune with her feelings, not Auto-Tune and speaks about Amy Winehouse.
Jill did a interview with The Cleveland Plain Dealer. Listen to her talk about her career, Her feelings on Auto Tune and about the late Amy Winehouse.
You won't catch Jill Scott messing with Auto-Tune. "Music doesn't have enough guts and heart and soul," she says. "I want to sound genuine."

Jill Scott's fourth album, "The Light of the Sun," debuted at No. 1 last month. The Grammy-winning soul sister hit the road this week, headlining the Summer Block Party Tour. Scott, 39, spoke to us by phone from her tour bus, en route from her hometown of Philadelphia to the opening-night gig in Boston.

We saw you here in Cleveland with Maxwell last year, and you blew everyone away when you sang "Hear My Call."
Thank you. When I walked into the studio, JR Hutson, who co-produced the new record with me, was playing this melody.
It hurt immediately. So I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote the song in maybe 5 minutes, then I had to cut it.
I sang the song once. I didn't want to try to make it into something perfect. I wanted it to be true. It still hurts when I hear it.

That's the trick these days, isn't it -- staying true when artificial perfection is just a mouse-click away?
Yeah. Perfection is far too easy. Music doesn't have enough guts and heart and soul.
I'm not Auto-Tuned. I don't like that. I want to sound genuine.

Before you sang "Hear My Call" here, you said: "I kind of wish I didn't write this, but I was going through it." What were you going through?
It was a very challenging time for me. I had a breakup that I don't necessarily think I saw coming. [Scott and John Roberts, formerly the drummer in her band, split in 2009, shortly after the birth of their son, Jett.] I know I didn't want it. That was very tough on me. And my grandmother passed a month after I had my son. The combination of those things definitely put me in a dark place for a good six months or so.

That brings up the age-old question: Do artists have to suffer to make great art?
[a long pause] Yeah. [laughs]
Artists really have to delve into what they're feeling in order to make music that touches other people. We pull the sheets off real fast. It's stark at first, the fact that you're bare. But that's where the best art comes from, from being bare.

Humanity is pretty incredible. There are so many emotions to delve into. When you do something like that and you're naked in front of a crowd or naked on paper or naked onstage, it's a freeing thing.
I definitely believe artists have to suffer to a certain degree.

Unfortunately, some self-destruct. What's your take on Amy Winehouse's death?I met her just once, in Philadelphia a few years ago. I thought she was incredible. There was a lot of soul and passion there, and honesty.

The loss is . . . I think we all knew it was coming, you know? It was a catch-22. The more music she created, the more money she received and the more easily she could get her drugs.
Some people are so talented, they're tortured. Maybe she was one of those people. I don't know.
I'm definitely sorry that I won't be hearing new music from that voice anymore. It's sad.
How about you? How do you stay grounded and avoid the pitfalls that can come with stardom?
I take time off between records and tours and do other things. I'm creative. I read and I paint and I write and I take walks. I do simple things. I enjoy my family. I grew up as an only child, so I like to be alone for awhile, too.

"So in Love," the first single off your new album, is an upbeat duet with Anthony Hamilton. Is it more challenging to write a happy song than a sad song?
It depends. I don't know if it's a challenge. I don't think I've ever really thought about it.
I don't make it a practice to try to write or sing anything in particular. I do it when it feels right to me.
The emotion has to ring true.

Right. I don't want to pretend to be anything. I'd rather just allow myself to feel how I feel.
That's all I know how to do. That's how I exist as an artist. That's how I create.

YAWN!!!! Harry Belafonte Says Obama Has ‘Lack of Moral Courage and Vision’
*Singer and activist Harry Belafonte spoke on the subject of President Barack Obama yesterday while promoting his new HBO documentary, saying the leader and his “mission” have failed because of a lack of moral courage and vision.
The president is “not a stand-alone,” Belafonte told television critics Thursday. Regarding the debt-ceiling crisis, Belafonte said he would ask Congress, the president and other U.S. institutions of power “what happened to moral truth” and moral courage.
Belafonte said Obama’s “Yes We Can” slogan “may have been politically clever, but he never defined for us what was it he was saying we can do.”
Listen to his entire comment about Obama in the bonus audio below:
Note to Harry...Do for you and then you'll know that YES YOU CAN!

Johnny Gill vs The Record Exec

Johnny Gill is furious with the CEO of his record label who isn't seeing eye to eye with Johnny about what should be his next single...
Listen to the song:
Well Johnny Boyee...Those are the brakes!!!

This is a bit of a spin-off of “Who Wears It Better?” because it’s more like “Which Way To Wear It Is Better?”. Sure, it’s like picking between getting punched in the face or getting kicked in the ass, but not every choice in life has a good option.